New Guide From Connect 365 Co-founder and CEO, Pat Henseler…


How to Keep Your Pipeline Jam-Packed With High-Value Leads And Grow Your Bottom Line, Month After Month… While Automating Most of the Work…

Connect 365

In This Guide, You’ll Discover...

  • How to significantly increase your revenue over the next 12 months by following a tried-and-tested and highly-effective plan – it’s simple and easy-to-follow, but almost no one does it.
  • How we went from struggling to find leads… to generating $32,424,326 in sales revenue -- in just a few years.
  • How 11 entrepreneurs used the same virtually-automated system to start (and scale) highly-successful businesses.
  • How one brand-new consultant landed two long-term retainer clients… FAST.
  • How a sales coach added a “perfect fit” service to her consulting business. (This ‘easy upsell’ gave her a lucrative new revenue stream for her business.)
  • The easy-to-use process that allowed one long-time business owner to add several new clients… in just a few weeks.
  • How the right strategy -- one that’s systematized and automated -- gives you more time freedom AND income. (And how one business owner used this approach to easily add 10 new clients… and create a waiting list of thirty more!)
  • The game plan ANY entrepreneur can use to significantly boost their revenue over the next 12 months. (This works even if you have NO experience or you’re already busy!)