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Details & Instructions

Step 1: Watch the Intro Video Above!

After watching the program introduction above dive into the rest of the training material below.

Want to learn the full blueprint we used to build a multi-7-figure Marketing Agency AND how you can unlock access to the software that will cut your manual work by up to 90%?...

Video 1

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Creating or Optimizing a LinkedIn Profile can range to between $100-$1200 depending on the client and situation.

Details & Instructions

Step 1: Watch Today's Training 

This lesson is all about LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

Whether it's working with executives, sales people or job hunters, there is a market out there for profile-writing services. Everyone wants to look good online - and the process to help them do so is a simple one if you know the right approach.

Clients have been known to pay anywhere from $100-$1200 for a full profile rewrite or creation.

Remember to be clear on who the target audience is and follow the training to craft a profile that speaks to that audience.

Step 2: Complete Today's Daily Homework Task

After watching today's training go through the workbook and get to work on optimizing (or creating) your own LinkedIn Profile.

Video 2

Social Media Management

Providing a daily social media post for your clients can range from a $300-2000+ monthly service fee.

Details & Instructions

Step 1: Watch Today's Training 

This lesson is about helping your clients build more awareness within their market through regular content sharing and social media posting.

In this lesson we detail how to find content worth sharing for your clients so that you can help them at a minimum share a daily social media update.

Be sure to sign up for our upcoming 20-Minute Business Masterclass to learn how you can automate the content curation and posting process.

Step 2: Complete Today's Daily Homework Task

After watching today's training review the workbook and begin building out your own social media content-sharing strategy.

Video 3

Prospecting On LinkedIn and Beyond

Prospecting and list-building can be extremely valuable - and pricing can be based on the client, and their target. Learn the options you have available to help build their list (or connections).

Details & Instructions

Step 1: Watch Today's Training 

There are many ways to build your first list of perfect prospects that you want to reach out to.

Depending on your business, your prospects, and what you already have in place, certain routes may be better starting points than others.

In today’s lesson we walk you through the most common list-building strategies in use by our clients.

Watch the video above and download the workbook to get the menu of options to choose the best starting place for your situation.

In the workbook we breakdown items to keep in mind if using LinkedIn (preferred route) to build up a pool of connections for your clients. As well as some items to keep in mind if using a 3rd-party database.

Step 2: Complete Today's Daily Homework Task

After watching today's training get to work learning the process on sending out requests through LinkedIn. Or consider one of the 3rd-party options keeping in mind the training and information found in the workbook below.


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