Become A Connect 365 Certified Partner Where We Will Send You Leads, Provide You the Automation Tools, And Give You ALL Of the Training you need to create a 6-figure income or more!

Hey. I Need your Help!

I’ve got thousands of businesses asking to work with me every single month.

Actually, they’re not just asking. They’re begging for me to help them!

The problem is, I can’t do it. I just don’t have the time to work with them all.

That's where you come in...

I’m wondering if you’re interested in running a business in a market that has a HUGE demand?

There’s a BIG opportunity for people just like YOU to build an agency and create a 6 or even a 7 figure income in as little as 20 minutes a day.

I’m sure you’re curious how this is possible, who I am, and why people are begging for my help.

My name is Josh Turner.

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’m a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, a founder of multiple 7 figure businesses, and my companies have made the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list 4 times.

But most importantly I've helped thousands of members and clients generate over a BILLION dollars in sales. 

Over the last five years, I’ve been quietly building a piece of software designed to fill almost any business’s calendar with new leads that are excited to work with them.

It’s so successful that I get thousands of new leads from it every single month.

And it all started in the summer of 2002 when my colleague walked into my office and said the unthinkable to me.

“Josh… We need to close down the business.”

It was the second time in 10 years that I had been a part of a business that failed because we couldn’t get new clients. Honestly, at that point in my life, I felt like success was only possible for special people. And, for some reason, I just wasn’t one of them.

I felt that way until I started to do some research to figure out the next step in my career. That’s when I stumbled onto the idea of running an agency.

I had always heard that running an agency was an extremely profitable business model.

This is a huge opportunity

I Discovered That Agencies...

  • Don’t need capital to start
  • Are In massive demand and have continued to gain in need 
  • Provide very fulfilling opportunities(you are helping people)
  • Can be started up fast
  • Can be done by anyone regardless of experience with the right training
  • Are extremely profitable (hardly any costs involved)

Considering the fact that I was sitting in an old basement with spiders crawling around while I did this research, I felt like this could be a HUGE opportunity for me.

Once I started the business, I knew I needed to get new clients consistently.

But, everywhere I looked, things were so complicated. I wasn’t a marketing genius or copywriter. How was I supposed to become a master at all of these things so my business could get the leads we needed to succeed?

That’s when it hit me...

Get More Referrals


I figured I might be able to connect with a business owner and warm them up to me by giving them valuable information using email.

I went onto LinkedIn and found some connections that I thought would be a good fit for my service.

After doing this a few times, I asked one of the business owners if they wanted to discuss working together.

I couldn’t believe it when they said YES!

I started to get new clients and work with them as an “Outsourced CFO,” but these businesses kept asking me to create the same system I used to attract them as a client in the first place.

I started to create it for them, not knowing I was taking one step closer to creating a system that would get thousands of leads per month.

For months, I tested new email sequences and strategies to get faster results. My calendar started to fill up with sales calls every single day, and my business grew. And the results I was getting for my clients kept getting better along with it.

I had created a simple, 3-step process that allowed me to generate an almost unlimited number of leads for my business. And I didn’t need funnels, websites, or to be a master marketer to do it!

It got to this crazy point that I was getting anywhere between 8,000 - 10,000 new leads per month!

This process I discovered was the foundation of what would soon become the Connect 365 software company that I run today.

THis leads me back to my orginal question.

All of this success that has come from these leads that turn into clients has my head spinning.

My company can’t keep up. I need your help!

If I could give you all of the tools you need to start your own agency and supply you with clients each month, would you be interested?

You could very quickly be earning a 6-figure annual income with just a few clients

(and it’ll cost you almost nothing to deliver, so it’s basically all profit).

Trust me; many companies are more than happy to pay $2,500 all the way up to $7,000 per month if you can get them leads!

You may be thinking... “Why don’t you just help them yourself? Don’t you want to make even more money? Why do you need me?”

The answer is simple.

We sell software.

We want to keep our focus on growing our  software business without the distraction or needing to build out a team of coaches, consultants, and account managers.

I think the easiest way for us to do that is to show you how to get amazing results using our software. Certify you as one of our consultants over the next 30 days. And then let us help you serve them!

You get the income, and we get more people using our software, which is a WIN-WIN.

I know, it sounds too good to be true.

But, it’s really not!

Our software is so good, even Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from the Shark Tank TV Show) has said it’s a must.

WHAT IF THERE WAS A WAY I COULD GUARANTEE you never have to struggle with finding new clients because I give you dozens of warm leads each month?

What if I could guarantee those same clients experience amazing marketing results working with you because you are using my software to give them those results?

What if I committed to do everything in my power to help you have a 6-figure marketing agency within the next few months?

Would you be willing to take me up on my offer?

If so, I want to invite you to be one of the first people to experience our new 90-Day Certification Program. During this program, we’ll give you everything that you could possibly need to start a successful 6-figure marketing agency within the next 90 days.

Become A Connect 365 Certified Partner Where We Will Send You Leads & Act As Your Fulfillment Team.

20 Minute Marketing Agency by Connect 365 will enable you to:

  • Take control of your financial future in just a few hours of effort each week
  • Increase your income by hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands every single month
  • Ditch that 40-60 hour work-grind that you HATE and wave goodbye to your difficult boss
  • Follow a proven, step-by-step system that leaves NO guesswork
  • Build a system that creates tons of leads for your clients with minimal work on your end and no work on their end
  • FINALLY start (or grow) that business that you’ve always dreamed of

...with NO risk and just a tiny little investment!

20 Minute Marketing Agency is a proven, step-by-step implementation program.

In the next 30 days, you’ll have a complete marketing agency that has all the right pieces in place to generate a 6-figure income over the next few months.

During your time you'll be given certification quizzes and the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of our process to attain your certification.

Lets Talk Business

In The 20 Minute Marketing Agency, you'll discover...

  • How to create automated email campaigns designed to fill up your and your client’s calendars with exciting new prospects who are ready to buy in just a few minutes of your time.
  • How to start charging anywhere from $1,000 up to $7,000 for your services in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • What to do if you are brand-new and don’t have any testimonials yet, but need proof that what you’re selling is important and works (I’ll show you how to get clients WITHOUT ever getting your first testimonial)
  • How to structure every single piece of your business from start to finish to maximize time freedom and growth

How This WOrks

This complete system is all wrapped up together for you into one easy-to-use implementation program that gives you absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to start a thriving 6-figure marketing agency over the next few months.

All you’ll need to do is go through the training and implement it as you go step-by-step.

Then, in the next 30 days, you’ll have a complete marketing agency that has ALL the right pieces in place to generate a 6-figure income over the next few months.

In this training, you’ll get to watch over my shoulder as my team and I take you by the hand and show you every step of the process as we build this business together.

You’ll learn how to set everything up to create a lead-making-MACHINE and get amazing results for yourself and your clients.

We’ve literally put everything you could need to succeed in one place with this program.

For Just $997

For 90 Days of full Access
($70 each month after that to stay certified)

On top of the certification Training, You Also get...

30 Done-for-You Custom Written Posts Per Month 

($6,000 Annual Value)

Automated Posting To All Social Media Accounts

($500 Annual Value) 

Access to our Implementation Specialists & Marketing Coaches

($1,200 Value)

Live Weekly Bootcamp Calls To Stay On Track

($1,497 Value)

Bonus #1: The Lead Feeder Program

Once you become certified, we’ll start sending you warm leads every single month. Plus, you get a bonus program, The Leader Feeder Program.


Bonus #2: Outbound Sales Mastery Training

We’re going to teach you how to do precisely that. You don’t need any prior sales experience to be successful. All you need is the second bonus program we’re going to send you called, The Outbound Sales Mastery Training.

($5,000 Value)

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Peace of Mind

3 Months Free Access To Our Software

($498 Value)

The Perfect Time To Start Is now!

You get all of this, AND my team will handle all the fulfillment for you (besides feeding the system.)

All you have to do is spend a few minutes getting emails each day for your clients, or do it all in one go, then you just have to check up on your clients, and you’re done.

We’ll do all the hard work of getting the leads for you and also getting them results.

You may still wonder why we would offer all of this to you for such a low investment.

Like I said before, it’s a simple answer.

There’s just no way we can help all of these leads.

There is such a huge need for agency services that businesses are clamoring for help from agencies like us.

That’s why we want to certify you.

We want to give you a piece of our business.

Our growth plan is to have certified consultants that can give 1-on-1 attention to our clients so that we can scale.

We will give you everything that you need to build a 6- or 7-figure agency in one place.

All you need to do is interact with the clients and do some prospecting.

That’s it.

you're going to love this

Still think it’s too good to be true?

Don’t just take it from us. Look at all of these people who have experienced it first-hand.

"Before today's session I had to share with you the results I received from the homework already.I sent out 500 emails from a cold list yesterday with the first message. 50 addresses were dead. 30 new people joined my LinkedIn group. 23 people want me to profile them and have requested phone calls. Dude, this is awesome. I'm a solopreneuer, author and money coach. I'm thrilled with what has happened in just 24 hours."

Janine Bolon

Finance Coach

"I followed the advice you gave during the training week, I sent an email to my contacts that were “dormant” from the past couple years and the results were 4 customers contacting me again just this week.

I've now got some checking our apartments and houses, both are very interested in buying!"

Diego Cruz

Real Estate

“I'm truly amazed at what I'm seeing so far with this product, and want to make it work for me to maximum effect. I've been in business for almost 12 years, and this has got to be one of the best tools I've come across.

Your outstanding support all the way through so far has been a big part of that, and is sincerely appreciated.”

Richard Andrews

Professional Speaking

"You. Guys. Rock. Finally spending some time with this. My eyes were bugging out as I went through training… and the thought that kept popping up in my brain (as I voraciously consumed videos) was: “OMG!! Wouldn’t this be awesome if it could integrate with Zapier to connect to Infusionsoft.” 

AND THEN I GOT TO THE END. AND YOU GUYS ALREADY DID IT (!!!) Thank you so much! This is going to solve a major pain point."

Mike Monroe

Digital Marketing

"This system rocks! Just Sent out 107 messages last night got 58 opens and 3-4 appointments already for next week"

Cecil Cunningham

Marketing Consultant

“We're just getting started but after trying other methods, this has produced the fastest and most scalable results so far!  I've tried several programs to generate leads and nothing comes close. The ease and simplicity is amazing!”

Michael Hunt

Alternative Medicine Compliance Consultant

“The LEAD Generator is a sensible, low-cost solution to a difficult task that confounds many business owners. Its strength is that it is a strategy, not a series of unconnected ideas. We are now able to focus on a specific series of actions aimed at a specific target; a rifle shot rather than a shotgun. There is a defined direction to the day, which was not always the case before.

Further, once set up, automation makes possible tasks that lack of time or enthusiasm might not otherwise have been possible.”

Sydney Tremayne

Wealth Advisor

“This has changed the way we are reaching out to our prospects and current customers...It is a great system."

Jacques Skuteeki

Business Profit Consultant

“I don't know if there's a 'secret sauce' to my campaigns. I think most people have failure to execute. They try once or twice for a magic bullet sales pitch in their email. My secret sauce is salt and pepper. That's all you need to make a steak taste great.

And for my campaigns, the salt and pepper is just sharing good, educational content every 3-4 weeks.

Since starting with you guys 4 months ago, I've closed 2 clients and likely will have a 3rd soon. With the clients I typically work with [business owners of companies doing $50 mil to $1 billion annual revenue], 4-5 new clients in a full calendar year is a great year.

This has been like a godsend - the best money I've ever spent for my business.”

John McAlister

Accounting & Business Finance

This really is an opportunity to change your life.


I’ve been doing this long enough to know you have some questions.
Here are some answers to the most common questions we get from people ready to change their lives but aren’t quite sure if this is the right fit for them.

“That sounds like a lot of work. Why do you say it’ll only take a few hours a week?”

I told you that I created a piece of software called Connect 365, didn’t I?

This software is designed to integrate with your client’s calendar, social media profile, and email provider. It completely automates all of the emails and social media posts that you need to get results

“Does that mean I have to spend a bunch of time writing copy and creating content?”

When we were building this program, I realized that many wouldn’t want to design and write a new social media post each day.

So, I hired hundreds of in-house, U.S. based, copywriters to do it FOR YOU. That’s what you get with this program.

“What about the emails?”

I’ve created custom templates that you can use for every different type of company that you can think of so that it only takes about 30 minutes to create them.

And the best part is that you only have to set this campaign up once for each client!

But, how do I make sure that I get new clients?

Once you become certified, you'll have the training to go out and find your own clients. And on top of that for those that qualify and are certified, you'll be eligible to receive leads DIRECT from us.

Bonus #1: The Lead Feeder Program

  • You’ll be able to use the strategies that we teach you to reach out to these leads and sign them on as high-paying “done for you” clients
  • You can charge anywhere from $1,500 all the way to $7,000 per month to help them
  • You’ll enjoy having a stream of new leads constantly coming to you, and you don’t have to do anything to get them
  • You won’t believe how WONDERFUL it feels when you have a calendar full of people that want to work with you.

“How do I sign those leads into paying clients?”

We’re going to teach you how to do precisely that. You don’t need any prior sales experience to be successful. All you need is the second bonus program we’re going to send you called, The Outbound Sales Mastery Training.

Bonus #2: Outbound Sales Mastery 

  • You’ll get weekly access to our sales training that was previously only given to my top $25k mastermind clients
  • We could easily sell this level of sales training for $5,000, but we’ll give you access for FREE
  • You’ll never have to worry about turning your monthly leads into customers that are happy to pay you anywhere up to $7,000 per month for your services.
  • And you get that from day one, so you’ll instantly have a competitive advantage over all of your competitors in the market.

"How long does it take to get certified?"

It depends on how fast you want to go through everything.  The fastest you could do it is probably 30 days.  If you want to go slower, you can.  It’s up to you.

"How does the pricing work after 90-days?"

After 90 days, there is a $70/month membership fee to keep your certification active, to continue getting leads from us, to continue having access to our live coaching calls each week, and to continue having access to our support team for questions.

The cost of our software is $166 per month after the 90 days.

That’s it.

"Do I need to purchase anything else to get started?"

No. That’s the great thing about this system. You don’t need to spend money on ads or build complex funnels or anything crazy. It’s simple. And you get to charge companies thousands of dollars, while it costs you almost nothing to do the work for them.

What other costs would I have to manage client accounts?

Each client you bring on to our software platform is $166 per month. A drop in the bucket, when you consider clients are willing to pay you $2,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 per month to do this for them.

"What exactly will I be doing for clients?"

Do I need to purchase anything else to get started?

Everything in the process is AUTOMATED, with the exception of Step 1 / Prospecting. That part takes about 10 minutes per day on average, for each client.

From there, you plug prospects into our software. And the rest is done for you.

The software handles all the social media posts, all of the personal emails are automated, it’s all templated and systematized.

Your clients are hiring you to do 1 of 2 things, or both:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Social Media Marketing

The end result they want, is more leads and sales opportunities. As well as increased awareness and visibility through the social media service.

We’ll teach you how to do this, and how to make the actual “work” very efficient. How to get results for your clients. How to attract and close clients. All the stuff you need.

The great thing about this business model, is that you can do this for a few clients...make great money...and have very little time invested on an ongoing basis.

It’s an amazing model.

And if you so choose, you can scale up to whatever extent you desire.

For some people, this is about adding a six figure income stream. For others, they have their sights set on the $1 Million annual revenue mark. 

Your clients will love you

Connect 365 is Changing Lives EveryDay

Here's the thing...

This certification program isn’t for everyone.

Who It's Not For...

  • If you are just looking for a new way to GET RICH QUICK without doing any real work, this isn’t for you
  • If you dream of passive income where you can just sit on a beach and earn money without dealing with clients, then this isn’t for you
  • If you need to make money TOMORROW, this isn’t for you
  • If you are looking for a “quick fix” to make money then I don’t want to help you because that’s telling me that you’re not committed to the long-term success of the clients that I send you. This isn’t for you
  • If you’re not someone willing to invest in yourself and a process that can very quickly accelerate you to financial freedom, then this isn’t for you

Who It's Perfect For!

  • You have the dream and the desire to become a business owner, but you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge yet
  • You are currently in a job and want a low-risk method to replace your salary over the next few months
  • You already have a marketing agency that you want to grow faster
  • You want to master an ultra-valuable service that is 94% automated and will allow you to create a 6-figure business over the next few months
  • You are committed to using our software to get results for your clients

If this Describes You, I hope You Join.

you're going to love this

Get Access to The Tools, System, and tactics that the pros use