New GUIDE from WSJ Best Selling Author Josh Turner

2022 Revenue Growth Master plan

Your Master Plan To Create An Automated System For Tapping Into A New, Booming Market, Getting More Leads Practically on Autopilot, & Leveraging Hands-Off Client Fulfillment…

In This Guide You Are going to learn...

  • Learn how to increase your revenue in 2022 by leveraging an opportunity in the marketplace and following a plan
  • How I went from a hopeful solopreneur to generating $32,424,326 in sales revenue and a team of 50+ employees in just a few years
  • How 11 entrepreneurs and business owners dialed in on systems and automation technology to start and grow businesses
  • How one brand new consultant quickly landed two long-term retainer clients
  • How a sales coach added an additional “perfect fit” service offer to her consulting business as an easy upsell to create an additional stream of revenue
  • How one long-time business owner was able to add several new clients in just weeks using this system
  • How a strong strategy, one that is systematized and automated, allows for both flexibility and business growth when other approaches fail, and how it allowed another business owner to add 10 new clients… with a waiting list of thirty!
  • How ANYONE, even if you don’t have experience in business and even if you’re busy, can formulate a plan around solid systems to create a real revenue increase this year