Create Your New 6-Figure Offer in 2 Days

In This 2-Day Growth Challenge, We’ll Show You How to Fulfill the #1 Demand from Small Businesses Right Now, Using a Proven Marketing System That Clients Will Pay $$$$ for Every Month. (And You Can Run This in Just 20 Minutes Per Day!)

Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22

2-Day Growth Challenge

This live, hands-on workshop is hosted by Connect 365 co-founder Pat Henseler. When you join on Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22, you’ll take the first steps in creating your new 6-figure offer. Come prepared to discover… 

  • The most common frustration among business owners (88%!), and why they’ll pay you thousands of dollars per month to solve it. (We’ll show you how.)
  • How to scoop up a large share of clients out there, by avoiding the ways that many popular marketing and sales methods fail them.
  • How to quickly develop an offer that your prospects will fall in love with. Plus, how to use your offer to attract new clients on-demand.

  • The simple process that generates 100s of leads every month… without spending a dime on ads.
  • How to enroll high-ticket clients in a way that’s simple, predictable, and virtually inevitable with our simple 2-step sales process.
  • How to build relationships over social media in just minutes per day -- while avoiding the mistakes everyone else is making.
  • The one service that will always be in demand, no matter what’s happening in the economy. And how you can use this opportunity to create more financial freedom for yourself and your clients today.

Plus, your ticket unlocks a free 30-day trial to our revolutionary Connect 365 software AND our Emphatic service ($166 value).

That’s a full month of mostly-automated email outreach and done-for-you social media content and posting… completely free.

*Free for your first month and then $166 after. Cancel anytime.

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Offer ends on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 

At 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern

Here’s more of what you’ll learn with the Create Your New 6-Figure Offer in 2 Days Challenge…

How to use automation the right way, and create a new 6-figure income stream for your business.

A behind-the-scenes look at why some agencies take off like a rocket, while others sputter out from day one.

The REAL reason so many businesses can’t find leads, and why it’s a simple fix once you know what to do.

How to enroll and onboard clients into high-ticket services… in a way that’s smooth and professional to them and doesn’t add more items to your to-do list.

The secret to building a full outreach campaign in less than 30 minutes. This is how our clients launch new 6-figure income streams and manage them in a few hours each week.

How to “be everywhere” without having to constantly churn out new content, so you can be more visible and get more leads.

And more!

What if I told you there was a simple way to offer super-targeted, highly-effective lead generation to small businesses?

I’m talking about a service that clients will happily pay thousands of dollars a month for. One that you can get up and running in under an hour (per client)... and implement in just 20 minutes per day…

…all without paid ads, complicated funnels, or hard-to-use software.

Well --  I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible! Many of our clients have added 6-figure income streams using this simple system. And during this 2-day challenge, we’re going to show you how to significantly boost YOUR bottom line, too! 

- Pat Henseler, Co-founder | Connect 365

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Josh Turner

Founder & CEO | Connect 365

Your host for the intensive is Josh Turner, a WSJ Best-Selling Author and has grown multiple 7-figure companies in the last 7 years alone.

Pat Henseler

Co-Founder | Connect 365

Pat Henseler has spent years developing & refining systems to more efficiently build trust with prospects and during the intensive he'll share all.