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Why Traditional Marketing Is Leaving You Frustrated and Empty-Handed

If you’ve ever sent off a string of cold emails -- then crossed your fingers, knocked on wood, and held your breath that you’d get at least one or two responses… 

If you’ve invested hours and hours into social media with little to nothing to show for it… 

Or if you’ve launched a new “killer” paid ads strategy that a big-name guru promised would bring you leads hand over fist -- only to get a bunch of worthless emails and no response… 

Then you know that it’s tougher than ever to reach high-quality B2B prospects.  

And that’s a big problem, because without a steady flow of incoming leads, your business is in trouble. You can get by on referrals for a while, but you can’t count on them forever. And one or two dry spells is all it takes before things get desperate. 

The problem is that B2B buyers are tired of pushy tactics impersonal funnels. 

Their inboxes are flooded with cold emails full of hollow promises and spammy pitches. With this endless noise, it’s harder than ever to get their attention. Let alone build trust. 

And it’s only going to get worse as shady marketers use AI chatbots to flood the market with even more impersonal content. 

That’s the problem with traditional funnels…

They’re built for mass automation. They treat prospects like data points, not real human beings with unique needs and desires. And they force everyone down the same path -- squeezing them down the funnel -- hoping that a few clients will pop out the other end. 

But even when they do manage to reach the right people, funnels fail in one critical aspect. They leave out an essential piece of the puzzle, one that’s absolutely necessary if you want to sell high-ticket services. 

The problem? 

The typical funnel doesn’t create lasting connections with your prospects. And building genuine relationships is the only way to have sustainable, predictable lead gen, especially for B2B professionals. 

But nurturing real relationships like that requires personal, one-on-one conversations. It takes customized interactions that show that you truly understand their unique situation and goals. 

It means reaching out to prospects at the right time in their buyer’s journey. And staying top of mind until they are ready to buy. 

This personalized, human approach is how you build trust and familiarity over time. And it’s the best way to bring in B2B clients. In fact, it’s how most B2B service providers get their start… by connecting individually with prospects who need their services. 

The problem is, doing this the manual way takes loads of time…


  • Finding the right people… 
  • Crafting thoughtful messages to connect…
  • Staying consistent on social media to grow your authority… 
  • Creating follow-up sequences to stay top of mind…

It could easily be a full-time job by itself. And frankly, most B2B professionals simply don’t have enough free time in the week for prospecting and relationship-building. 

So they put it on the backburner. Until they lose a client or two and end up in crisis mode, because their revenue has taken a huge hit. 

But what if it was possible to build authentic relationships -- that turn passive prospects into loyal clients -- without a mountain of manual work?

Genuine Connections, at Scale

We’re talking about a way to create real relationships with your ideal prospects. 

Where you... 

  • Build genuine trust and rapport, one conversation at a time.
  • Attract them naturally with valuable content, personalized outreach, and authentic interactions.
  • Nurture relationships with long-term campaigns that keep you top-of-mind

Then, when the time is right, when they’ve reached the stage that they’re ready to make a decision, your name is the first one they think of. 

Not because you’ve because you’ve bombarded them with aggressive pitches, or merely worn them down by constantly nagging… 

But because you’ve been a thoughtful, consistent presence. You’ve built trust and familiarity in a way that feels completely natural. You’ve been genuinely helpful and shown that you understand their needs. 

So when they do choose you as the best option, it’s not a shock. It’s almost inevitable. 

And imagine being able to create those relationships in just a few minutes per day… 

Because you can leverage sophisticated -- but simple to use -- tools that automate almost 99% of the process. Tools that amplify the human element of connection, instead of ignoring it. So you can offload tedious tasks without losing the most important part of B2B lead gen: relationships. 

Just think what you could do with the extra hours you free up each week, knowing that your sales calendar will stay full. 

You can focus more on high-impact activities like sales conversations with decision-makers. Or doing an amazing job at the work your clients hired you for in the first place. 

Without worrying that you could turn around one day and all your leads have dried up.

You’ll have more time to actually grow your business… instead of working harder to keep the doors open. 

You can expand your services or develop new offers, creating new revenue streams that will make your business even more resilient. 

You can make that essential hire you’ve been putting off, because now you’ll actually have the time to train them. Which means you can move away from the day-to-day fulfillment and focus on being an executive, someone who works on your business instead of in it. 

Or maybe it’s your goal to have more time outside of work, to get back to the passions and hobbies you’ve had to neglect in order to keep the business going. 

You can spend more quality time with family and friends. Time where you can actually relax and be in the moment, instead of worrying about how you could be chasing down leads. 

All because your business continues running smoothly, with a steady flow of new, highly-qualified B2B prospects coming in every month. 

If that sounds good, then it all starts with the right system…

A System That Works

The 3 Elements That Every Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategy Has In Common

To  build a sustainable lead generation engine that runs smoothly month after month, and puts you in touch with high-ticket decision makers, requires 3 critical components: prospecting, nurturing, and engaging.  

Let’s start with prospecting for your perfect clients

Most funnel approaches get this wrong right from the beginning. They cast a wide net and hope that it captures the right people. Those who aren’t a good fit will be filtered out along the way. 

The problem is that this means using more generic messaging, which is likely to turn off your very best prospects. 

Instead, you want to identify and strategically connect with your ideal clients, who will welcome the connection because your messaging resonates with them. 

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs, we’ve found that the best place to use this laser-focused approach is on LinkedIn. Because it allows you to narrow down a pool of nearly a billion users, so you can reach the few high-ticket prospects you actually want to talk to. 

And you can do it without cold calling, cold emailing, or trying to randomly slip into someone’s DMs. 

Especially when you include the next component…

Build your authority and nurture prospects with topical social posts. 

Many people get this wrong because they focus entirely on themselves. They treat social media as a megaphone to amplify their offers and services. 

But true authority is built when you shift the focus from yourself to your audience. When you share content that your prospects care about -- even if you didn’t create it -- then you show that you’re an industry thought leader. 

The great news is that this means you don’t have to create everything from scratch. You can leverage other people’s content to provide relevant, useful information to your prospects. 

With the right tools, this can run almost entirely on autopilot. So you can maintain your presence and increase your visibility… without monopolizing your time. 

And when you do it the right way, those prospects become more familiar with you. They begin to recognize your name, and they’re more receptive to direct interaction, which is where the third component comes in. 

Starting sales conversation with conversational email

Because to get conversations with high-ticket decision makers, you need to engage prospects with conversational email campaigns that lead to conversions.

Let’s be clear, we aren’t talking about broadcast emails here. These aren’t the robotic, promotional email blasts that everyone ignores. These are conversational, engaging emails that your prospects actually open. 

In fact, our users typically see open rates that are double or triple the industry standards.

 And once prospects open these emails, they’re more likely to respond and stay engaged. Because these emails are conversational in nature. They nurture prospects and build relationships over time. 

They keep you top of mind through the process, so when your prospects are ready to buy, you’re the first one they think of.  Here's what the the system looks like in practice at a high-level. 

By weaving together these 3 elements, you can create a lead gen strategy that’s not just effective, but also sustainable and scalable. It respects the time and attention of your prospects and leverages the power of genuine relationships. 

Now, this is a process that you can do manually, and it will still be an effective way to bring in high-quality leads. But it takes a lot of time. 

That’s why we created a suite of simple-to-use tools and services that automate 99% of the process.

Part Program - Part Software - Part Service

With the right help, this System Only Takes 20 Minutes A Day

Included with each program, you'll get Connect 365 Platinum, bundle of automation tools and done-for-you services that helps you find your ideal prospects, nurture them through social media, and keep them engaged with conversational email in very little time. 

This bundle includes 3 separate components to help you with each part of this proven B2B lead gen system. 

Connect 365 Platinum

When you join the 20-Minute Marketing Method or 20 Minute Marketing Agency You'll be getting much more than just training videos. You'll also be getting automation tools, AND done-for you services to make it nearly impossible to fail. 

hands off linkedIn prospecting

Connect 365 prospects is a service, included with every program, where our team will handle your prospecting on LinkedIn FOR YOU.  We'll take care of your your connection requests, your messaging, and your LinkedIn presence so that all you have to do is define who you’re looking to work with… and our team over at Connect 365 Prospects does the rest. 

This is incredibly powerful because you’ll always have a list of new high-ticket prospects to warm up every single month while barely lifting a finger.

It’s like having an assistant working within your LinkedIn day in and day to continually growing your list of leads that you can then stay in front of on LinkedIn and beyond.

automated Lead Nurture

You’ll also get access to Connect 365 Email. This is our automated email outreach and follow up tool that utilizes “conversational email” to automatically build relationships with your prospects with the goal of transitioning that relationship from online to in person or virtual meetings about your products and services.

The emails sent from this tool are set up in a very specific way that gets near 100% primary inbox placement. Meaning your messages nearly always get seen by your prospects.

Leading to 50%+ open rates and engagement on levels not seen in well over a decade. 

100% Done-For-You Social media

Say hello to done-for-you social media marketing. ;-)

Because Connect 365 Social includes 30 custom social media posts per month, written by my team of US-based writers. These posts will build brand awareness, grow your authority, and help you stay top-of-mind with your best prospects on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s an integral part of the 90 Day LinkedIn Automation Pipeline system, as it helps warm people up and get to know you, before you start talking business. 

What Are Your Options?

The two paths to transform The Way you find, Approach, and Nurture B2B Leads.

We know entrepreneurs have different goals for their businesses. 

So we’ve created two powerful options to help you start building genuine connections with high-quality leads.

 Both include extensive training with our coaches to help you implement the strategy we’ve been talking about.

 And both include the automated tools that will help you connect with your ideal clients in just minutes per day.

Option #1

the 20 Minute Marketing Method Program.

If You Want to Use This System to Get High-End Qualified Leads For Your Business Every Single Month Without Spending A Penny on Ads...

That’s What We’ll Help You Do With The 20 Minute Marketing Method Program.

This 90-day program is your launchpad to mastering our proven system so you can attract (and convert!) more dream clients for your business. 

When you join, you’ll get connected with our expert coaches and other like-minded B2B professionals who want to finally get a proven, hands-free lead gen system in place. 

That includes high-impact strategy sessions with our social media and email experts. They’ll help you create campaigns designed specifically for your audience and your business. 

You’ll also have ongoing small-group calls with our coaches and staff. So you continue making progress in the program to get the results that you want. 

And to make sure you get big results with a minimal time investment, you’ll get 90 days of access to Connect 365 Platinum, including Connect 365 Prospects, Social, and Email. That’s the entire suite of our advanced tools to help you prospect, nurture, and engage with your prospects on autopilot. 

And after your 90 days, you’ll be able to lock in this powerful suite of tools for just $347 per month. 

A single, high-ticket B2B client can generate tens – or even hundreds – of thousands of dollars in new revenue for your business. So you can see how this simple, reliable system can easily pay for itself with just one new client. In fact, when we had a lead gen agency, we used to charge thousands of dollars per month to run this system for other businesses. 

And now we’ve simplified and automated the system so you can manage it for your business in just minutes per day. And we want to give you access to the system – and give you all the training you need to run it – for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to hire an agency to do it for you. 

Because you can get started right away for just 3 payments of $697 (or save even more when you choose to pay in full).

Simply click the button below to start generating more high-quality leads for your business.

Option #2

the 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program.

If You Want To Offer This Same System As A Service For Your Clients, You Can Become A Lead-Generating Powerhouse, Helping Other Businesses Attract And Convert Their Dream Prospects...

That’s What We’ll Help You Do With The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program.

If You Want To Offer This Same System As A Service For Your Clients, You Can Become A Lead-Generating Powerhouse, Helping Other Businesses Attract And Convert Their Dream Prospects...

That’s What We’ll Help You Do With The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program.

With this option, you’ll get everything above, but you’ll also get special training on how to implement the system for your clients… which can easily add a 6-figure revenue stream to your bottom line. And in just minutes per day. 

You’ll have the entire Connect 365 Platinum suite to help you generate leads for other businesses. And you’ll get a full 6 months of access to the software and the training. So you’ll have plenty of time to establish your agency as a lifeline for small businesses who are struggling to attract high-quality leads. That’s a service that commands a premium. Many of our students close retainers for $1,500-$2,500 and beyond for this service. 

And right now you can secure your spot in the 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program for just 6 payments of $597 (or save even more when you choose to pay in full).

This is a limited opportunity to create a new revenue stream for your business, or even start a completely new high-ticket service that takes just minutes per day. 

Just click below to claim your spot in the program.

That's Not All

Supercharge Your Lead Gen System With These Special Bonuses

To help you leverage your new automated sales system to its fullest, we’re also offering these exciting bonuses when you join today… 

👉 Bonus 1: Concierge setup service for your Connect 365 tools ($500 value)

Skip the tech setup completely when you let our specialists do all the heaving lifting for you. We’ll get your Connect 365 tools running and customized for your unique business needs. That way, you’ll be ready to roll in no time. 

👉Bonus 2: Lead to Sales Mastery Mastermind ($400 value)

This cutting-edge program will teach you how to turn more leads into paying clients. It includes high-value strategy sessions with top sales consultants, weekly group training calls with our expert coaches, and access to a community of high-performing entrepreneurs devoted to upping their sales game.

No matter which program you choose, we take the success of our members very seriously. 

So you’ll be protected and supported by our iron-clad guarantee. As long as you work collaboratively with our coaching team to ask for help when you need it… and take action in the program to implement each part of the system… then you will be covered by our ROI guarantee.

It states that you will generate AT LEAST enough revenue in your business through your work in this program over the next 12 months to recover your investment in the program.  

Because we know this system will pay for itself quickly if you follow our plan. But sometimes finding and converting new prospects from cold to sold can take time (and is affected by a variety of factors, like your product or service, your selling process, and your skills). While our systems and tools are designed to save you lots of manual time and effort, we can’t fully shortcut your entire selling process, and we’d be skeptical of anyone who said they could. 

And if you haven’t made back your investment by the end of the program? We'll renew your membership for as long as it takes, at no expense to you. This includes additional software, coaching, community, expertise, and implementation services completely free, to get you back on track to meet and exceed your goals.

So there’s really no risk. All you have to do is choose whether you want to run the 20 Minute Marketing Method for your business alone, or use this powerful system to also help other small businesses generate leads as a 20 Minute Marketing Agency. Click the appropriate button below to get started.

How Consultants, Agency Owners, Coaches, and other B2B Pros Are Using the 20 Minute Marketing Method…

“I have 2 current clients right now that want to get onboard and possibly a third (in less than a month).”

Lorianne Reeves // Sales Consultant

"This has been like a godsend - the best money I've ever spent for my business."

“I've closed 2 clients and likely will have a 3rd soon. With the clients I typically work with [business owners of companies doing $50 mil to $1 bil annual revenue], 4-5 new clients in a full calendar year is a great year.”

John McAlister // The Beringer Group


“I currently have two active clients through your program just a couple months in. One has retained me on a 6-month program at $2500 monthly. My second client… paid an $11,000 upfront retainer for four months of group coaching.”

JIM MCHERRY // Business Coaching

"I consistently convert clients from Connect 365 and LinkedIn..."

“Some are converting from long-term nurture sequences that have been ongoing, but with the social media outreaches others have jumped onboard lately.”

Jen Gaudet // Business Coach

"This is a win because I did literally nothing yet I gained a (potential) client"

“Due to my posts, I had a LinkedIn contact message me, without realizing that we had connected before, and ask about engaging my services for a loan. This is a win because I did literally nothing yet I gained a (potential) client; all of this is due to the process, which I am extremely grateful for.”

John Weaver // Commercial Lender

"Something incredible is happening with my content..."

“You can see the increased views and engagements in just this past week… it's led to 3 BOOKED calls with ideal prospects as well!”

Myles Saulibio // App Depths

"Within days of using the training I had 23 requests for a phone call with prospects."

“I have people reaching out to me rather than the other way around. This is a nice change of pace. Folks are also more aware of the books I've written and the work I do.”

Janine Bolon // Personal Finance Coach

“Good news - I signed up a new client today.”

“That's five that I have signed up. I am working on onboarding them this week.”

Douglas Campbell // Business Coach

"This program completely changed my life."

“This system is so nice; it’s easy to bring on other people who can easily adopt the system. I have two people who help me with the day-today. My next hire is probably gonna be someone to help me with sales calls so I can stay focused on the big picture as I continue to grow.”

Billy Fetzner // Business Consultant

“I actually got an initial 50 connections, and from these 50 first emails sent out.  I have had 10 replies within the first 2 days… this is actually a better return than I was expecting, which is great so far!”

Paul Cooper // Clearstone Business Services

Since starting with the process a couple of months back, I quickly added 3 brand-new clients (each paying over $2500 a month). We've also upsold some of our previous customers into this new service line… Adding your process of lead generation to our service line has generated a lot of interest from our existing customers and increased our average revenue per client pretty significantly.”

Susie Kelley // Marketing Agency Owner

“I've got two new clients. I'm charging between $1500-2000 per month as a starting point, which is a decent retainer for my business, and it's a good stepping stone in the direction that we want to go in the future.”

John McGarry // Advertising Business Owner

“We've used this system for structured messaging campaigns to our BEST target clients. The people we've struggled in the past to resonate with through cold outreach. That all changed when we started following this system... This system has been one of my most effective marketing and sales investments to date.

Aaron Agius // Marketing Agency

“Winning today! I have three contacts I reached out to because they posted something about one of their pain points and all accepted and are interesting talking!” (They all became clients.)

Theresa Allen  // Professional Services

You Can’t Go Wrong with Either Membership Option!

20 Minute Marketing Method Program

Get started today for only $697


x3 Payments

(or save even more when you pay in full)

What's included

  • The 20 Minute Marketing Method Training
  • 3 months of live training sessions (plus recordings) with our expert coaches
  • Ongoing small-group calls to keep you on track
  • 3 months of Connect 365 Prospects to automate your LinkedIn prospecting and messaging
  • 3 months of Connect 365 Email to automate your lead nurture emails and warm your prospects up
  • 3 months of Connect 365 Social, which includes 30 custom-written posts per month, automatically posted to your LinkedIn pages
  • Dozens of proven campaign templates
  • Two risk-free guarantees
  • Bonus 1 -- Concierge setup service for your Connect 365 tools
  • Bonus 2 -- Lead to Sales Mastery Mastermind

Questions about the 20 Minute Marketing Method?

Q: Is this really achievable in just 20 minutes per day? 

Yes! The initial setup takes a little longer to get going to make sure we dial in your ideal prospects and messaging strategy. But once it’s rolling, all you have to do is approve content and manage the system. Plus, with our concierge setup, you’ll get your system up and running for you! 

Q: Does this program work for all B2B industries? 

It has so far. While there might be some unusual exceptions, we’ve had B2B service providers use this in a wide variety of industries, including business consulting and coaching, healthcare services, safety expertise, and more. The core principles of relationship building work across industries. And our coaches will help you create a strategy that works for your niche. 

Q: Do I need previous experience in marketing or sales to benefit from this program? 

No, previous experience isn’t necessary. We designed our programs to be accessible to beginners and experts alike. The core of the system is about creating genuine relationships, so there’s no need for sales gimmicks or complicated marketing tricks. Plus, our coaches provide step-by-step guidance and support throughout your journey. 

Q: Does this require an expensive marketing budget? 

This method is very budget friendly, because it requires no paid ads or complicated funnels. And after your membership time is up, you’ll have access to our advanced software suite at a small fraction of what it would cost to hire a marketing agency or pay for expensive ads. 

Q: What kind of results can I expect to see? 

Results will vary depending on your existing business and how well you follow the program. But previous clients have significantly boosted their lead generation with this program. Often, they begin to see new, qualified leads within just a few weeks of putting this system in place. And these are high-ticket clients who create a sizable boost in revenue. In fact, we’ve seen clients generate multiple six figures (and beyond) using this system. 

Q: Will you really set up my system for me? 

Yes! When you join one of the 20 Minute Marketing programs, our team will get all your software set up for you. Because we know that the sooner you put this system in place, the faster you’ll be generating new leads. So we’re going to help you get moving right away! 

Q: Do I need any special software or hardware for this? 

The tools included in your Connect 365 Platinum suite are on a secure, cloud-based system that you will access from your internet browser. So all elements of our software (and training) are accessible from virtually any computer with an internet connection. You will also use other software that you’re familiar with, like LinkedIn and Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

Which Path Will You Choose?

The 20 Minute Marketing Method offers two powerful paths to help you achieve your business goals. 

You can choose to build and implement this system for your own business, and never again have to worry about where your next lead is coming from. Or you can build a solid system like this for your business AND help other businesses solve their lead gen problems for good (a service that can easily add a new 6-figure revenue stream to your business). 

In both cases, you’ll be able to leverage sophisticated, but simple technology that helps you create and nurture genuine relationships with your ideal prospects. It will free up your time so you can focus more on the high-value work that only you can do… while world-class automation tools expand your reach exponentially behind the scenes. 

You’ll watch your sales calendar filled predictably with qualified appointments each month. You’ll close more lucrative deals thanks to the built-in authority and familiarity you have with prospects. And you’ll see your business continue to grow quarter over quarter. 

Or there’s another option… 

You could keep doing what you’ve been doing up until this point. 

Continue relying on the same tactics and manual approaches that have likely left you overwhelmed and disappointed… and with inconsistent results. 

You could continue to count on referrals to keep you busy, hoping that random leads here and there will be enough to survive another month. 

But we’ve seen too many entrepreneurs struggle on that path. That’s why we created the 20 Minute Marketing Method in the first place. 

And it’s why we hope you’ll choose to get your B2B lead gen handled, once and for all. 

If that’s what you want too, then choose the option below that works best for you.