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The 20-Minute Marketing Agency: Simply Follow This Proven Playbook for a New 6-Figure Revenue Stream

…it’s all possible thanks to automating some key parts of the process, and it works even if you have little-to-no marketing experience!

Right now there are potential clients out there who are struggling. They need more leads, but they don’t have a reliable system for getting those leads. So their lead gen is inconsistent. And they’re often getting tire-kickers, instead of qualified leads with money to spend. They need help, and they feel that pain acutely.

Now, this is a problem we used to help solve at Connect 365. And it was highly profitable for us, too. However, nowadays, we’re a software and training company, not an agency.

So that’s where you come in…

You can use our system to start your own 6-figure lead-generation agency.

We’ll hand you the keys.

Because while this is no longer our focus, we want to connect these businesses in need with entrepreneurs who can help them. And it’s a great opportunity for you, too, so we see it as a real win-win.

When you have the right marketing system in place, it’s EASY to fill a client’s calendar with lucrative sales appointments -- every single month. Plus, it’s 100% possible to do that… in just 3 hours a week (or less)… even if you have little-to-no marketing experience.

That may sound unbelievable, but we’ve successfully taught thousands of entrepreneurs to do it , by implementing a revolutionary and virtually-automated marketing system…

It doesn’t take expert marketing knowledge, and you don’t have to learn any complicated technology. If you know how to open a web browser, post on social media, and send emails… then you can use this system.

And we’ve included absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start a thriving 6-figure (or even 7-figure!) marketing agency in the next few months. We call it…


When you join this 6-month program, you’ll learn how to fill this huge need in the marketplace by offering lead generation services to your new or existing clients. Plus, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about pricing, selling, and fulfilling this offer, so that you can easily find and convert prospects who are willing to pay you thousands of dollars every month for leads.

Running an agency is an extremely profitable business model. Because agencies:

  • Have low overhead and don’t need much (or any) capital to start…
  • Are in massive demand at all times (and there’s not enough talented marketers to satisfy that demand)...
  • Help other people and businesses…
  • Can be started and grown to 6 figures (or more) in as little as a few weeks…
  • Can be run by anyone, regardless of qualifications (as long as they have the right training)...
  • Are extremely profitable and don’t require a big time investment (when you have the right system in place)...

Here’s everything you get:

  • 6 Months of 20 Minute Marketing Method Training
  • 6 Months of Coaching with Our Expert Team
  • [BONUS 1] 6 Months of Access to Connect 365 Platinum
  • [BONUS 2] 6 Months of Access to the Lead to Sales Mastery Mastermind 

This Program Is By Application Only
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All you have to do is click the button below to fill out your application. You’ll be asked to put down a fully refundable $200 deposit, just to secure your seat while we review your application. Then you’ll book a qualification call with a member of my team to discuss whether you’re a good fit, and your best next steps.

If you both agree that it’s a good fit, we’ll apply your deposit toward your total investment in the 20 Minute Marketing program. (If not, we’ll refund your deposit in full.)

The total investment for the 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program is $2,997 when you pay in full, or 6 monthly payments of $597.

Just keep in mind that the application deadline is Friday, March 28, at midnight, Pacific – or whenever the program is full… whichever one comes first.

To get started just click the button below.