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The Playbook for a 10 Client - 6 Figure Agency

We’ve officially saved your seat for the upcoming workshop on how to create a 6-figure agency with only 10 clients!

So right now, make sure that the time is blocked off on your calendar. Because you registered for this for a reason. Maybe you’re ready for a change. Or a better life, with more opportunities, freedom, and control.

Leading a successful and streamlined agency can help you do those things, and so much more. But you do have to show up for that to happen!

So accept the calendar invitation for the workshop that should already be in your inbox, or click the button below.

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We’re here to help you take this opportunity and run with it… so you’ll be well on your way to running a 6-figure agency, in a way that provides the time and income for you to have an amazing life, too!

I’ll see you at the workshop.

Meredith Eisenberg

Director of Coaching and Customer Success | Connect 365