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Learn How to Combine Conversational Email and Simple Automation To Get Qualified Sales Appointments Every Single Month

Tuesday, January 31st and Wednesday, February 1st

I’m still hearing TONS of hand wringing about the economy right now.

Most small business owners are worried a recession is around the corner. And many are fearful that this could hurt their ability to keep the lights on.

See, most entrepreneurs have no idea how to prepare for a potential downturn. So many people are doing nothing, or “battening down the hatches'' and cutting costs…

And they’re crossing their fingers that they'll be able to weather any future storm -- and survive over the next 12 months.

But today I want to give you a reframe…

Because, while it’s true that millions of unprepared businesses will struggle this year...

And that, unfortunately, many of them will close their doors for good...

For forward-thinking entrepreneurs, who know how to make the right changes…

…it’s not only possible to ‘get by’ in 2023.

But actually, it’s 100% possible to GROW your business faster than ever before this year…

…regardless of what the economy does.

To show you how it works, we’re doing something special. Something to help you put YOUR business in a position to thrive, in spite of any future bumps in the road.

It’s a 2-day event called the 27x Mastermind. And it’s happening on Tuesday, January 31 and Wednesday, February 1 at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern (on both days).

At this mastermind, you’ll implement a mostly-automated ’conversational marketing’ system that will allow you to:

  • Fill your sales calendar with appointments consistently…
  • Sign more high-paying clients…
  • Catapult ahead of your competitors over the next year…
  • matter what happens with the economy. 

This system is tried and tested during times of economic uncertainty… and it’s proven to be “recession proof.”

For example, my co-founder, Josh, used it to scale his first company to 7 figures within 3 years… even though he launched that business during a global recession.

Plus, our companies (and many of our clients) used the same system to have their best year ever in 2020. (Despite the economic downturn at the start of the pandemic.)

But that’s not all this powerful system has allowed us to do…

…because we also used it to TRIPLE our business three straight years.

That’s right, we tripled our annual revenue of $100k in one year to $300k. Then we tripled it again to $900k.

And believe it or not, we actually tripled it a third year in a row and had more than $2.7 million at the end of year three. (That’s 27x growth -- hence the name of this mastermind.) ;-)

When you attend this event, you'll discover...

  • How to tap into the “digital dartboard” to find your perfect prospects.

  • The timeless psychological triggers that make it nearly impossible for prospects to ignore you. (And how to leverage them quickly and easily.)
  • How to use the “trust progression” to turn cold contacts into red-hot leads.
  • The #1 way to structure your discovery calls so converting more clients becomes a breeze
  • ONE thing every nurture strategy must have to stop high-paying clients slipping through the cracks.
  • Advanced conversational email secrets for getting amazing results at SCALE. (HINT: These secrets are shockingly simple to implement.)
  • The key “growth pillars” to leverage in order to increase your revenue, and create your dream business… in the fastest way possible.
  • Plus, your ticket unlocks a free 14-day trial to The Lead Generator. This test-drive includes our revolutionary Connect 365 software and done-for-you social media content ($166 value).

What it costs (you'll love this)

Now you may be wondering what this is going to cost. And I have a nice surprise for you on that front…

You can attend this game-changing mastermind… for only $7.

If you’re thinking that’s a crazy-low price considering the amount of value we’re offering -- you’re not wrong!

But the thing is, we wanted to make sure there wasn’t a price barrier for you. However, we didn’t make it free because history has shown that people take things more seriously if they’re financially invested.

So that’s why we’re charging $7 -- to help you feel more engaged and get better results.

I do want to warn you, though. This will NOT be a “take notes and soak it all in” type of event. The sessions will be hands-on, and we’ll encourage you to take action. That way you can build real momentum… and get your growth system up and running quickly.

And remember,  as part of your ticket you get 14 days free access to our Lead Generator Program. This includes all of the ongoing support and automation tools you'll need to automate over 90% of the work implementing the client attraction systems you'll learn during the Mastermind. 

After your 14-day test-drive, when you decide to stay on as a full member, you'll get our friends and family discount at $166/mo. for unlimited access. No contracts and you are free to cancel anytime. 

Ready to roll up your sleeves and do bigger things this year?

Let’s do this!