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Meredith Eisenberg
Director of Coaching and Customer Success

In the past 10 years at Connect 365, Meredith and her team have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to get off the cash flow roller coaster through creating a consistent sales system. Before joining the team almost a decade ago, Meredith was an Online Business Manager, helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 6 figures and beyond. She currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband and three dogs.

Jerett Rion
Operations Manager at Connect 365 Social

Jerett has lead the Connect 365 Social team since 2017, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs reach more of their ideal clients with a social media strategy that is easy, effective, and almost entirely automated. Jerett began his journey with Connect 365 after graduating with his Master's degree from the University of Missouri. You can still find him living in St Louis with his wife, their son and three dogs  university of Missouri with Master's degree

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