do you want my team to set everything up for you?

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Watch the video to see how you can accelerate your progress with Connect 365 by having my team build out your campaigns FOR you!

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To Accelerate Your Results With Connect 365, and Take All of the Time Consuming Work Off Your Plate, our Account Management Team will...

  • Input your initial contacts, prospects, and clients into your account.
  • Propose, edit, and input the right messages for your specific business, target audience, and goals.
  • Create the entire structure and plan for your first campaign. (Based on what we’ve tested and know will work!)
  • Kick off your campaign by tagging any contacts you'd like into your sequence.
  • Give you expert advice on the best next steps to take after your first campaign launches.
  • Schedule a 1-on-1 kickoff call with you to help set you up on the right path, coordinate your campaign and ensure you are clear on how to keep the system running. 

On top of that you’ll be upgraded to an annual license of Connect 365 so you will have 12 full months of access to work your prospects through your automated client attraction and sales system.

So... you’ll make one payment now, let my team of experts set everything up, and you’ll have access to the work they’ve done for you inside Connect 365 for an entire year without having to worry about making another payment for a full year.

Only $2,997 $997 Today

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