The “Anti-Funnel” Growth Blueprint 

Forget complicated and expensive sales funnels! This is a proven way to keep your pipeline full of great leads... it’s virtually hands off... and it takes just a few hours each month (or less)!

You’ll discover:

  • Why marketing “guru” advice to create a funnel will NOT work for most businesses. (And how to use a proven lead-gen plan that prospects are responding to right now.)
  • How to get more sales opportunities, and enroll lots of high-quality clients… with just a few hours of effort per month.
  • A step-by-step strategy for scaling your business in 2023, while creating more freedom to enjoy life.
  • The ONE thing that sinks thousands of small businesses every year. (And how YOU can avoid this common mistake.)
  • How to attract more red-hot leads than you can shake a stick at... in a way that doesn’t require paid ads, expensive software tools, or ANY marketing experience.
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