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There’s Also Something Big Coming Up, and We Couldn’t Leave You Out…

It’s the Opportunity to Start Building an Audience of True Fans Eager to Support You, by Coming to Audience Live!

Watch the video below to see how you can come as my guest…

Once you have the playbook to connect directly with high-value leads – what’s next?

Well, why not grow your audience even bigger… so you can grow your business and impact even more?

Because that’s what you’ll discover how to do at Audience Live!

This transformational event will give you a proven framework to quickly and successfully build a loyal, engaged audience that wants what you offer. This is the same framework I used to grow Mirasee’s audience from zero to 50,000+ true fans… and the company to over 8 figures in revenue.

And when you have it too, you’ll notice all your marketing and lead gen gets easier – and you’ll see bigger and better results. 

At Audience Live, I’m going to show you how to use this framework in YOUR business. You’ll be able to take action right away to start building your audience… and to turn it into a profitable asset for your business. 

Audience Live takes place April 10-12, 2024. During those 3 days, you’ll discover how to…

  • Be a leader to your audience, the one they trust and turn to again and again. (This is what puts audience growth into high gear...)
  • Bring in revenue while ramping up your audience. (It’s the essential financial indicator most entrepreneurs overlook, but you won’t!)
  • Get your followers to not just follow, but actually sign up for your offers. This is the secret strategy that tips people off the fence… and in your favor…
  • Grow your visibility and authority by ‘borrowing’ other experts’ audiences...
  • Continually bring in your ideal followers – and future clients! – with a “magnetic” system that’s simple to use…
  • Get big money from your list – no matter its size. The key is in how you nurture your audience and prime them for your offers, and it works even if you have a small list!
  • Keep up your momentum and success after Audience Live. It’s much easier when you’ve got our proven plan… and you’ll walk away confident and ready to go...
  • …and much more! 

And because you’re joining me for the High-Ticket Anti-Funnel Intensive, you’re invited to attend Audience Live for free. To reserve your spot, all you need to do is put down a $197 deposit. And you’ll be refunded in full when you show up for the event.

Why is there a deposit if I’m just going to refund you? Because my team and I are preparing a powerful, immersive experience for all attendees. And to provide this world-class experience, we need an accurate count of who's coming.

To claim your ticket, simply click the button below. Save your seat with a $197 deposit, and we’ll issue you a refund when you attend the event. Easy!

If you’re ready to have an audience of true fans who are eager to hear from you and sign up for your offers…

…then Audience Live is where you need to be this coming April. And I can’t wait to show you how it’s done.


Save my seat for Audience Live for $197 (refunded when you attend the event)