Automated Sales Follow Up Email For Small Business

Nurture your leads Into clients with Multi-Touchpoint Sales Follow Up Email Campaigns 

Keep your name in your prospect's inbox with Connect 365's automated sales follow up email campaigns! Gain your prospect's trust, increase your close percentage, and avoid missed sales opportunities with automated emails.

Automated Sales Follow Up To Nurture Leads

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Benefits at a glance

  • Send automated sales follow up emails to your leads
  • Stand out in your prospect's primary email inbox
  • Proven plug-and-play sales follow up email templates
  • Save hours of time every week for you or your sales team

Send Follow Up Emails In Just A Few Minutes a Month

Over 70% of professionals who take sales appointments give up after one unanswered follow up email. Why? Because writing and sending follow up emails can take too much time. With Connect 365's email automation software you can create multi-touchpoint sales follow up campaigns to keep your name in front of your leads for the long haul. With our easy-to-use bulk email software, YOU will be the one your leads think of when the time is right.

Email Outreach Campaign With Connect 365

Nurture Your Prospects

Send automated sales follow up emails to new or existing leads to warm them up.

  • Stay Top of Mind 

Keep your message in front of your best leads so when the time is right they think of you.

  • Right Message At The Right Time

Follow up with leads with timely information using a custom date/time schedule. 

  • Set It & Forget It 

Build your sales follow up email campaigns into your ongoing sales with sequential evergreen campaigns.

Automated Sales Follow Up for Relationship building

Build Sincere Relationships

Show off your expertise and quickly build trust with personal sales follow up emails that they will actually see, read, and respond to. 

  • The Personal Touch 

Every follow up email looks exactly like it was manually typed out and sent directly to your prospect from you.

  • Priority Inbox Placement 

Hit your prospect's primary inbox nearly 100% of the time. 2x-3x your engagement.

  • "Same Thread" Follow Up

Automated email campaigns that stack together in the same email thread. Proven to increase email open rates.

Automated Sales Follow Up To Increase Sales and Productivity

Increase Sales & Productivity

Never forget to send follow up to sales leads ever again. More touchpoints. More engagement. More sales.

  • Outlast Your Competition

Never forget to follow up with your leads ever again and close more deals.

  • More Efficiency 

Follow up with hundred of warm leads in just a few minutes a month.

  • Tested Templates Included

Edit our proven follow up templates to fit your voice and launch in minutes.


yes, You Can Plug Connect 365 into your existing marketing tools!

Through a partnership with Zapier, Connect 365 integrates with over 1000 of the worlds top business building web applications. Allowing you to automate and add complexity in pretty much any way you would like.

Or, if you'd like to keep it simple, you can simply plug in your prospect list and let Connect 365 do all of the work for you. Simple as that.

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The Automated email tool the pros use

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REquest Access to Connect 365 and build Your AUtomated Sales Follow Up Campaign In Minutes!

Every minute you spend on "Shiny Objects" or some complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else.

Connect 365 Testimonial - From 0 to 20 Customers

Diane Wells  //  Non-Profit Fundraising



I started with 0 and I have 20 new customers

I started with zero and I have about 20 new customers and 4 recommendations on partnering since beginning a few months ago. Connect 365 has become a significant marketing arm of my organization, like a member of my staff.

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