Attn: Business Owners wanting to grow..."


automation technology

To consistently get high-end clients for
your products and services

(So you DON'T have to spend ANY money on advertising
OR building complicated sales funnels)




(without losing the personal touch
that makes it all work.)

From: Josh Turner
RE: A new client attraction technology
available to a limited group.

Dear Business Owner,

If you want to close up to 10 or more high-end clients per month,

Get in front of dozens of ideal prospects every single day,

Or even if you just want to follow a proven, simple system that works in any market, niche, or industry,

Then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

In today's marketplaces, there are THOUSANDS of options to get in front of your ideal prospects... but only one way that continues to be deadly effective no matter what happens with technology!

so far with this training
and system,i landed 65
solid connections, and the quality of leads is so
much better.

People are already asking what I'm seling and I haven't sent a message campaign out yet. 5 connections approached me on my product already. I market an education and e-commerce product that is in high demand.

-troy hollenbeck

Here's how and why we can make
you this promise:

Hi I'm Josh Turner, the founder of LinkedSelling, the creators of Connect 365.

I'm a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and I run a multi-million dollar agency AND a multi-million dollar publishing company that was recently ranked #252 in the Inc 5000.

And let me tell you...This groundbreaking new software is going to allow me to take my company to new heights that I couldn't have before imagined, and I know it can do the same for automating the process of an effective, hugely profitable WARM email marketing campaign.


One of the best investments for my business ever. wasted a couple hours this weekend sending emails manually.

-Sean Cavanaugh

after taking that 24 hr break, then sending 100, then 160, i'm now ramping up my sending to around 250 per day. the software is working great! I'm loving it!

-sue friedland

Every minute you spend not actively contacting your best prospects
is LITERALLY wasted money. You can imagine dollars just floating
out of your bank from the lost opportunity.

86% of emails don't get read.

According to a global survey on email use, only about 70% of all email sent even makes it into the inbox in the first place.

After that, open rates are around 20% (on average)...

Which means that your email only has a 14% chance of getting read at all... and that's just based on the average.

But here's the thing....those stats, well that's based on using traditional email marketing software like Constant ContactTM or InfusionsoftTM or AweberTM or MailchimpTM.

But with GmailTM and other personal email service providers...your personal emails get a MASSIVE open rate and a MASSIVE response rate, right?

what if therE was a way to automate and scale that?

Connect 365 does exactly that,
giving you a massive unfair advantage.

Connect 365 uses the power of personalized email to make your messages a priority in your prospect's inbox.

After all, 64% of people surveyed say that the #1 reason they open an email is because of the
Sender's Name...

Connect 365 is the most effective tool on the market for putting your warm email marketing on steroids.

And it's not just technology and automation software...because you also get training and resources to make sure you get the most out of it.

And who would you rather
open an email from?

"Josh Turner"

In Fact, here's the tip of the
iceberg of what you get...

You'll discover exactly how to write emails that get DELIVERED, get noticed, and get read.

You won't need any other special tools...just use this software and you'll never need anything else.

You'll have an AUTOMATED system for reaching out to thousands of qualified prospects, to generate a flood of new leads and clients....using our proprietary "Warm Email" technology.

You'll skip over all the repetitive tasks and tracking of where prospects are in your pipeline, simply by using the software.

You'll know exactly who to contact, when to follow up, and how your previous emails have been received.

You'll stop missing out on sales opportunities, by having world-class follow up processes in place. When they're'll be the one they think of. All automated!

You'll save thousands of dollars on expensive paid traffic and completely avoid the complicated, painful sales funnels all the "gurus" are talking about... with better results, too!

The average cost per CLICK for professionals on Google AdwordsTM is $50 -- smaller firms simply can't compete at those rates.

My sources in the industry are telling me that the cost per lead on cold traffic is going up like CRAZY...sometimes getting close to $120+ per lead.

But warm email is free, and always
will be.

When you get your next client via warm email, think about how good it will feel to finally realize that you've "got it figured out", and can really grow your business consistently.

When you get clients through warm email, you'll see an immediate shift in your income AND your stress levels, because warm email is a strategy that never goes out of style.

There's a certain thrill of being able to connect with your ideal clients with warm email, because most of your peers are too scared to try it!

So Here's The Bottom Line With Connect 365:

You get monthly access to the entire suite of money-making, automated workflow tools.

You also get immediate access to a special members-only training portal specifically designed to help you accelerate your results, and give you all the instruction you need.

In other words, even if using email to generate leads and close deals is new to you...we'll walk you through everything from step 1. You'll be surprised at how simple and seamless it really is...

This training portal is updated regularly for the latest tactics and strategies, and you'll get cutting edge support on top of everything else.

You get all of this for

only $47 per month.

And that $47/month investment get's you much more than just software. You'll also get access to...

the connect 365 training library

to make sure you can get results right away, we're access to our library of warm email strategies, templates, and guides to anyone who acts now... 

Lesson #1

How to launch a 7-figure product with our Connect 365 software and systems.

Follow the plan we used to build a hugely successful launch of Linked University, and you, too can generate 10k in sales in your first month!* (see disclaimer at the bottom)

real value: $495

Lesson #2

Script writing
bootcamp & Best Practices-

Submit your script/playbook for a live review from one of our expert scripting coaches.

real value: $495

Lesson #3

The Social Media Email Boomerang Plan

How to take a LinkedInTM relationship to email and generate more sales qualified leads and opportunities.

real value: $495

Lesson #4

Automated Follow-up Sequence

Most deals happen in the follow-up phase...but most salespeople quit after 1 or 2 messages. We'll share our top 3 sales follow-up email templates to not allow any sales opportunities to slip through the cracks.

real value: $495

As you can see, these bonuses have a
total value of $1,980...
but they're yours free when you act now!

Here's How To Order Right Now:

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

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To your prosperity,

P.S. - Every single minute you spend on "Shiny Objects" or some complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else.

Act now before there are no more openings in the Beta Group!


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