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Only 100 Connect 365 Pro Members Will be Admitted at one Time. So this offer will be coming down soon.

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Your Pro membership is not in addition to your membership fees that you are already paying. So for $397 a month you have full access to the software, to the training program, all the bonuses, double the social media posts written and posted for you, your first campaigns set up FOR you, AND you get your private coach to help you at every step along the way.

Now, with the time put in by my team to help manage and create custom strategies, we do have a minimum 3 month commitment for Pro members.

If you come in serious... and you give me a 90 day commitment, you are going to be blown away by the results.  And when you look back on your business, you aren’t even gonna recognize it.  The results will be that remarkable.


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When Your Upgrade To Connect 365 Pro You Will be Billed For Your First 3 Months. After That You Are On A Month To Month Plan. No Risk. Cancel Anytime. 

When you upgrade to Pro you’ll get...

Social Media Posts Written For You

2x Social Media Posts

100% Hands Off, Done-For-You, Customized Social Media Thought Leadership Content

80 posts per month written by our team of U.S. based writers 

automatically posted to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and pages. 

Stay Top-Of-Mind With Your Prospects With Regular, And Relevant, Social Media Updates. 

Automated Cold Email Outreach

Unlimited Connect 365 Access

Automated Personal Outreach and Follow Campaigns Up To Build Relationships with Your Best Prospects

Send hundreds of customized personal emails to potential clients at a time.

Double (Or Triple) Your Open Rates, Immediately With Emails Sent Exactly Like You manually Type Them Out.

Email Outreach Campaign With Connect 365

VIP Experience And Setup 

Private 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and priority scheduling with your coach, via Zoom each month

White-glove service with regular check-ins from your coach to help keep you accountable and on-track

Your first (or next) personal messaging campaign within Connect 365 built out directly by your coach so you have the framework all in place

Get Your Social Media Content Written & Posted For You for the Next 14 Days For FREE!

With Connect 365, you're going to have a lot more people checking you out. It's critical that your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are active and professional. With our "EMPHATIC" service, we take care of it all for you!

By clicking the "YES" button above, we will follow-up with you to complete your onboarding of Emphatic. Upon receipt of your registration, you will have complete access to Emphatic and have your next 6 pieces of social media content automated for you. $99/mo after your first 6 post or 14 days. Whichever comes first. Cancel anytime. If you do not want this offer, just click "No thanks" above and you will be directed to your next steps. We are so excited to have you aboard Connect 365!

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