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Automate Your Sales Process and Generate More Appointments and Sales Through Email 
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*Every single minute you spend on some overly complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else...

Just Imagine...

What Would An Automated Flow of Appointments and Opportunities Do For Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether your business is BIG or SMALL. 

Maybe you’ve tried everything else, including expensive programs, hiring a consultant, other forms of email marketing, cold calling, social media, sending mailers or handwritten letters, or going to conferences, and attending all the networking events... 

...but you're just not seeing results.

You’re about to read something that will change ALL of that for you.

Here’s how...

Ready to get off of the Cash flow Roller coaster for good? 

You Need A Simpler, More Efficient, Way Of Communicating with Your Prospects.

introducing Connect 365™

Connect 365 is the software and training to FINALLY make email marketing and sales automation easy. 

This system provides streamlined, easy-to-use software along with proven training on everything you need to do to build relationships with high-value, hard-to-reach prospects through intelligent positioning and strategic outreach over email.  

Even if you:

  • Don't have an email list
  • Aren't a copywriter
  • Hate learning new technology
  • Haven't used other automation software before

This system has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for our members and clients in pretty much any industry you can think of. Bottom line, if you sell a product or service to other businesses then you are a perfect fit for this program. But just in case you are still unsure, let's take a closer look...

let's Look At what you stand to gain here today.

raise your hand if your business would be better off if you Could...

SIMPLIFY your marketing & lead generation

Avoid wasting time on over-complicated "funnels" and instead focus on a simple, time efficient system that actually gets results without trading endless hours.

BuiLD Relationships through trust

Through email with Connect 365 you can scale relationships while maintaining a 1-to-1 personal connection that gets responses and results.

Be SElective about who you work with

Hand pick your best, hardest to reach, prospects that you would most like to work with and get your name and business in front of them in a non-intrusive way.

Make a bigger impact for your clients

Hand pick your best, hardest to reach, prospects that you would most like to work with and get your name and business in front of them in a non-intrusive way.

increase revenue and have predictable cash flow

More sales appointments 
+ better prospects 
= more cash flow. Simple math!

have more professional and personal freedom

Spend more time and attention on the things you love about your life & business instead of constantly scratching and clawing for your next client.

Real Results For Real businesses

thousands of satisfied Customers!

23 people Have REquested Calls...

“"Dear Josh,

Before today's bootcamp I had to share with you the results I received from the homework already.

I sent out a campaign to a cold list yesterday with the first message.
- 30 new people joined my LinkedIn group
- 23 people want me to profile them and have requested phone calls

Dude, this is awesome! I'm a solopreneuer, author and money coach. I'm thrilled with what has happened in just 24 hours.

Thank you!”

Janine B.  //  Coach, Health & Wellness

This is IT!

“If you need a consistent process that generates new business daily, this is it!

Waddah M.  //  Marketing

85% Open Rate on My First Email...

“"Update: I got an 85% open rate on my first broadcast!

It could have been because of the subject line: What's Missing? but I credit Connect 365 with the great rate."

Julia S.  //  Health Services

Last year I was struggling to stay in touch with these good prospects by phone and email, and Connect 365 is proving to be the right tool to solve this problem

“I've been working to learn and use Connect 365, and so far the results have been good. My first campaign was to reach colder prospects who had never responded to my LinkedIn messaging campaign messages, and I actually got some new interest from a few of those people, which was a bonus.

My next campaign was targeted to warmer prospects whom I had lost touch with over the past three years - they were interested in buying at one point in time, but never bought. I've had 47 people open the message (many are still on holiday vacation) but 15 of those responded, and I've already scheduled a few sales calls. 

This is the beginning of a year-long drip campaign, which will surely bring more results as I create multiple touches with these people. Last year I was struggling to stay in touch with these good prospects by phone and email, and Connect 365 is proving to be the right tool to solve this problem - well worth $47/month."

Andy K.  //  Coaching

One of the best Investments Ever...

“One of the best investments for my business ever. wasted a couple hours this weekend sending emails manually.

Sean C.  //  Marketing

I landed 2 cLients Immediately...

“The thing I love about it is it’s easy to use and intuitive. It’s not cluttered. I appreciate minimalism and simplicity of use. I had used tools like Constant Contact in the past and got nothing in return.

Before a recent conference I sent out a campaign to 950 prospects that were going to be in attendance. Using Connect 365 to deliver that message I generated over 200 responses, set-up over 60 appointments and landed 2 clients immediately - before the conference even started.”

Chris D.  //  Professional Services

Ready to get off the cash flow roller coaster for good?

Start Your 14-Day All Access 
Test Drive Of Connect 365 Today!

filling the education, training, and support gap

One of the primary problems to overcome when growing a business is that you’re pretty much on your own.

And since there’s almost no training, education, software or support directly for how to get small business owners MORE appointments you have to take your best guess and hope things work out… which might explain the staggering statistic that according to Bloomberg, 8 of 10 small businesses fail.

I’m so proud to be able to say that my company has created and refined a powerful system that will help keep you from becoming one of those 80% of businesses that fail.

Connect 365 is not just an email and sales automation software designed specifically for small business owners. It includes our industry-leading training, scripts and support to help you build lists and deliver email campaigns that get responded to!

The system that you will learn and implement is different than anything else out there in email these days. It's not about complicated funnels or bloated features you won't use. It's streamlined specifically to make your email campaigns look more personal and deliver them in bulk in a way that gets opened and responded to. 

the system and philosophy we teach can be applied ANYWHERE your prospects can be found because it's about building stronger relationships with your best prospects.

And we'll be there to help you every step of the way...

Ready to Take Back Control Of Your Lead Generation & Sales?

Get Your All-Access Trial of Our Sales Automation Software and Training in Connect 365 Today!

If you are looking to get in front of MORE prospects, have MORE sales conversations, and land MORE clients, then Connect 365 is the RIGHT fit for you.

What makes this program different?

More Than Just Another Software Program

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a shiny new internet marketing tactic rolling out that makes big promises about using Periscope, Snapchat, funnels, podcasting, SEO strategies, or something else altogether. These 'flavor of the week' strategies keep you chasing your own tail in an effort to keep up, but they're unlikely to ever work for you, because they burn out and fizzle when everyone starts using them.


So by the time these tactics get to you, they’re already beaten to death. They’re past their prime.

Here’s how it usually plays out…


Some “expert” somewhere figures out a trick or loophole for 'hacking' their way to a big payday. That expert then tells his or her cronies about it in their high-dollar mastermind. Next, that small group of insiders runs the tactic into the ground, for their own businesses and through their expensive private coaching.


And then, when they see the loophole or window of opportunity is closing, they grab the last bit of cash they can by selling off the spent tactic to the masses.

By the time these 'new' strategies become available at a price that you can (barely) afford, they're already expired, or close to it.

Or you get some bloated, complicated software with just a couple FAQs on how to technically use it...without the ACTUAL training that will get you results (see: leads and sales).

Connect 365 is different, because it is based on timeless strategies that have always worked, and will always work. Period.  It’s not dependent on any one tactic. It’s an A-to-Z system that will work no matter what stage your business is currently in.

And as a member you get access to our campaigns, training and coaching to make it happen in your business.

What Makes This Program Different?

Simple. Streamlined. Easy-to-Launch.

This is something that a lot of marketers avoid talking about, but to us, it’s vitally important.

A lot of the people selling courses or software online rationalize why it’s ok to simply read about a strategy and then sell it to people in a “course”, but I guarantee you they’d never allow their loved ones to pay for what they’re pushing.

That's not how we operate. We live by one simple rule: if I wouldn't be comfortable suggesting something to my mother, I won’t suggest it to anyone else, and I for sure won't teach it to my students.

Everything you learn through Connect 365 has been tested and proven hundreds of times and will be 100% in line with your values and integrity. We'll teach you to have the impact on the world that you’ve always dreamed of, the freedom that you’ve always wanted in your life, and the business and income that will make it all possible.

If you really want to know if a company is legit, all you need to do is see what their clients are saying about them. I’m proud to say we’ve gotten phenomenal feedback. Just scroll through program information on this page and you’ll see tons of positive feedback from businesses in all industries and at all stages of business.

Success Stories of Businesses Like Yours

thousands of satisfied Customers!

"This system rocks!!! Sent out 107 messages last night got 58 open already (54% open rate!!!), and 3-4 appointments set for next week within minutes."

Cecil C.               

Digital Marketing

"I follow the advice you gave during the training week, I sent an email to my contacts that were “dormant” from the past couple years and the results were 4 customers contacting me again just this week. I've now got some checking our apartments and houses, both are very interested in buying!"

Diego C.              

Real Estate

"We use Connect 365 and it has changed the way we are reaching out to our prospects and current customers...It is a great system.”

Jacques S.          



Stop Wondering Where your Next Client will Come From, Fill your Sales Pipeline with Connect 365!

If you are looking to get in front of MORE prospects, have MORE sales conversations, and land MORE clients, then Connect 365 is the RIGHT fit for you.

program curriculum & content

so you want more sales appointments? Here's how...

  • Module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3
  • Workshops
  • C365 Support

​Monthly Connect 365 Workshops

As a Connect 365 Member, you have access to monthly workshops and training on all things sales and marketing.

We present on a monthly call a what's working now workshop to help you generate more leads and close more deals.

Within our agency we have a first-hand view as to what moves the needle with content, social media, email, funnels, online advertising, sales and much more.

And we bring in guest presenters from time to time to handle advanced training on topics they excel at.

JUST ADDED: $5,000+ in additional training and Resources

Wait! I get Over $5,000 in Bonuses Just for Taking a Free Trial?
Yeah. We know Pretty cool right?

Close More Client Contracts, Generate More Revenue, And Drive More Eyes To Your Business With This 6-Pack of Bonus Training and Goodies.

Get Started with Your Prospecting with This Free Gift

+100 FREE Leads from GetProspect with Your Connect 365 Trial 

Value: Dependent on Your Client Value..

As a Connect 365 trial member, you'll have a list of 200 IDEAL prospects on your list by Day 1.  Not a bad way to kick things off by receiving an additional 100 prospects on your free account.

Dominate Your Niche with

the Startup Launch Blueprint 

A $1,497 Value

Exclusive training to help you get clarity on your offer, how to find a niche you can dominate, our method to clearly define your differentiators and communicate that to your first prospects and customers.

If your business is just launching...or you are still trying to close your first couple sales, this is a CAN'T MISS!

Determine Who your BEST Prospects Are With...

The Qualified Appointment Master Plan 

A $997 Value

Expert training on how to determine who the best prospect is for your business AND how to locate them online through our proprietary Prospect Profile and Prospect Map workbooks and lessons. Without knowing WHO your best clients would be, you run the risk of speaking with the wrong leads. Every marketing campaign that WILL work, starts here.

For Those Who Sell Directly to Consumers

B2C Outreach Automation Mastery

A $497 Value

Learn how to get your Consumer product or service in front of More of your ideal customers.

Perfect for Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Network Marketers, or consumer-focused products.

Over $1k in Professionally Designed Sales Collateral Templates...

The Sales Conversion Kit

A $495 Value

Don't waste time, energy, and money designing your own sales collateral.

With the Sales Conversion Kit you get professional designed and vetted sales collateral to easily allow you to create your own sales presentation slide deck, case studies, 1-pagers, and an internal flashcard set to help you overcome sales objections the right way.

We've spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years working with high-priced designers, as a Connect 365 you get to shortcut all that and take our drag-and-drop templates for your sales funnels.

For Those Who Sell Directly to Consumers

The Connect 365 Training Library

A $1500 Value

Our training is equipped with activities, scripts, swipe files, strategies, and campaigns designed to get results. And we’ve included all the material to let you focus on the high-value tasks to get Connect 365 rolling even faster.

Why are we offering an additional $5,000+ in additional bonuses for free?

Our goal was to provide you and your team with EVERYTHING that you need to get the most out of Connect 365 and grow your business. So when you join today you'll have the firepower you need to make this your most impactful investment this year.


Full Access to Connect 365 - FREE for 14 Days 

Access to the Connect 365 'Warm Email Automation' Training Library ($1500 Value)

Monthly C365 ++ Marketing Workshop ($497 Value Monthly)

Technical Support & Email Marketing Coaching ($995 Value)

BONUS: +100 Sales Prospects in Get Prospect

BONUS: The Sales Conversion Kit ($495 Value)

BONUS: B2C Outreach Mastery ($497 Value)

BONUS: The Startup Launch Blueprint ($1497 Value)

BONUS: Qualified Appointment Master Plan ($997 Value) 

From The Desk of Josh Turner


If you are like most of my clients, you’re the kind of person who has a lot of passion and cares deeply about your business. And you want to create a more stable way of life for yourself and your loved ones.

Otherwise, I don’t think you’d have read this far.

You know you’re capable of more and you look forward to the day when you can focus on growing your business instead of stressing out and worrying that new clients aren’t coming in.

Connect 365 can help you achieve all those things and more. And my team and I are here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re tired of the cash flow roller coaster… of the constant uncertainty... if you’re ready to grow your business… and change your life...

Let’s get started.

I know you can see what a great opportunity this is. But here’s the thing… this trial offer with over $5000 in bonuses is only available for a limited time. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

I can’t wait to work with you, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Josh Turner

WSJ Best Selling Author
Founder & CEO, LinkedSelling
An Inc. 5000 Company 3 Years In A Row

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