How is Connect 365 different from other email tools? 

So you’re interested in Connect 365 but want to know how it compares to other email tools out there? Or how it works with your existing marketing tools? 

Well you’re in the right place. Let’s start with the problem that most email automation tools have. 

The majority of email automation tools on the market (Mailchimp, ConstantContact, InfusionSoft, etc) are built for scale.

Their true value comes when you need to deliver tens of thousands of emails at once.

Because they spread your sending through their email servers, it allows you to deliver a large volume of messages to your subscribers.

But there’s a cost with that.

It limits where the emails are truly coming from.

It limits the audience you can reach out to (existing subscribers).

It looks less personal (see: it looks automated).

All of this is worth the cost when your volume is large.

But what about those looking to build stronger relationships and trust with their ideal prospects?

Or that want to take segments of their larger list and approach them in a way that has a more personal feel, gets delivered to your targets, and drives more consistent response?

Trust is at an all-time low.

Trust in the media. 
Trust in politicians.
Trust in corporations.

As an entrepreneur, marketer or salesperson, this is the landscape you are up against.

Distrust is so prevalent, The New York Times recently referred to the past decade as ‘The Decade of Distrust.’

With every problem, comes an opportunity.

Your audience is conditioned to receive this type of outreach from vendors and marketers.

Or this.

Too often they are subjected to direct sales pitches or impersonal outreach.

What if you could do something different?

What if you could put an emphasis on relationship-building?

Connect 365 Helps You Drive Engagement through Personal Marketing Systems

If you could bring the focus back to the relationship, it would help you further stand out in the inbox.

Drive more engagement. More response. More opportunities.

That’s what Connect 365 can do for you.

Our system offers a completely different and more personal kind of email marketing. That’s why it’s great for prospecting, sales, and relationship building because emails sent through Connect 365 literally look like a personal email from your grandma or friend (and everyone opens those, right?).

Connect 365 makes you look approachable and trustworthy. We’ve seen in many cases that it can even double or even triple your open rates and reply rates. 

(Average open rate with Connect 365 across all users is 35.7%)

Beyond the more personal formatting and the technical way we communicate with your primary email provider directing it when to send messages and to whom, we teach our users how to put the focus back on the relationship with the copy in their outreach.

We do that through providing proven templates to drag-and-drop for your circumstances and through our done-for-you social media service.

If you’ve been looking at the features we offer, you might be asking yourself…

What Does Social Media Have to Do With Email Outreach?

Business is still about relationships.

And when you are talking about reaching out to new prospects and trying to generate leads, awareness is key.

Take a look at this study that asked people what reasons led to them opening emails.


You hear so many gurus talking about subject lines and list-building and copy...but many overlook the fact.

People open emails most often when they recognize the name of the sender.

Those marketing gurus selectively overlook this fact because in the past awareness campaigns or strategies to stay top-of-mind with your prospects took work.

It took time.

Or cost a lot of money to hire someone to do it for you.

With Connect 365 we’ve incorporated a done-for-you social media posting service within your membership.

Our premium users have access to (minimum) 30 posts to their chosen social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) each month.

Now you can stay in front of your prospects easier. Or allow your audience to more easily find you.

And all we require is you to review and approve the posts our team of writers and editors create for you.

From there, our system integrates directly with your chosen accounts and will post the update on your behalf.

How to Get Started With Connect 365

If you are looking to:

  • Improve your open rates and create more engagement with your outreach
  • Drive more responses from your sales prospects
  • Develop more consistency in your sales outreach
  • Warm up (or re-engage) your leads
  • Get noticed by improving your social media presence
  • Generate more reliable sales opportunities

Look no further for your lead generation and marketing needs.

With Connect 365, you can finally level the playing field.

Because the truth is, this is the type of thing large enterprise sales teams have been doing for years. They’d create large SDR (sales development rep) teams that had to do this all manually.

But now you can compete with the big guys and gals, and accomplish the work of a team of SDRs with just a little set-up.

Request an invite to Connect 365 below and gain access to our ever-expanding library of sales development training for entrepreneurs and small businesses so you can learn how to find your ideal prospects, generate leads & opportunities with our personal email automation software, and let our team handle your social media updates.

Want To Learn More?

Learn How to Implement The Trust Equation in Our Upcoming Lead Blueprint Workshop

Want a better way to get leads and clients? Sign up for my upcoming workshop that goes step by step through our lead generation process that has been so successful in our clients’ businesses -- the L.E.A.D. Blueprint. 

In the workshop, I’ll be teaching:

  • Exactly what an Authority Leadership Platform is and how you can leverage our Authority Amplifier process to position yourself above the competition, putting your business on an entirely different playing field.
  • How to target high-end prospects using online platforms (social media + email) in a unique way that builds instant trust by doing the polar opposite of what most ‘salespeople’ try
  • How to develop real relationships online using a highly-personal Multi-Touchpoint Messaging Campaign to naturally guide the conversation towards an appointment
  • The right way to automate processes that build trust, improve credibility, and increase responsiveness in your campaigns.

Join an upcoming workshop session by signing up here!

Implementing the Trust Equation is a game changer and can propel your small business in front of more prospects, generate more leads and grow your business. 

From email automation to lead management to social media automation, Connect 365 can help you turn those cold leads into warm prospects and create long-lasting, lifetime customers. 

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