How To Add Prospects Into An Email Outreach Campaign With Connect 365 

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Want a better system for getting leads and clients? 

Then you need to attend our upcoming workshop that goes step by step through our lead generation process that has been so successful in our clients’ businesses -- the L.E.A.D. Blueprint.  Sign up here now!

You’ve created your list of cold and warm prospects.  You are now ready to start using Connect 365 to automate your email outreach process.

If you haven’t created your initial contact list yet,  no worries.  Come back to this post when you are ready. Here is a good step by step list-building process to get you started.  

The good news is that you don’t need a big list to get awesome results from Connect 365.  A few dozen names and email addresses is a great place to start. 

Creating Your Contacts Spreadsheet

The easiest way to import contacts into Connect 365 in bulk is to create a simple spreadsheet with the information you wish to import for each contact.  

To import  your contacts in Connect 365, you need to have a first name and an email address for each contact.  This is important.  If you do not have a first name and email filled in for every contact on the sheet, the sheet won’t import.  Each column represents contact information fields.  If you do not have the first name for a contact, feel free to use a placeholder like “friend”.  Each contact should be on its own line in the spreadsheet. 

When you are done adding your contacts to the sheet, save it as a .csv file from your spreadsheet program.   

In Google Sheets, you can save the spreadsheet by going to File > Download as and then choosing .csv file.  

This will create the file you’ll use to import your contacts into Connect 365.

Manually Importing Contacts From Other Software Programs

Already using a CRM or another email automation service to track your contacts?  No problem.  You can usually easily export your contacts from other programs into a csv file.  

After you’ve exported the file, be sure to check that you have a first name and email address filled in for each contact.  We also recommend deleting any information columns that you won’t be using in Connect 365. 

Creating Custom Fields In Connect 365

Do you have additional information on clients that you would like to merge into the  campaign?   You can do that by adding custom fields to Connect 365.  

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use custom fields in Connect 365.   

When you get your spreadsheet ready to import to Connect 365, create a new column for the additional information.   In this example, the spreadsheet contains an extra column called favorite color.  

Importing your contacts into Connect 365

Now that you have saved your contacts into a .csv spreadsheet, it is time to import them into Connect 365. 

Step 1:  Click the Contacts Tab in Connect 365

From the main dashboard, click the contacts button on the top menu to take you to your contacts page. 

Step 2:  Click the Import Contacts button

In this example, we are importing multiple contacts.  If you want to add a single contact to your database, you can do that by clicking the orange “create contact” button. 

Step 3: Upload your CSV File

From the menu, choose “custom” for type of .csv file. 

Then, click the pick csv file button to upload your file. 

Click the get started button to begin the import process. Once you’ve imported the file, the next step is to match the fields from your file to the corresponding field in Connect 365.  

If you’ve created custom fields, those will also be available for you to match.

Click the orange “next” button to move on to the confirmation screen.

If everything looks good, click next and move on to the final screen where you can add your tags.

Using Tags to Segment Your Connect 365 Contacts

Tags are a very important part of Connect 365.  They are used to add people to campaigns.  When a tag is added to a contact that matches a tag set to start a campaign in Connect 365, the contact is added to the campaign. 

You can add tags to contacts from the main contact screen at any time.  Adding tags during the import process is an efficient way of making sure your prospects are segmented correctly.

After you’ve matched up the fields, the next screen, you’ll come to is the tag screen. Click the select tags button to add either an existing or a new tag to your newly imported contacts. 

Once you’ve clicked the select tags button, you’ll be able to choose from existing tags to add to your new contacts.  If you would like to use an existing tag, click on the tag, and then click save.  You can add as many tags as you would like to contacts during the import process. 

If you would like to add a new tag, type the tag name into the search box. Click the plus sign next to the new tag.

 Click save and your new tag will be added to your contacts.   Click next to finish importing your contacts. 

Use Zapier to Import Your Contact Into Connect 365 Automatically

Did you know that your contacts can be automatically imported into Connect 365 from a landing page, email software or CRM?  Connect 365 connects with hundreds of applications using a third party program called Zapier.   

Using Zapier, you can easily set up workflows that allow prospects to sign up through a landing page, get imported into Connect 365, and then tagged into a campaign.  After the initial set up,  the magic is completely automated.  

Want to learn how to set up Zapier for your contacts quickly and easily?  Check out this blog post on how to integrate Connect 365 using Zapier. 

Adding Contacts To Your Email Outreach Campaign

Now that you’ve imported your contacts, it is easy to start sending them messages by adding them to an automated campaign.   You do that by adding the campaign tag to the contacts who you are adding to the campaign.

Step 1:  From the contacts screen, click the boxes next to the contacts you want to add to the campaign. 

Step 2: Click the Actions button and choose, assign tags

Step 3: Select the tag you want to assign and click save.

That’s it.  You’ve added contacts to your Connect 365 Email Outreach team so that you can keep in touch with your leads and make more sales.

Want a better system for getting leads and clients? 

Then you need to attend our upcoming workshop that goes step by step through our lead generation process that has been so successful in our clients’ businesses -- the L.E.A.D. Blueprint.  Sign up here now!

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