How To Create Custom Fields For Email Campaigns In Connect 365 

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One of the ways that Connect 365 can be a real timesaver is through the use of custom fields.  Custom fields allow you to personalize your campaign messages to each participant by merging information from your lead’s contact record into your campaign messages. 

For example, your company holds events in cities throughout the country.  

Creating a custom field would allow you to send messages to event participants that include the event city without having to create a new campaign for each city.

Connect 365 custom fields allow you to personalize your email outreach campaigns without creating multiple campaigns.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use custom fields to save time and create a more personalized experience for your leads. More personalization leads to better engagement and sales.  

According to Monetate, companies who personalize their campaigns can see up to a 20% increase in sales from their efforts.

Creating and Using Custom Fields in Connect 365 Email Outreach

Step 1: Use the Settings Menu to Create A Custom Field

Click the Settings tab on the main menu bar to bring you to the custom field creation menu.  From there click “Create” to start creating your custom field. 

Using the settings menu to create custom fields in Connect 365

Once you’ve created the custom field, your next step is to fill in the value and the label for the field. This field is for letters only - no punctuation, please. The label is the field name and value is the default value for that field if nothing is filled in. 

Adding labels and values in Connect 365 custom field creation

Once you’ve filled in the label and the value, click save.  Your custom field is saved and ready to use.

Step 2:  How to Use Your Custom Field in Connect 365 Custom Fields for Email

You can use your custom field in campaigns, by clicking the replacement text button on the Connect 365 campaign text editor. 

When you send the campaign, Connect 365 will fill in the message with the content from your custom field. 

Importing Custom Field Data Into Connect 365 Email Outreach

Step 1: Add Your Custom Field Data to Your Import Data Spreadsheet

You can also create your custom field while you are importing contacts into Connect 365.   Simply add an extra column to your spreadsheet before you export it to a .csv file. 

Add a column to your Connect 365 Email Outreach spreadsheet for custom field data

Once you’ve added the extra column, you can export the data to a .csv file.  In Google sheets, you do this by clicking File.  Choose Download and then Download as a .csv file.

Downloading a google sheet as a .csv file with custom fields in Connect 365

Once the .csv file is ready - you are set to import your data with the custom field into Connect 365.  You can also create a custom field during the import process. 

Step 2: Create A Custom Field While Importing Your Data

If you did not create your custom field before importing your contact data into Connect 365, you’ll have a chance to add it in during the import process.   Once you’ve uploaded your file to Connect 365, click the link at the bottom of the menu that says “ would you like to  to add a custom field to Connect 365.

Adding a custom field to Connect 365 during the csv import process

Clicking this link will bring you to the setting menu where you can set up your custom field.

Adding a custom field from the settings menu in Connect 365

Once the custom field is added, click the Contacts tab on the main menu to import your contacts into Connect 365.   The new custom field you created will show as options during the import process.

Once the file is imported, you are all done and can use that data to further personalize your messages in Connect 365.

Use Custom Fields in Connect 365 To Personalize Your Messages and Increase Engagement.

Using custom fields in your messages will allow you to engage leads more effectively by personalizing the messages your leads receive.  

This is just one tool in Connect 365’s toolbox to help you automate your lead management and sales follow up process to save time and make more sales. 

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