Get high end dream clients month after month 

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This proven lead generation method will literally pay for itself in 6 months or less - While Actually freeing up your time.

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Offer ends on Sunday, August 31st at Midnight Pacific.


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lead generation doesn't have to be hard.

As a small business owner you’ve got enough to worry about, from getting clients, fulfillment and delivery, to making sure everything goes smoothly.

Sounds easy but we know there are 100+ tasks for each of those things…

You’ve got to reach out to prospects. 

You've got to create content.

You’ve got to post that content.

You’re looking at events.

You’re talking to people.

You’re taking sales calls.

You’ve also got to deliver on what you promise.

You’ve got to get paid.

Someone has to make sure all that happens.

Plus, you’ve got to find a balance in all of that, because you can’t stop marketing and lead generation in order to fulfill on your current clients - or you’ll have a huge drop in revenue next month! 

It’s a recipe for overwhelm. For stagnation. It’s not sustainable and it’s incredibly stressful.

Another big problem is that too many small business owners try the “throw spaghetti at the wall” approach just to “see what sticks”... which means they really have no strategy and are starting from scratch every month.

There is a better way. 

Imagine having a system in place that you can count on to bring in leads - almost entirely on autopilot! 

That's what you get with Connect 365 Customer Flow.

This includes:

  • Personal help for guaranteed clients, with weekly coaching sessions to help you build and fine tune your lead gen system.
  • Free up your time, with our premium automation software, Connect 365, that helps you automate outreach and follow up with your ideal prospects.
  • Eliminate the guesswork. You’ll never have to start from scratch again, thanks to dozens of proven templates at your fingertips... to gain your best prospects' trust and turn them into paying clients.
  • Convert these leads into clients. We’re throwing in a HUGE bonus and giving you full access to Outbound Sales Mastery, our online mastermind to learn from the same sales coach we used to train our own team in our agency. 

No more stressing over how to get new clients, over how to get through those “low” months, over what to do if you get overwhelmed and “stuck”, or over how you can ever meet your goals and create the life you want.

Take our strategy, our automation technology, and lean on your coach!

If you have any hiccups, questions, bottlenecks or speedbumps that normally would add stress to your life and even cause you to stop all together or put things on the back burner…

Imagine having a coach right there who can help you find immediate clarity on the action you need to take so you see more of your ideal clients - quicker than you thought possible!

Try it for 30 days for only $297 $47

Then just $297/mo. Results guaranteed.
Offer ends on Sunday, August 31st at Midnight Pacific.


You missed out!

Already a Connect 365 Member and want to upgrade? Just shoot an email over to our customer success team at to let us know you want to upgrade to Customer Flow and we'll take care of you. :)

Our software is so good, even Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from the Shark Tank TV Show) has said it’s a must.

Results? We get them!

real results from real clients...

  • Bruce Browning from ProForma, is a client who worked with his Connect 365 Accountability Coach to send a message to his “lapsed client” database, resulting in orders worth over $13,000.

    In response, one large company told him his “timing was perfect” and scheduled a phone call to talk about providing promotional items for a large corporate anniversary celebration.

    He also used Connect 365 to reach out to current clients for referrals. His first campaign was a success with 3 referrals from 78 client contacts, offering each of his clients a small referral appreciation gift.
  • John Bergquist landed clients worth $4,500 using the Connect 365 training and software to build up relationships with prospects and turn them into clients.
  • Dianne Abshire also landed two clients totaling $10,000 and credited her success to the coaching she got on exactly how to approach a specific prospect of hers.
  • Evelyn Gwynn, is another business owner who has signed her 4th and 5th clients up for lead generation services with Connect 365. That’s over $35k in contract value in just a couple months since she started!
  • Leona Meditz is a client who is hitting her goal of booked sales appointments each month. She appreciates how easy it is to get help from her coach Jasper. Her success has inspired her to finally start creating her online course after 5 years of thinking about it.

    She wrote in to tell us this:
    “I just got off the phone with my first prospect from Connect 365. She is a perfect fit for product and consulting. The next call will close either product, consulting or both. The 365 connect program shortened my close cycle from 5 calls to two! As a solopreneur, productive sales calls is key. I have wanted an automated marketing system for 3 years but didn't have the tools or technology to implement one. Connect 365 changes everything. Thank you, Jasper, for patiently helping me implement this.” ~Leona Meditz
  • Teri Miles recently started using Connect 365 software and already closed three accounts totaling $11,000!

what you get

The Connect 365 Customer Flow Program helps you build a streamlined lead gen machine that delivers consistent, high value clients, while drastically opening your bandwidth and reducing stress in your business…

Because you KNOW your lead gen is taken care of. You’ll never have to question where you’ll get clients from again.

Now, most programs will give you videos and templates and leave you at that. But we’re not satisfied with the status quo and instead offer you a "make your money back" guarantee:

  • We will guarantee that you make your investment back minimum (likely way more) if you stay on for at least 6 months…

  • AND if you stay on for 6 months, attend your coaching sessions, and implement the strategies and STILL do not make back your investment, we will give you your money back or make up the difference.

The secret to our clients’ success is world-class, 1-on-1 coaching. You’ll be working with experienced coaches who will answer your questions and keep you on track.

here's everything that you get as a connect 365 customer flow client:

  • The Customer Flow System: 3 modules of Online Lead Generation and Sales training  Including videos, workbooks, scripts, & templates ($3000 value)
  • Personal Outreach and Follow Up Email Campaigns Automated with Connect 365 ($2,400 annual Value)
  • Exclusive license to Dozens of our top-performing templates and messaging Scripts ($997 value)
  • Weekly Access to Community Coaching Calls ($697 value)
  • Plus Our make Your Money back Guarantee! If you don't Make your money back within 6 months we will pay you back the difference.

    ...There is NO risk and just a tiny little investment! 

You missed out!

Offer Ends On Sunday, July 31sst

At Midnight PST

Here's the thing...

Customer flow isn’t for everyone.

This is not a fit if you are:

  • easily frustrated and Tend to give up easily
  • Are not truly committed to growing your business 
  • Are looking for a golden bullet to fix all of your problems
  • unreceptive to feedback and coaching
  • unwilling to implement what you learn

this is Perfect For you If:

  • you are hard working, passionate, and do not give up easily
  • you are open and receptive to coaching from experts
  • are willing to have conversations about what you do with your ideal prospects
  • You are committed to being a success and growing your business
  • you are willing to take action, follow through, and take control of your results

If this Describes You, I hope You Join us.

Results? We get them!

more results from more real clients...

  • “I have doubled my revenue in the two years since implementing the system. Our growth was not that strong before, although we had a competent marketing system.”

    Henri Schauffler

  • “I have people reaching out to me rather than the other way around. This is a nice change of pace. Folks are also more aware of the books I've written and the work I do.

    I have spent over 3 years and $32,182 to grow my prospects…. And this was the best training for the money I have ever spent on my business.” Janine Bolon
  • “Appreciate your follow-up, very impressed with your team + the software products – next level opportunities will result from leveraging it all. The Connect 365 team is impressive - your follow-up is terrific, and, based on my initial impressions, the software is exactly what I've been looking for over the last few years. Thank you!”
    Nico Fisher
  • “Pat was fabulous. They (the team) got back to me quickly and answered all my questions. Thank you again.” - Marcy Vautour


I’ve been doing this long enough to know you have some questions.
Here are some answers to the most common questions we get from people ready to change their lives but aren’t quite sure if this is the right fit for them.

“Why Connect 365 Customer Flow?”

There are other programs that might claim to help with lead gen, but none offer what we do - or the results that we can help you get. We’re truly in YOUR corner when you work with us and we’re invested in your success with you.

After speaking with our top clients, we created this program – one that includes software, templates, training AND coaching (plus a major guarantee) – because we found that the people who got the best results connected with our team for support. That’s why you’ll have an assigned coach who will meet with you every week. And that’s how we’ll help you get the leads and high-end sales opportunities you’re looking for!

“What results should I expect with customer flow?”

At a minimum, we guarantee that the program will pay for itself; in other words, you will earn at least what you invested in the program. While beyond that, we can’t promise exact monetary gains (as each business is different), but we anticipate that if you implement what we teach you, you’ll likely earn far beyond that within six months.

Beyond financial gains, we also aim to provide RELIEF…

It’s no secret that business owners are overwhelmed and backlogged with to-do lists out the door. By setting up reliable systems that function almost entirely on auto-pilot, you can open up bandwidth and find consistency in your lead gen (no more guesswork, missed opportunities, or midnight anxiety wondering where clients will come from!)

"Will this work for my business?"

This works best for coaches, consultants, experts, service providers, and anyone who sells high value products and services via phone, meetings or sales appointments.

What if I don't get results as promised?

If you don’t at least earn enough within six months to recoup what you’ve invested into Connect 365 Customer Flow, we will give you your money back or make up the difference.

However, we do expect you to actively participate in the coaching process and to implement what we teach you. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee anything if there is no action on your part. Which any reasonable person would agree with. 

"What’s Included In Your Coaching?"

We have an excellent team of coaches with years of experience who know every nuance of our system. They’ve worked with business owners such as yourself and are trained in pin-pointing blindspots and identifying bottlenecks.

They are trained on how to help you set weekly goals and stay on track with the program so that you are able to drive big results.

Once you register for Connect 365 Customer Flow, you’ll be directed to book your first call with your coach to get started. These 1-on-1 accountability calls happen weekly, and you’ll also be able to participate in a weekly group coaching call, as well as technical support and advice at all times.

"How much work is involved?"

Our aim with this program is to remove lead gen tasks from your shoulders and give you more bandwidth. We can do this using automation but there is a set-up phase as you build your lead gen machine.

Afterwards, you’ll probably want to invest 20-30 minutes a day on the prospecting activities your coach guides you on and that’s it!

You’ll also want to plan an hour a week to meet with your coach.

"Do I need to purchase anything else to get started?"

No. That’s the great thing about this system. You don’t need to spend money on ads or build complex funnels or anything crazy. It’s simple. 

Your clients will love you

Connect 365 is Changing Lives EveryDay