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...Even if you already have a business that does not include virtual coaching

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Why The "Virtual Coach" Explosion Is Something You Need To Pay Attention to. 

I always recommend that every business add product or service offerings at different levels to offer their clients.

If you’re a service business and you’re not currently offering any type of virtual coaching or consulting, here is a resource you’ll appreciate that offers information on how to realistically add a (profitable) consulting arm to your business.

Or if you’re already doing virtual coaching or consulting, pay attention to how he get consulting clients and how he services them.

You’ll get a lot of great ideas from this in order to improve results you get from your clients, your topline revenue, to improve and maybe increase your pricing, and to structure your business in a way that maybe affords you some time off.

All in all, what he’s doing marketing-wise is great to see in action (and great to emulate!) and his content is jam-packed with information all about how to add consulting as another service you provide.

Either way, it’s really smart. 

~Josh Turner

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