10 Email Marketing Stats to Know in 2021 

At Connect 365 our goal is to help our clients and members get more leads, sales opportunities and clients. One of the main vehicles we use for that is automated personal email outreach and follow up. 

That’s because advances in technology and the growth of social media have changed how quickly small businesses can get in front of their prospects.. There is an increasing number of creative ways to reach existing customers, potential prospects, and even other businesses. And a host of sophisticated techniques to measure the results. 

But sophisticated does not have to mean complicated. 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

 Almost everything in our world seems to be shifting and changing. Some of it’s good and opportunity abounds but change can also create uncertainty, worry, and mistrust. 

With the world shifting online faster than ever before we saw millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses overcomplicating their marketing as a result. Creating insane funnels that take months to build and require even more of your prospects attention to work.

Marketing and sales quickly became overweight..

But, 2021 represents a new beginning and a fresh start in everything we do. 

It’s time to look at all of the opportunities in front of us and get back to business. While some things have moved light speed ahead, we need to take a step back, a deep breath, and look at the tried, the true, and the trusted.

 And, with all of our newfangled marketing techniques and tools these days, it’s time to revisit a dear old marketing friend … email marketing … and add a bit of new perspective for 2021.

Yes, email marketing still works. Better than ever before when done right. Studies show that prospects prefer to be contacted by businesses through email so here are 10 email marketing statistics to help us prove it.

Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Prospecting And Outreach

Before we get started, let’s quickly review the benefits of email marketing and why it should be a staple in any marketing plan.

  •  Stay connected to prospects and customers 24/7. Thanks to smartphones you can check your email from anywhere – even the bathroom.
  •  It’s measurable and trackable. You can track open rates, click-through rates, downloads, web traffic and use the metrics to tell you whether or not your email marketing strategies are working.  
  •  Get personal and create relationships. Email allows for personalization so you can get to know your customers and reach a new level.
  • Create engagement, authority, and trust. Stay in constant contact and continue the relationship to establish trust and authority.

Email Marketing Statistics #1 – 86% of Business Professionals Prefer to use Email

There is no doubt that we are bombarded with emails every day. “Roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020 and that figure is expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025.”1 

This is proof that email marketing outreach is not going anywhere, anytime soon, and can be used in tandem with both traditional and emerging methods. Email marketing is tried and true and it works and will continue to do so for years to come.

Email Marketing Stat #2 – 760% Rise in Revenue from B2B Email Campaigns 

Email marketing not only works, but it is one of the most cost-effective marketing and sales tools on the planet. Its reach is expansive and allows you to reach fellow business partners, retain existing clients, acquire new ones and reach everyone else in between. 

After so many years of success, it is considered to be a respectable and highly regarded marketing tool. And with successful businesses or B2B marketers shifting to a more conversational and personal approach, success with email marketing is only getting stronger.

Email Marketing Stat #3 – 40x More Effective than Facebook and Twitter Combined 

Almost everyone has at least one email address, if not more. In fact, “the number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024.” 

And while social media can and should play a large role in your sales and marketing, email allows you to speak directly to the individual. Creating a more personal interaction that does a better job of inspiring a response. email has continued to stay popular and remains the best way to communicate directly with leads and potential clients.

Email Marketing Stat #4 – 92% of Decision Makers Pay Attention to Unsolicited Emails


I hear people say all of the time that they are uncomfortable emailing new contacts because it makes them feel intrusive and pesky.

This ignores the fact that decision makers are paying close attention to their inbox. C-suite executives, VPs, owners, etc. are a difficult bunch to gain their attention. They have a lot going on.  But the one place that has their attention is the inbox and they are willing to open emails that come from strangers to make sure they are not missing an opportunity. 

And thanks to smartphones we can check our email from anywhere and it’s often the first thing we do when we wake up and start the day. Because of this, we are generating more screen time which means extra time to get in front of potential customers wherever they may be. They may not be looking for your email, but it has a much higher potential to be seen and catch their attention.  

Email Marketing Stat #5 – 78% of Decision Makers Say Unsolicited Email Leads to A Meeting Or Next Step 

And decision makers are not only opening unsolicited personal emails, they’re engaging too. Over 78% of decision makers report that a cold email has led to a meeting or conversation. 

That is the first step to building trust. That report goes a long way in creating a relationship and eventually securing them as a client. 

Email Marketing Stat #6 – 59% of Respondents Say Email Influences Purchase Decisions 

Emails help to capture attention. We are a society that does everything online – from ordering groceries to finding dates to buying cars. 

Getting your email in front of your prospects gives you the chance to make that first impression, highlight your benefits, make a connection and ultimately influence the final purchasing decision.  

This is even more important in B2B buying decisions that take time and sincere trust to close the deal. Remember, email is not for selling. It’s for getting your foot in the door and getting the conversation started.

Sign up for my upcoming L.E.A.D. Blueprint Workshop to learn how to get more leads and clients with personal email. 

Email Marketing Stat #7 – 79% of Small Businesses Say Email is Very Important to Business Strategy

Email marketing continues to be a low-cost way to reach potential customers when compared to other strategies like direct mail, social media ads and radio and tv spots. 

Not only can you put your message directly in front of a myriad of targeted prospects at one time, but you can do it quickly – overnight if need be and you can easily track results. The metrics available alone make email marketing a top business strategy and a definite must in 2021 and beyond.

Making it one of the best growth tools for small businesses. But also one that gets neglected more than it should. 

Email Marketing Stat #8 – 92% of Online Adults Use Email

There is no other medium that can get you in front of 92% of the population that uses the internet. Not Facebook, not instagram, not Twitter, not anything. 

 This level of reach opens your business up to massive opportunities as the majority of your prospects are using email daily. Increases the chance that your email will be opened, read, and responded to. 

Email Marketing Stat #9 – Mobile Devices Account for 46% of All Opened Emails6

Smartphone technology truly has presented a wealth of opportunity to reach potential customers and stay connected to existing customers. People truly do bring their smartphones everywhere.

This is why all personal email outreach and follow up should be short and conversational to catch and keep their attention. . Make the email easy to read and even easier to respond to.

Email Marketing Stat #10 – 91% of Consumers Open Email on a Daily Basis

Email continues to be the best way to reach customers and prospects and stay top of mind. If your email strategy is not performing as well as you would like, then let it be the focus of your marketing efforts in 2021.

Connect 365 can help! From email automation to lead management to social media automation, we can re-energize your marketing strategy and turn prospects into lifelong customers. Request an invite today and let’s connect.

Your Turn

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