3 Email Templates to Help You Build Your Coaching Business 

Prospecting is the name of the game!

It’s the most important activity in sales and business development because if your pipeline is dry…

You’ve got no opportunities.

Whether you’re B2B to B2C, it’s important to know how to connect with people online - via social media, email, and other online methods, especially as the world is completely virtual now.

Today, I’ve got three email templates for you that you can use to build your online business, especially if you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, or something similar. 

You can use the templates for personal 1-on-1 outreach, to nurture your audience, or to sell your courses, products, and services.

If you’re B2C, use these emails (tweak them to fit your situation) to help you create connections that will support your business growth (think podcast opportunities, affiliate partnerships, influencer marketing, interviews, etc).

They completely changed my business and my life, giving me time freedom, allowing me to reach and impact more people, and giving me a way to SCALE. Scaling is NOT about putting in more to get more out - it’s about doing LESS to get more out.

Courses can give you that.  

Another way to scale is to automate your emails, which of course is what Connect365 helps you do. You can take the following email templates, adjust them to fit your business, and automate them, reaching more people and freeing up more time so you can focus on other things.

The Purpose of Email Isn’t To Sell Right Away

I love this quote, 

“Your email inbox is a bit like a Las Vegas roulette machine. You know, you just check it and check it, and every once in a while there’s some juicy little tidbit of reward, like the three quarters that pop down on a one-armed bandit. And that keeps you coming back for more.” - Douglas Rushkoff

I love that because it paints a picture of how we tend to use our inbox - we’re looking for that little reward. I think that when it comes down to it, that’s what you want to be when you land in someone’s inbox - a little reward for them.

But for a reward (and the dopamine hit) to occur for your recipient, that also means that you need to be aware of a few things…

When you want to use email to grow your business, you must always remember WHERE in the sales journey your buyer is (or your audience, your target, etc).

Are you just barely reaching out to them as a stranger?

Have they requested some content from you, giving you their email in exchange?

Where are they in their search to find solutions to their problems? (Are they even aware of their problem?)

Some of those questions you might not know exactly, but keeping these questions in mind will guide you as you use email to connect, build trust, and win them over. 

Along those lines, here are a few critical factors you must remember in your emails:

  • Do NOT try to sell right off the bat unless you already have a foundation of trust built up.
  • Be personable. Remember you’re talking to a human. Understand their motivations. Speak to them as a friend, not as a vendor.
  • When automating your emails, look closely at the tools you use. Not all will help your email get delivered. We created Connect365 to help business owners automate their email marketing while maintaining a “personal” touch, both for spam filters, email servers, and the recipient.

Want me to help you set up your own automated sales system?

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Alright, let’s get to the email templates…

Email Template #1: Take a New LinkedIn Connection to Email

SUBJ: Great to connect, {firstname}!

Hi {firstname},

We recently connected on LinkedIn, and I just wanted to reach out and say thanks! Looking forward to keeping up with what’s new at {company}.

I try to do a good job of keeping in touch with my contacts so that we can find ways to help each other when possible. Win-win.

Helps if we get to know each other though. So…

From time to time I might check-in and share some things that my network is finding valuable.

Looking forward to keeping in touch and hopefully we can connect sometime soon over the phone/zoom.

Thanks/have an amazing day/blasting off,


(If you don't want to hear from me again, just hit reply and let me know)

Why this works: 

It’s honest. Sincere. You’re even open to never speaking to them again if they don’t want it. When prospecting, especially these days, I find that honesty is the best policy. Might even be a good idea to joke at the fact that they don’t know you, might even be annoyed at you for reaching out but you’re reaching out anyway.


“You’ve never heard of me. I got your email from {insert your honest, or maybe a funny reason here}. 

{state why you might be able to help them if they even have that problem}

“I promise to give you some ideas you might be able to steal {offer some reason to look forward to future communication}”

*Note: This approach is honest and slightly humorous, leaning into the human side of all of us while being transparent about your intentions. This second example of this approach is by Jon Buchan, who’s had great success with it for his business.

Email Template #2: Share something cool

SUBJ: Thought you might like this

Hi {firstname},

Hope everything is going well for you. I came across an article that I think you’ll really like. It’s all about [INSERT ARTICLE DESCRIPTION (i.e. some of the cutting-edge automation opportunities manufacturers like you are using today)].

Here’s the link to check it out - [LINK]

There is a ton of great info in the post and [INSERT INTERESTING SNIPPET FROM THE POST (ie I particularly found the adoption metrics across the industry eye-opening).]



(If you don't want to hear from me again, just hit reply and let me know)

Why this works: 

If you’ve ever gotten a “cold message” it’s usually from someone pitching their services.

It’s like a baseball coming straight for your head, right? You want to avoid it at all costs.

So you label it as trash… g’bye.

But what if you could send an outreach email to prime prospects that they actually want to read and that actually gets you a response? While being able to automate this process to hundreds of highly targeted prospects at once?

You can. You just need to know the right things to say and how to say them. Here’s a story to illustrate this…

“Your Backyard Is On Fire!”

Well-known marketer Dan Kennedy was working at home one day and someone started pounding on his door. Not expecting anyone, he ignored them. He has better things to do.

But they didn’t leave. They knocked again. They even climbed the fence and started knocking on the back door.

Finally, unable to ignore them any longer, Dan gets up and answers. 

You can imagine how his annoyance - and straight-out anger at this guy’s persistence - turned to instant relief and gratitude when he told Dan he had a fire in his backyard. 

Like Dan puts it… the guy went from “annoying pest” to “welcome guest” in an instant. 

Why? Because he was there to help solve a problem that Dan was facing. A problem that Dan didn’t even know existed until he was told it did. 

That mindset is how you need to approach every interaction you have with a prospect - especially in emails when it’s so easy to be deleted. It’s your job to communicate value at the start of every conversation, email, message, presentation, etc. 

Because once someone knows that you are there to help… not sell, they’ll listen to anything you have to say.  

You can share articles, videos, webinars, reports, etc… but don’t underestimate the power of stories as well (thanks, Dan Kennedy). They can be your stories, testimonials, case studies, or anything else that draws a picture and relates a point. 

Email Template #3: Call to Action

SUBJ: Would this make sense for you, {firstname}?


I emailed you a few days ago, but I didn’t hear back!

I’d love to pick up where we left off (me introducing myself to you) and line up a quick call to see if there are any ways we can help each other out. 

I’m not sure if you have this problem, but I help [INSERT TYPE OF PEOPLE] with [INSERT TYPE OF PROBLEM] for [INSERT TYPE OF RESULT].

If you’re even a little curious, I’d love to line up a phone or Zoom call.

With our common experience in [INSERT SHARED INTEREST/EXPERTISE/JOB FOCUS (ie industrial automation)], I think we’d have a very productive conversation.

What’s your schedule look like this coming week?

Let me know and we can set up a time to chat from there.

Thanks, and looking forward to talking!


(If you don't want to hear from me again, just hit reply and let me know)

Why This Works:

First of all, make sure this is NOT your first email. Our approach is to always build trust first before making a big ask - whether that’s a direct sale, or getting on the phone. That’s a hard rule. And it’s behind everything we do, from marketing to sales, to fulfillment and customer service.

But, in all honesty, it might not work. Expect that not everyone will give you a response. They might be legitimately busy. That’s why follow-up is crucial (see an example below). Additionally, your email might not have even been delivered. That’s why having the right tools also helps. 

When you do get a response, it’ll be because the person believes you have something to offer them. It’s also very likely that they have some trust in you - and want to know more. Trust comes in a variety of ways, so make sure in your emails, that you’re consistent in tone and voice. That you’re human (corporate robots not necessary) and that you’ve truly got their best interests in mind. Walk a mile in their shoes and you’ll understand them better - and what they’ll need in order to be motivated to respond and take action, whether that’s to download something, watch a video, get on the phone with you, or buy your stuff.

Follow-up Example:

SUBJ: Re: Would this make sense for you, {firstname}?


Just following up on the message I sent a week or so back.

Here to see if you’ll get on a quick 15-minute call with me to discuss a potential problem with [INSERT WHATEVER PROBLEM YOU HELP SOLVE]? I’m interested in exploring how I might help you fix it, and do it better than anyone else you’ll talk to.

Let me know what you think and we can get something on the calendar.


(If you don't want to hear from me again, just hit reply and let me know)

Your Turn

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