4 Part Lead Generation System To Get Clients With Email & Social Media Content 

If you are tired of the false hope that there is a single silver bullet out there that is going to make you into an overnight millionaire.

And if you’re tired of all the hype about the next shiny object.

Everywhere you turn, it’s easy to get sucked in. It seems like everybody's got a THING, that they say is the ONE THING you need to be successful in business. 

Maybe it’s about building a funnel…

or creating great videos…

or being great at Instagram…

or running Facebook ads…

or ranking high on google…

or creating an online challenge… 

the “easy button” strategies are endless.

And if you’ve ever sat there watching a video that tells you that “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS THIS ONE SIMPLE THING” then let me tell you this...

You are being lied to. 

The people selling these products, they look successful. 

And many times they are. 

They’ve figured out a way to generate revenue consistently. And for many, the one thing they’re hyping, it’s probably a good thing. Something that CAN lead to growth.

But what they are not telling you, is about the work that it took them to get there. And that there are more than a few moving parts involved in growing a successful business.

So why do they do this? Well, because they want everything to feel so simple, that you, in your own head, think… 

“That’s ALL I have to do? This one thing? I can do that. Here’s my credit card number.”

And if they told you everything that you have to do to be successful, it would be far less appealing. So they leave that part out. You join their program or buy their thing. 

And then find out that a lot is missing, or it’s really just one of many steps.

Because here’s the truth: Any sustainable system for growing your business involves different pieces working together to be successful. 

Team sports are a great analogy here. You don’t have to be an avid sports fan to realize that for a team to be successful you have to have multiple players doing their jobs well. 

You can have the best player in the world by a wide margin on a team but if they are the only player on the field they will lose every time. 

Business is the same way. You can create an amazing webinar but if nobody shows up does it matter? Or you can rank on page one of google but if your content turns people off does it actually do anything for you?

I believe that the only way to get more clients or customers consistently is to have a multi-faceted approach to your marketing. 

You can’t rely on just ONE thing.

Sometimes this is called your “marketing mix.”  There’s a reason it’s not called the “marketing one thing.”

So let’s talk about a winning playbook that I’ve seen work over and over again. Four areas of marketing that you need to be paying attention to. The areas that most serious businesses focus on to achieve direct results. 

  1. How to Get Crystal Clear On Who Your Prospects Are And What They Actually Want
  2. Optimizing Your Online Presence to Showcase That You “Get It”
  3. Connecting with Your Best Prospects
  4. Systematically Building Relationships to Convert Prospects into Warm Leads

And before I go any further I want to let you know that I’ll be doing a deep dive into this system, a system that I call the L.E.A.D. Blueprint, on an upcoming workshop where I’ll show you how you can implement this system in almost no time at all. You can sign up for that here.

Ok, let’s start at the top. Before you do ANYTHING you need to...

This post is for you if you are sick and tired of being misled about how to grow your business.

#1 Become Crystal Clear On Who Your Prospects Are And What They Actually Want

And let me start by saying that your prospects don’t want a list of your product’s features and benefits. Here’s an example. 

Consider an Insurance Agent…who technically provides you with an insurance policy, but you don’t actually want an insurance policy and you don’t care about all the fine print. 

You want to know that you will be taken care of if something bad happens. That your life won’t be forever altered if a storm puts a hole in your roof. That you won’t be shit out of luck if you get into a car accident. 

You want comfort. Not insurance.  

Everything in your marketing needs to reflect that you understand who your prospects are and what they REALLY want.

The true outcome that they are looking for. This is the only way to stand out. Especially in crowded industries.  

So in addition to breaking down how to achieve this, on the workshop we’ll also show you how to identify your very best prospects...so you can get right to the very best leads.

And that brings me to #2...

#2 Optimize Your Online Presence to Showcase That You “Get It”

The #1 place your prospects are going to see you online, is social media. So this typically starts with optimizing your LinkedIn and Facebook pages. 

And this has a few different purposes:

It’s the BEST way to show them that you “get it,” and that you understand what they are going through, Is to regularly publish content on your social profiles.  

Content that hits them directly in the head and heart and that shows them that you are an expert. 

And there’s an easy way to do this that we’ll talk about on the workshop...because if you're like so many of my clients who “don’t have time” for creating content, we’ve solved this problem.

This connection between their pain and your content on your social media profiles breaks down their defenses, and allows them to view you as a trusted resource. That you are one of the good guys. Your content should clearly show that you are an expert and that you know how to solve their problem. 

Plus, consistently posting good content on your Facebook and Linkedin profiles keeps you in front of them, which is huge. 

Chances are that, even if they are aware you exist, they don’t think about you every day. They have other things on their mind. 

But seeing your name, your business name, and the relevant content that you post every day will make sure that, when the time is right, they think of you. This is the easiest way to create massive top of mind awareness.

Ok, so you know who your prospects are, you know what they want, you are publishing content that resonates with them, NOW you’ve got a foundation to start reaching out to new prospects and adding them to your network, which brings me to #3…

#3 Getting Connected with Your Best Prospects 

Instead of spending time worrying about volume and quantity, successful businesses this year are more focused on quality than ever before. This is where you begin to develop relationships with your top prospects and it starts with a simple, casual, introduction. 

I call this the “Sniper Rifle” Approach.  

You’ve got your sights aimed far into the distance. 

You’re aiming for long-term wins and very specific targets. 

These are the people that are most likely to need your services, who could potentially be high-end clients, with the budget to pay you what you’re worth. These are the big accounts - the whales - that will move the needle in your business.

This is why you can’t aim with a shotgun and just spray your marketing all over the place.  To effectively find and connect with these people, it takes a precise approach.  

So what you need to do is leverage online communities in places like LinkedIn to find people who match the EXACT profile of someone who not only needs your services but who can afford them. 

Due to its advanced search functionality and professional nature, LinkedIn is THE best place to start. 

So, after you read this post and sign up for my upcoming workshop, send 5 connection requests on LinkedIn to people who you’d like to work with. And just include a brief, simple, personal note with that connection request. 

Then repeat that step every day for a week, to start. 

Should only take a few minutes.  

Doing this will consistently add new prospects into your network, that you will be able to convert into clients. 

But how do you do that?  

Well, that brings me to #4…

#4 Systematically Building Relationships to Convert Prospects into Warm Leads

In the previous sections I told you what you need to do, to BEGIN the relationship...to get connected….but now you’re ready to turn your new acquaintances into legitimate business relationships that you can turn into clients.

Now, you could stop by their office once a month and say hi (pre-Covid), or call them on the phone every once in a while, but these kinds of sales tactics take too long and waste a lot of time.  

Instead, the best way to do this is to send them personal emails on a regular basis. 

I say personal because you don’t want to plug them into your main CRM if you have one, something like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Infusionsoft. This is because the emails that these systems send are clearly marketing emails. 

They look nothing like an email that you typed out yourself...and people just ignore them. 

Now in the past, you had to send personal emails manually.  So again, most people don’t do it.  But that’s changed...and when you attend the workshop, I’ll show you how to automate all of this.

And what you’ll want to do is, once or twice a month, send them a personal note with a resource that they’ll find valuable, or just check in to see how they’re doing. 

Again, this is going to register as a personal email in their inbox. Meaning that it will 100% show in their primary inbox. They’ll open it, and most of them will reply too if you follow our process and use our templates.

Your goal here is simply to provide value. To further gain their trust and to let them know, that you know your stuff. The more you do this the more open they will become with you. 

Eventually they’ll say something like, “Hey, I’ve been getting your emails. And we’ve been going through this exact same problem over here at my company. Can we schedule a time to talk?” 

At this point they’ve been seeing your content all over the place.  The social media strategy is keeping you very top of mind. And you’ve been personally emailing them valuable information every few weeks. 

So this sales call will be a breeze compared to cold calling. Because they are familiar with you. More like a mutual friend or a referral.

And then, you do that with dozens or hundreds of prospects every month. And it snowballs into an unbelievable amount of momentum. Plus, no ad spend. No crazy funnels. No creating videos or webinars. Just simple sharing and relationship building. 

How Long Is This Going to Take?

Now, it may seem like this is going to take a ton of time. And let me tell you that it’s not. That’s the genius of the whole thing. It can be done in a way so that 90% of the work is done for you. 

That’s what I'll be walking through on the L.E.A.D. Blueprint workshop that I mentioned above..

How you can share amazing content on your social profiles, that positions you as THE expert in your field AND build relationships with your prospects through direct 1:1 communication while barely lifting a finger. 

A complete system, that actually includes most of the main pieces that you need for a bulletproof, multi-faced marketing system that covers all the bases.  

So yes, there are a few moving parts...but this is a serious marketing system for serious people.

So, if you’re ready to stop chasing the latest fad, and want to put in place a rock solid marketing system based on timeless principles that all successful businesses are doing….and finally find something that really works for YOU, then you should sign up. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

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