Words That are Triggering Your Emails as Spam 

In this week’s Marketing Minute, we’re zeroing in on email spam filters, what triggers them, and how to avoid your valuable email marketing content from being sent to your customers’ spam folder. Taking just a few minutes to read about missteps to avoid can save you a big headache – and boost your bottom line.

Why Are Your Emails Going Straight To Spam?

Spam trigger words to avoid in emails

Picture this: 

You spend hours carefully crafting email marketing content and you know it’s valuable and engaging; your customers are bound to love it. You hit the button to send out your campaign and instead of shoppers lining up to give you their business, you’re met with crickets.

So what’s the deal? 

The email was great and your subscriber list is huge, but you could be making a big mistake that prevents email subscribers from even seeing your email in the first place. In fact, you could be sending your great email marketing straight to the spam folder and not even know it.

Want to learn a system for building Trust with your best prospects over and over again?

What Are Email Spam Trigger Words?

Email service providers flag a number of words and phrases that trigger a spam alert and reroute emails to your customers’ spam box instead of their inbox. This is a good thing, generally speaking, as it largely protects consumers from predatory advertising and marketing.

However, many of these email spam trigger words and phrases are an integral part of our marketing vocabulary. 

It’s not always easy to know which provider will flag which word or phrase, and this uncertainty adds another challenge when it comes to deploying successful email marketing campaigns. 

The bottom line? Don’t over-promise, over-sensationalize, or use wonky subject line formatting to grab some attention. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of keywords and phrases to avoid, it’s a good place to start:

As seen on


Buy direct

Buying judgments



Order status

Orders shipped by shopper




Cash bonus


Explode your business

Full refund

Investment decision

No credit check

No hidden Costs

Lower interest rate

Lower monthly payment









Online marketing


Opt in


100% free

100% satisfied



Free Instant

Free investment

Free leads

Apply online

Call free

Call now

Order today

Please read

Earn extra cash

Earn per week

Expect to earn

Extra income

Home based

Home employment

Homebased business

Income from home

Make $

Make money

Money making

Cents on the dollar





No investment

Requires initial investment

Lower your mortgage rate

Lowest insurance rates





Email marketing


Increase sales

Increase traffic

Increase your sales


Search engine listings

Search engines

No obligation

No purchase necessary

No questions asked

No selling

No strings attached

Free offer

Free preview

Do it today

Don't delete

Don't hesitate

Special promotion

Supplies are limited




Lowest price

Million dollars


Money back

No cost

No fees

One hundred percent free

Only $

Pennies a day



Consolidate your debt

Eliminate bad credit

Eliminate debt

Financially independent

Get out of debt

Get paid





Internet marketing


Marketing solutions

Mass email


Gift certificate

Giving away


Have you been turned down?



Cancel at any time


Fantastic deal

For free

Information you requested


Limited time

Time limited


Beyond keywords and phrases, though, there are other more subtle reasons why your emails are going to spam folders. Ultimately it’s crucial to understand some of the more common reasons your emails are triggering spam alerts, beyond what you’re putting in the subject line:

  • Not including an unsubscribe button in emails
  • Using all-caps text, crazy punctuation, or fancy fonts
  • Linking to fraudulent or spammy websites
  • Sending out emails to addresses that don’t exist
  • Not regularly pruning your email subscriber list to avoid bouncebacks

Avoiding The Spam Box

While that list of words and phrases above looks awfully long, avoiding email spam trigger words is easier than you think. For starters, take the time to segment your email subscriber list if you haven’t already – it’s the first step to sending personalized email that doesn’t get flagged for looking spammy.

One-size-fits-all subject lines and mass emails are sure to end up in the spam box, but segmenting your list means you can fine-tune those subject lines based on where readers are in the buyers’ journey or how they engage with your business. 

Using Connect 365 makes quick work of organizing, segmenting, and nurturing your leads. Automating your email campaigns means you don’t have to use crazy emojis or spam trigger words to catch anyone’s attention. 

Personalized emails and original content delivered when customers are most looking for it works to build trust and highlight the fact that your brand’s emails are valuable – and anything but spam.

Conversions get even easier when the email automation system you use can also allow you the flexibility of following up with leads that are ready to make a purchase. As you continue to utilize systems like Connect 365 you’ll also build data sets that offer insight into customer engagement and behaviors.

Stop Serving Spam!

If you’re seeing low open rates for your emails or finding that customers report seeing them in the spam box, it’s time to take a look at what you’re sending. Email spam trigger words and phrases are likely the biggest culprit; make sure to bookmark this as a resource for writing your next email marketing campaign.

Ready to invest in an email marketing system that’s virtually spam-free? Connect 365 automates your outreach and follow-up efforts so you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks. When your prospects are ready to buy... you'll be the only one who has continued to stay in front of them.

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