Email AutomAtion For Outbound Lead Generation

Use Our Email Automation Software & Get More Leads.

Need more leads for you or your sales team right now? Our email automation software can help! With Connect 365 you can send personal cold emails to targeted prospects at scale. Through simple automated email outreach campaigns, you can turn cold leads into warm prospects in half the time!

Email Automation Campaign For Outreach With Connect 365
Cold Email Results In 24 hours

I'm thrilled with what has happened in just 24 hours

I sent out 500 emails from a cold list yesterday with the first message.  23 people already want me to profile them and have requested phone calls!

Janine Bolon  //  Finance Coach

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Benefits at a glance

    • Send automated personal cold email on autopilot
    • Show up in the primary inbox every time
    • Proven cold email templates pre-loaded into your account
    • Save hours of time every week for you or your sales team

    automating Emails = more LEADS

    With Connect 365, You'll Get Better Results And More Leads From Your Email Outreach Efforts. With Our Easy-To-Use Automated Email Templates, Your Emails Will Get Opened And Responded To Like You've Never Seen Before.

    Attract New Clients with Email Automation

    Attract New Prospects

    Send automated cold emails to new prospects on autopilot and get more qualified sales opportunities

    • Cold Email Outreach 

    Add new prospects to automated email outreach campaigns.

    • Lead Scoring 

    Know who your best, most engaged, prospects are to prioritize your follow up email marketing strategy.

    • Easy Prospect Importing 

    Add all of your cold or new prospects to your campaigns with a .csv file

    Email Automation and Outreach Stats For Cold Messaging

    2x-3x Your Engagement

    Separate yourself from the competition with emails that are nearly impossible to overlook

    • Stand Out In The Inbox 

    Emails from Connect 365 look exactly like they were typed out and manually sent, which will increase your user open and click-through rates.

    • Priority Inbox Placement 

    Hit your prospect's primary inbox nearly 100% of the time

    • Advanced Actions 

    Control what messages your prospects get through automated email triggers. Send the right emails to the right prospects at the right time.

    Automated Cold Email Outreach

    Save Hours of Time Every Week

    Deliver the right message at the right time with sequential email outreach campaigns

    • Automated Outreach Campaigns 

    Create automated email and multi-touch point lead generation campaigns

    • Scale your Business Development 

    Add dozens or hundreds of targeted prospects to your campaigns at once

    • Know Exactly What To Say  

    Proven email campaign templates that can be deployed with a click a button.


    yes, You Can Plug Connect 365 into your existing marketing tools!

    Through a partnership with Zapier, Connect 365 integrates with over 1000 of the worlds top business building web applications. Allowing you to automate and add complexity in pretty much any way you would like.

    Or, if you'd like to keep it simple, you can simply plug in your prospect list and let Connect 365 do all of the work for you. Simple as that.

    Integrate your email automation with zapier

    you're going to love this

    The Automated email tool the pros use

    REady to take control?

    REquest Access to Connect 365 and build Your AUtomated CLIENT Attraction System

    Every minute you spend on "Shiny Objects" or some complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else.

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