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What Emphatic offers to you and your business

Post Curation, Consistently 

Many business owners struggle to keep a consistent social media strategy as a part of their marketing plan. Emphatic can ease your mind with a team of 75+ U.S.-based writers and editors ready to craft and curate your social media posts on a consistent basis. 

Build Authority With Your Prospects

Position yourself as the thought leader in your space by sharing relevant content on a consistent basis. More than 40% of consumers use social networks to research new brands while spending 2.5 hours a day on those networks. 

Organically Grow Your Following

By posting consistently with Emphatic you'll naturally grow your followers and connections on all of your social media platforms, which in turn will result in boosting your Search Engine Optimization, post reach, likes, and comments on your social media activity. 

Save Hours Of Time Every Week 

In one convenient place you can let us know all of the information needed about your business for us to create your posts, link your social media accounts, set up a posting schedule, and manage your content queue. Our users save an average of 5 to 7 hours a week by offloading their social media strategy to us. 

Don't take our word, listen to our customers

Due to the Emphatic posts, I had a LinkedIn contact message me, without realizing that we had connected before, and ask about engaging my services for an SBA 7(a) loan.These generally take about 35 days to get funded, once you gather all of the requisite paperwork from the client (and who knows how long that could take), so I may get paid on this in the next month-and-a-half to two months, however, this is a win because I did literally nothing yet I gained a (potential) client; all of this is due to Emphatic, which I am extremely grateful for.

This goes to show you that, even when you've hardly completed any of the training, if you engage the right team and are ""actively posting"" (having others actively post on your behalf), things do happen for you. 

John Weaver, Owner

(Before Emphatic) I did the writing, scheduling, and posting myself. I was able to use Emphatic to have a team of writers in the U.S. who could deliver content very quickly and still give me the chance to make sure it matched what I thought it should be for my customers. 

After working with Emphatic I was able to focus on the clients (and their needs). I wasn't spending much more than a few hours (a month) to review the posts and ensure that everything matched. I didn't have to schedule anymore and I was able to take the client out of the middle, so they weren't acting as an editor as well as the customer.  I was now able to focus on my customers and growing my business thanks to Emphatic. 

Lori Ramas, Business Efficiency Expert and Emphatic Agency User

I will say that using them has increased likes and shares on my Social Media channels. 

John Walters, Tax Professional

You’ve developed a killer content and social media plan for your clients, now let Emphatic implement that social strategy with custom updates so you can get back to serving your clients.

John Jantsch, Founder

 I continue to be amazed at the fantastic resources you come up with to share on social media. This is a fantastic service.

 Steven Sparling

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