The Basics You Need To Do To Start A Business Right Now 

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a business. That’s a big step. I firmly believe that small business owners are the true movers and shakers in this world and I applaud you for doing something that few people do.

As you know, there are numerous options and numerous ways to build a business from the ground up. Like everything, some ways are better than others. 

Use today’s Marketing Minute as a launching point or a guide to help you streamline your business, cut your learning curve, and supercharge your growth. When you start with a strong foundation, you can build on it and expect to grow. 

On the flipside, a weak foundation will cause your business to crumble. Here are three steps to building that strong foundation for anyone who wants to start a business.

So, what do you need to do to start a business? 

Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Take Stock of the Current Landscape

It’s important to understand or to at least have a sense of where the world is headed and what’s going on. This will help you identify places where you can provide a service. IE when you see a gap in the marketplace, that might be a good place for you to jump in. Or, when you see that there’s a certain trend, you need 

How do you do this? An easy way is to look at industry trends. For example, on a recent Marketing Minute, we identified what we believe to be a prime opportunity right now - marketing.

The marketing and advertising industry is growing by leaps and bounds! Studies show that with the pandemic, the need for digital marketing experts increased drastically as companies had to figure out a way to do business online. In addition, there has been a drastic emergence of new businesses registered in the United States, likely from people staying home with more time on their hands. 

Combined, this is the perfect time to start your own marketing agency. The beauty of it is, with today’s technology, and if you have the right tools and strategy, anyone can do it!

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Step 2: Understand Your Prospect

Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go, you really need to dive into WHO you want to help. When you’re first starting out, many decide on their service or product first, and then go out and find people who want it. 

Consider switching those steps. When you’re clear on WHO you want to help, you benefit in a number of ways:

  1. Marketing is more effective (and BONUS - easier for you!). When you understand a person’s pain points and what they’re really trying to deal with, you can connect, educate, and sell in a much more effective manner. You can speak their language (literally repeating their own words - and how they describe certain scenarios - in some cases) when you understand their industry and or their type of business.
  2. You don’t have to start from scratch with every client. When you choose an industry or a specific pain point to solve, it’s much easier to automate certain repeatable processes so that you don’t have to start over with each client every time.
  3. You build trust. Without trust, in your prospect’s eyes, you’re just another vendor. When they trust you, you become a RESOURCE. You become a go-to authority on your subject matter and they remember you. When they’re ready to buy, they know exactly who to go to.

Step 3: Look for Opportunities to Systemize and Automate

We mentioned this earlier. As you start a business, you always want to look for ways to systemize and automate your processes. This not only saves you time, but also opens up immense chunks of bandwidth on a daily basis. Starting a business can be extremely challenging when you’re juggling multiple tasks. 

Here’s an example of automation in action. Every business needs clients, right? With no sales, you’ve got no business. How do you get those clients? 

Did you know that it can take anywhere from 7-20+ touchpoints (that’s any connection, from an email, a call, a LinkedIn message, etc) just for someone to reach out to you or even respond? I don’t say that to discourage you from starting a business. I say that so that you can PLAN for it, and create a strategy to address it. 

See, the problem happens when businesses get a client, so they neglect their lead generation (because they just don’t have the time) and then when they’re don’t servicing their client, now they have no business coming in! The magic is in the follow-up! 

This is where automation comes in. You automate your follow-up so that you 1) make sure it gets done and 2) you can focus on other things, knowing that it’s already handled.


These three tips are simple, but powerful concepts for anyone looking to start their own business. In this day and age, you have information and tools at your fingertips to make it happen! There’s never been a better time to start a business.

However, you still want to make sure that you build a strong foundation. These tips will do that for you. Understand where you fit in the marketplace (and bring your own unique spin!), gain clarity on exactly who you will help (and why they need you. Dig deep on this), and finally, find ways to automate or outsource parts of your business that otherwise would bottleneck you and stall your progress, growth, and revenue!

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