The Online Sales Revolution You Can’t Afford to Ignore 

Every single business out there by definition needs ONE thing to survive and grow:

Sales Opportunities.

Without this, no sales. No clients. And no clear path forward.

The truth is most businesses out there don’t have any clue HOW to create a consistent stream of leads that brings them business every month.

Or they don’t know how to do it consistently without it taking up all of their time or money.

Or they go about it the complete WRONG way and end up burning bridges rather than build up trust with their contacts leading to lost opportunities month after month.  This is what happens when you try to beat people over the head with a sales pitch. So many people are doing this in their marketing, and it’s failing them.

Why Businesses Are Hurting and Need YOUR Help

The thing is, especially since the pandemic, every business needs to be online. It’s non-negotiable. We’re now used to “doing business” virtually. 

And there are more businesses than ever. In 2020, according to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S.  — the highest total on record. 

For reference, that’s a 24.3% increase from 2019 and 51.0% higher than the 2010-19 average. Half a million new businesses were started in January 2021, alone. 

It’s no surprise then that the online marketing industry is projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries through 2029. Why?

One of the main challenges all these new businesses face is how to get more leads, clients, and customers online. 

Again… they just don’t know how and they don’t have the time to figure it out. They NEED help!

The Opportunity for You

We’ve developed a system, that will allow you to effortlessly fill this demand. This is why our clients who have done this are able to generate a 6-figure income within a few months.  Because there is so much demand for this.

By offering this service, you’ll be helping people get more leads. They’ll pay you thousands of dollars every month to do this for them. But little will they know that you have a back-end system that requires you to do very little work.  

Now, you might decide you just want to implement this system for your own business. To get more leads and clients. And that’s great too. But many of our clients are using this method to quickly launch a new income stream because it’s so lucrative.

If you are already doing coaching or consulting, have a professional services practice or any sort of marketing agency, then adding this service as an upsell for your existing clients is a complete no-brainer. Or it can be your entire business.

The #1 challenge in the marketing industry is the lack of skilled professionals trained in the most cutting-edge and reliable way to get tangible results. There is way more demand than supply. 

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The number of marketing agencies pales in comparison to the number of businesses out there. They need help. And you can help them.

But wait, you say…

“Aren’t marketing agencies a dime a dozen?”

The truth is, marketing agencies that are effective are actually quite rare. 

This is the kind of opportunity that only comes around once a decade or so. And I want to help you get started.

Want to learn how to offer a service that takes you only 20 minutes a day?

The key is following a sound lead generation strategy and automating 94% of it. Join me and I’ll teach you how in my upcoming free workshop - The 20 Minute Business. 

How I Learned About Entrepreneurship The Hard Way… And The Sad Fate That Awaits Too Many Small Business Owners

Let me tell you a little bit about my business, who I am, and how I got into the world of online marketing and sales development.

Over the last 5 years - I’ve built a revolutionary piece of software that’s designed to fill almost any calendar with new leads that are excited to work with them... 

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years.

I’m a Wall Street Journal bestselling author for my books - “Connect” and “Booked”.

I was the founder of a multiple 7-figure business called LinkedSelling that my business partner now runs.

My companies have been on the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000, recognizing the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., for multiple years in a row.

But I’ve also seen two businesses fail.

I’ll never forget what happened in the summer of 2002

I grew up in a small business family. My dad had owned a remodeling business and it had always done very well.

We had nice cars, boats, vacations… 

He was proud to be doing over $1 million a year in revenue. 

And I thought someday, I would take over the business full time. Life was looking good.

And that’s when it happened.

I was asked to come to his office early one morning and he told me that there was no more money in the business… 

There weren’t any opportunities coming in. No new sales.

And we needed to close down the business. My path to success was gone.

My entire worldview changed….

When I realized that I couldn’t rely on this business as my future. I needed to pave my own path…

And start looking for a different job… 

That was the first fail.

I eventually landed a job with a construction company called Boa Construction in 2004.

I worked hard and we built the company up from $5 million to $23 million in revenue… 

Life was starting to look good again… 

And this time it lasted for a few more years.

But then I lost everything... again… 

The economy took a downturn in 2008, and our work had started to dry up… 

Eventually the trickle of clients that we had disappeared… and we couldn’t afford to keep the lights on anymore.

So we shut the doors and closed the business for good.

It was the second time in 10 years that I had been a part of a business that failed because we didn’t have a foolproof system for constantly bringing in new leads.  And when leads ran dry, we couldn’t get new clients. And that was it.

It was one of the lowest moments in my life. I felt like a failure… 

I was so desperate to find success…

I wanted to create an amazing life for my family… 

To really be a great provider…

And to not feel stressed about money all the time.

But here I was... just a failure…

I felt like success was reserved for special people… and I wasn’t one of them. 

And It was a really, really hard time… 

I knew that I could look for another job but I was tired of working for other people. 

I hated it… 

I wanted freedom… 

I wanted people to really see me as very successful… 

And I decided that I wouldn’t take no for an answer… 

The Most Important Thing Is To Keep Going. The Second Most Important Thing Is To Choose The Right Direction. -Maxime Lagace

I didn’t know it at the time but…

I was on the path to developing the 20-Minute Client Formula. A method that would transform my business forever, and do the same for thousands of others. 

And within just a few short years I grew my company, LinkedSelling, to a point where it would land multiple times on the Inc. 500 list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the US. As well as on the Entrepreneur 360 list of the 360 most respected private businesses. 

It led to being featured in some of the highest-profile business publications and blogs out there.

And that’s because the need for quality sales appointments is a requirement for business owners to keep growing. When you can solve this problem, the sky’s the limit.

The results speak for themselves on what this system can accomplish.

From there we launched Connect 365 - because we wanted to develop a way to automate the process so that it would be doable for small business owners. At my prior company, we worked with mostly bigger companies with big budgets. We had a lot of success with that.  But I wanted to reach a wider audience and make a much bigger impact.  

And at this point, I’ve helped thousands of business owners to grow their business using the system that my company invented.

I don’t say any of this to brag, but so that you know this is very legit  - and that today I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned and how I did it so that you can do the same, and create your success story.

From “Workforce” to “Drowning Business Owner” to Legitimate Success

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Most people reading this post will have grown up with the traditional expectation of life - you go to school, you find security in a job, and you work there… hoping to move up the ladder. 

For some, that’s still a viable option. There are some serious problems with that though. 

  1. In today’s economy, there is little guarantee that even a seemingly strong business will survive, or that your position is secure.
  2. Your income is tied to your work there. You have little control over what you make.
  3. Your time is also tied to your income. (I’ll share my experience with how I learned this lesson the hard way in just a minute.)

A lot of people have also been brought to believe that you have to HUSTLE in order to gain any traction. 

Granted, you certainly have to do the work, but you don’t have to sacrifice your family, your goals, or sell your soul in order to grow a successful business. There’s a better way than the “grind and hustle” school of thought.

This is what really kills me and I see it all the time - people make that jump and decide to start a business, maybe they even have some success, but they’re tied to it. It becomes their new job. 

They’re driven into the ground by the crazy hours, and it takes the life out of them. They lose their passion and they lose sight of why they started in the first place.

And instead of them running the business, the business runs them. They also find themselves in a position without any control of their time, their finances, or where they’re going. They’re just trying to survive.

Imagine a simpler business. A simpler life. 

More balance between your work, your family, your interests, and your hobbies. Imagine living with the peace of mind that you’ll actually be able to run a business and have the freedom you want. These days, THAT’s the dream. That’s a major reason why people start businesses to begin with, but too many can never achieve it.

The key is SYSTEMS. You can experience consistent cash flow, consistent revenue, and consistent leads when you have systems in place that support your business….

When you offer a valuable service that other businesses (and the people behind them) legitimately NEED because they’re also suffering without the right systems to support them. 

David Whelan told us, “In the short amount of time since I've launched my agency the growth has been just awesome.”

And David achieved that growth without having to work a bunch of extra hours.  

Imagine for a second…

How would your life change if you could help almost any business owner fill their calendar with sales calls? 

And depending on the business, one client could be worth $100,000 for them…

Do you think that they’d mind giving you $5,000 to make them $100,000? 

They’d love to do that… 

Now imagine you have just 5 clients that you do this for… 

And you make $25,000 per month.

Would that change your life? 

And if you want more money then you just get more clients… and I’m going to be giving you leads so it's easy.

(YES, the way this system works…my company is going to give you leads.)

Can you imagine how much better your life will be when you’re in complete control over your income? 

No more living paycheck to paycheck or worrying about your retirement… Those days are over for you.

And even if you already have a successful business, you can easily add this service offering to plug in an additional six-figure revenue stream very quickly, and with minimal effort to service it.

This is the beautiful power of this system at work because you can decide how much you want to earn and then you follow the simple process that I'm going to reveal and do it…And you can work whenever you want… no one telling you what to do.=

If you can relate to any of this, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way…

I already shared with you some of my successes, but I certainly didn’t start out that way. I started the traditional way, as I mentioned above. I was a part of two businesses that didn’t succeed.

So...in 2010 I was at a crossroads. I had been offered an opportunity for a great job...but I couldn’t shake the itch and desire to do something on my own. And define success on my terms. I saw others doing it, so why not me?

I decided to pass on the job, and start my own business.

I called myself an outsourced CFO. Essentially I was a finance coach for small businesses.

I created an ugly website and a few business cards at Kinko’s and then got to work.

I started reaching out to people on LinkedIn. The reason I turned to LinkedIn so quickly, is because I had been using it since 2006 and had seen the potential to use it for business development.

And within a few weeks, I landed my first client… 

Now, I would be lying if I told you that I knew what I was doing. 

The truth is that I got lucky with that client...although it turned out, getting that first client from LinkedIn was the beginning of something special.

With my first client, I started to give them value and help them the best that I could… 

And they were really happy.

But I found myself tied to the cashflow roller coaster. Some months I was doing great, and other months I had nothing. It was totally dry. It was this brutal up and down cycle where I would earn money… and then nothing

Over and over again…

I was trying all the stuff that people say you should do. Networking events, chamber of commerce meetings, blogging, you name it. None of it was working.

And I knew I needed to solve this…

I knew I couldn’t hit the same fate as the two previous small businesses I had worked for.

I started researching and looking for a better way. At this time, I was still working out of my basement with spider crickets jumping around. The house was built in 1912 to give you an idea of what the basement looked like. What I discovered through my research and trial-and-error, would take me out of that situation and into a place where I never had to worry about where my next client would come from. It allows me to actually create a business that supports my goals and gives me a life to be proud of.

What Actually Started Working For Me

In doing this research, I began to look at a new business model; I had always heard that running a marketing agency was an extremely profitable business model…

But the same question existed, how to get clients and keep it running, without being on the cashflow roller coaster and without it running me?

Everywhere I looked things were so complicated. The laundry list of things that people said I should be doing was seemingly endless...

  • Fancy sales funnels
  • Expensive websites
  • Products and offers 
  • To become a copywriting expert
  • Facebook ads
  • Blogging
  • Podcasts
  • Handle customer support
  • And on and on…

Here I was, a solo operation, determined to make this work, in a way that didn’t suck the life out of me. I wasn’t a marketing genius or master copywriter… 

And I didn’t want to learn to become one either… 

I wasn’t that technically savvy and I didn’t have the time to spend years of my life studying all of these things. I knew I needed something simpler.

What I had going for me at this point was that I knew how to FIND people on LinkedIn… I just needed a way to build a relationship with them. And it hit me… email was the key. 

Everyone uses it. I don’t have to be a marketing genius. I can create relationships and get people to trust me, allowing me to sidestep the fancy funnels and the complicated marketing schemes.

I went onto Linkedin and found some connections that I thought would be a good fit for my service… 

Then I started to email them some interesting articles I thought they’d like. I didn’t start with a sales pitch. I had an idea that it might work better to first provide value and build the relationship.

And it worked. I couldn’t believe it when I got my first YES.

For months I tested new email and messaging sequences and strategies to get faster results… 

I would fall asleep at night thinking about how I could improve it.

And I kept working at it… Improving it and optimizing it to a science…

I was completely obsessed.

And because of this obsession, my calendar started to fill up with sales calls every day and my business grew.

I began to do the same for my clients and got amazing results for them as well. 

Over time, I perfected this system and it evolved into what I now call the 20 Minute Client Formula.

Want to learn how to offer a service that takes you only 20 minutes a day?

The key is following a sound lead generation strategy and automating 94% of it. Join me and I’ll teach you how in my upcoming free workshop - The 20 Minute Business. 

The System The Allows You To Get Leads in Just 20 Minutes a Day (For Your Own Business OR As A Service For Other Businesses)

What’s this system?

Glad you asked. Because it’s the key to helping these businesses. Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how this system works by capitalizing on what MOST others do wrong as well as the tips we learned to be most efficient as we grew my previous agency to one of the 500 fastest-growing private businesses in the country.

With the system I discovered and have since perfected since I first started my entrepreneurial journey over a decade ago, you’ll be able to book an almost unlimited number of sales calls for yourself, and on behalf of your clients!

The best part is that it’s the exact same system you’ll use to find and warm-up prospects for your clients, or for your own business…

AND to have 94% of the process automated, so that it doesn’t take much time out of your day.

We’ve broken down our lead generation approach into three steps:

No alt text provided for this image

Part 1: The Digital Dartboard - Finding The Right Prospects 

(Who, Where, and How)

Part 2: The Trust Progression - Warming Them Up 

(Building a Relationship the Right Way Online)

Part 3: Booked - Generating More Sales Opportunities 

(Without Being Thought of as a Leg-Humping, Commission-Hungry Sales Gremlin)

The order of these steps are KEY; you need a systematic way to warm up your prospects FIRST! Before you invite them to talk business or invite them to a next step or sales meeting. Most people go straight to the invite - without building trust. But the other problem there is that trust takes awhile to build… right?

It only needs to take 20 minute a day MAX when you have the right tools at your disposal.

This is how you sidestep the complicated marketing confusion and streamline your results! 

Simple, right? But how do you actually DO it… without it taking up all your bandwidth.

Let me show you exactly what it looks like… and how you can easily do this for your business, or how you can start to do this for new clients and make thousands or even millions like some of our clients.

Your Turn

If you’d like to learn a system that’s almost entirely automated, that you can use to get clients for your own business, to use as a service you can offer and truly build a six-figure business from the ground up, OR to offer as an additional revenue stream for your current business…

Then join me for an upcoming training called The 20-Minute Business Workshop where I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

When done right (I’ll show you how), this system will allow you to quickly create a consistent income stream...

WITHOUT requiring much bandwidth from you at all. In fact, if you set it up properly, you can follow this system in just 20 minutes (or less) a day. 

Even if you have no experience…

Even if you’re not a “tech wiz”...

Sign up here for the 20 Minute Business Workshop now.

On the workshop you’ll learn

  • How YOU can enjoy a 6-figure income in the next few months using this process.
  • The simple 3-step process that allowed one of Josh’s clients to get 24 high-value sales calls booked in her calendar in just 24 hours.
  • How you can earn a 6-figure income in just 20 minutes of work each day.
  • The simple prospecting process that Josh’s client Mike used to double his revenue in one year (and every year after that).
  • Finally -> How today you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to easily meet the demand in the market and have the kind of life you want to live.

Imagine the revenue you can build helping clients generate new leads in just minutes a day! With so many people building their businesses online, entrepreneurs are hiring done-for-you marketing services.

The truth is, there’s too much demand and too little supply for these types of services, which puts you in an excellent position. In the 20-Minute Business Workshop, I will show you how you can meet that need by using the same proven system that I have and that my clients have to generate your own leads OR even create an additional revenue stream with your own marketing business. Seats will fill up. Claim your spot now.

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Ready For A Better, Simpler, Way to get high-paying clients on autopilot?

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