DEMO: How b2b Businesses Are Using Connect 365 To get high-paying clients In As Little As 60 Minutes A Month.

Automate Your Client Attraction And Get Your Message Seen By Your Prospects.

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More Leads For B2b Businesses in less time with connect 365

With Connect 365 you'll have a multifaceted client attraction system that leverages social media content and personal outreach to attract prospects, warm them up, earn their trust, and then turn them into paying clients... QUICKLY.

And the best part is 90% of the work is either done for you by our team (social media thought leadership content) or automated using simple tools tools (personal outreach & follow up)

All you have to do is approve the content we create, personalize the campaigns to sound like you, and plug in your prospects.

And yes... we'll show you exactly where to find and attract your best prospects as well.

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Get More B2b Leads For Your Business

Automated Personal Outreach and Follow Campaigns Up To Build Relationships with Your Best Prospects

  • Stand Out In The Inbox With Nearly 100% Primary Inbox Placement
  • Send automated cold emails to new prospects on autopilot and get more qualified sales opportunities
  • Send automated sales follow up emails to new or existing leads to warm them up Like A Pro
  • Double or Triple Your Email Open And Engagement Rates overnight
Automated Cold Email Outreach

Grow Your Brand On Social Media

100% Hands Off, Done-For-You, Customized Social Media Thought Leadership Content

  • 30 Custom Social Media Posts Written For You Every Month By Our Writers
  • Automatically Posted To Your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Or Twitter
  • Unlimited Content Revisions So That Your Posts Represent Your Brand Exactly The Way You'd Like
Social Media Posts Written For You

Save Hours Of Your Time Every Week

World Class Training & Coaching On The Entire Process From My Team Of Coaches

  • Create automated email and multi-touch point lead generation campaigns
  • Know exactly what to say with proven email campaign templates that can be deployed with a click a button.
  • Get access to world class training on sales and marketing from our team of coaches. 
Email Outreach Campaign With Connect 365

you're going to love this

The tool the pros use

Training Library

Plug-And-Play Templates Included

Just like a hammer has no use without nails, no software solution can generate business without sound strategies in place.

We've included dozens of campaign templates that you can add to your Connect 365 account with just a click of a button.

  • Outbound Messaging & Prospecting Templates
  • Sales Follow Up and nurture campaign templates
  • Event promotion templates
  • Event Follow up Templates
  • Joint Venture Partner Recruitment Templates
  • PR & Media opportunity outreach templates
  • And a whole lot more!


yes, You Can Plug Connect 365 into your existing marketing tools!

Through a partnership with Zapier, Connect 365 integrates with over 1000 of the worlds top business building web applications. Allowing you to automate and add complexity in pretty much any way you would like.

Or, if you'd like to keep it simple, you can simply plug in your prospect list and let Connect 365 do all of the work for you. Simple as that.

you're going to love this

WHAT people Are SAYing

"Before today's session I had to share with you the results I received from the homework already.I sent out 500 emails from a cold list yesterday with the first message. 50 addresses were dead. 30 new people joined my LinkedIn group. 23 people want me to profile them and have requested phone calls. Dude, this is awesome. I'm a solopreneuer, author and money coach. I'm thrilled with what has happened in just 24 hours."

Janine Bolon

Finance Coach

"I followed the advice you gave during the training week, I sent an email to my contacts that were “dormant” from the past couple years and the results were 4 customers contacting me again just this week.

I've now got some checking our apartments and houses, both are very interested in buying!"

Diego Cruz

Real Estate

“I'm truly amazed at what I'm seeing so far with this product, and want to make it work for me to maximum effect. I've been in business for almost 12 years, and this has got to be one of the best tools I've come across.

Your outstanding support all the way through so far has been a big part of that, and is sincerely appreciated.”

Richard Andrews

Professional Speaking

"You. Guys. Rock. Finally spending some time with this. My eyes were bugging out as I went through training… and the thought that kept popping up in my brain (as I voraciously consumed videos) was: “OMG!! Wouldn’t this be awesome if it could integrate with Zapier to connect to Infusionsoft.” 

AND THEN I GOT TO THE END. AND YOU GUYS ALREADY DID IT (!!!) Thank you so much! This is going to solve a major pain point."

Mike Monroe

Digital Marketing

"This system rocks! Just Sent out 107 messages last night got 58 opens and 3-4 appointments already for next week"

Cecil Cunningham

Marketing Consultant

“We're just getting started but after trying other methods, Connect 365 has produced the fastest and most scalable results so far!  I've tried several programs to generate leads and nothing comes close to Connect 365. The ease and simplicity is amazing!”

Michael Hunt

Alternative Medicine Compliance Consultant

“Connect 365 is a sensible, low-cost solution to a difficult task that confounds many business owners. Its strength is that it is a strategy, not a series of unconnected ideas. We are now able to focus on a specific series of actions aimed at a specific target; a rifle shot rather than a shotgun. There is a defined direction to the day, which was not always the case before.

Further, once set up, automation makes possible tasks that lack of time or enthusiasm might not otherwise have been possible.”

Sydney Tremayne

Wealth Advisor

“We use Connect 365 and it has changed the way we are reaching out to our prospects and current customers...It is a great system."

Jacques Skuteeki

Business Profit Consultant

“I don't know if there's a 'secret sauce' to my campaigns. I think most people have failure to execute. They try once or twice for a magic bullet sales pitch in their email. My secret sauce is salt and pepper. That's all you need to make a steak taste great.

And for my campaigns, the salt and pepper is just sharing good, educational content every 3-4 weeks.

Since starting with you guys 4 months ago, I've closed 2 clients and likely will have a 3rd soon. With the clients I typically work with [business owners of companies doing $50 mil to $1 billion annual revenue], 4-5 new clients in a full calendar year is a great year.

This has been like a godsend - the best money I've ever spent for my business.”

John McAlister

Accounting & Business Finance

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Every minute you spend on "Shiny Objects" or some complicated sales funnel that won't work is another client who's getting scooped up by someone else.

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