January 4th-25th 2023

Partner Launch Invitation!

Mark your calendar! Everything you need to know about the 2024 Launch of the 20 minute marketing method by Connect 365

Launch Details At a Glance

Hello there! Welcome to the partner page for the January 2024 Connect 365 Launch of the 20 Minute Marketing Method! While the launch is named after a single product we will actually have 2 offers during this launch. 

One option for us to do all of the work FOR members and another to work WITH them to set up their automated lead machine! 

Connect 365 Lead Machine


Pricing: $4,995 


  • 6 Months of Done-For-You Lead Generation
  • 6 Months access to Connect 365 Platinum (automation software that automates the entire system)
  • Plus A Whole Lot More 
  • 10% Commission

20 Minute Marketing Method


Pricing: $1,997 


  • 90 Days Live 20 Minute Marketing Method Training 
  • 90 Days access to Connect 365 Platinum (automation software that automates the entire system)
  • Plus A Whole Lot More 
  • 35% Commission

full launch schedule: promotion and delivery dates


Promo Dates


The LinkedIn Lead Machine Report

Jan 4-6

Resource + Training

The "Social Nurture" Cheat Sheet

Jan 11 - 12

Resource + Training

"Anti-Funnel" Bootcamp

Jan 10-13

Promote full boot camp. There will be 3 sessions 

  • Day 1 - B2B Prospecting on LinkedIn
  • Day 2 - The Social Media Equation for Know, Like, and Trust
  • Day 3 - Engage with Conversational Email

Individual Bootcamp Sessions

Jan 14 - 18

Promote Direct to Individual Bootcamp Sessions

Success Stories & Vision

Jan 19-21

Success stories using this method + How to Adapt to Any Industry

Cart Open

Jan 22

First Public Announcement That Doors Are Open.

Cart Close

Jan 25

All sales pages redirect to waiting list at Midnight PT on Thursday, January 25th 

Detailed Partner Promo Plan

Access Planning Spreadsheet. 

The spreadsheet is "view" only to make edits just make a copy of the sheet in your own Drive.

Have questions? Want to make sure you're on our partner list for the launch? Reach out to Ryan Farrell & Ariel Myers at partners@connect365.io and we'll get you taken care of. 

The Big Idea

The "Anti Funnel" Approach

And No... We're Not Saying Funnels Are Bad 

The positioning around this launch is taking an “anti funnel” approach to their lead generation and sales to get more leads and clients than they could imagine in just 20 Minutes A Day.

Chat bots, complex funnels, automated webinars, landing pages, tripwire offers, upsells, retargeting ads, audience stacks, etc…

...all great tools…

...that can also tank your business.

Why? Because for most businesses they are completely unnecessary. Most B2B businesses don’t sell books, or mastermind groups, or low cost software products. And they don’t have time to create mountains of content, shoot hours of video content, or a budget to spend 10s of thousands of dollars on ads that will only fill their calendars with prospects who are likely not a good fit for what they do.

This is because service providers, coaches, consultants, experts, etc. typically serve specific clients. Clients that are difficult to reach with most ad platforms in a narrow enough way. Causing you to fill your “funnel” with unqualified prospects who have no intention of buying.

Most businesses sell by building relationships with their prospects. Building trust, meeting multiple times in person or over the phone, then, and only then, they are able to turn their prospect into a high-paying client.

They need appointments and opportunities. Not crazy funnels that take 6 months to put together or require a degree from MIT to understand. In fact, for most businesses, the complexity that comes with “funnel marketing” can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours wasted.

A shift is happening.

Small businesses are having huge success by handpicking their best prospects. Those that want, need, and can afford their products and services. Cutting the fat, the frustration, the overwhelm that has plagued them for years and getting back to the core tenant of marketing and sales.

We have a system that has 3 parts that allows small businesses to Prospect > Nurture > and Engage their very best prospects. Eliminating wasted time and the opportunity costs. Getting 80% of the results in 10% of the time with 100% less headaches.

And its the most efficient way to do this because nearly all of the work is done for them or automated without three software tools that were specifically designed to automate each phase of the system.

the system

the 20 minute marketing Method

So... What Is The 20 Minute Marketing Method?

It’s much more than a series of videos on how to use LinkedIn to find leads. It’s bigger than that. It’s far more powerful than your average “LinkedIn course.”

Let me explain why…

The 20 Minute Marketing Method  is a program meticulously designed to give you a repeatable online marketing machine to start sales conversations with high level prospects and turn them into high paying clients.

While it can vary for different businesses, the system looks a bit like this at a high level:

It’s A Proven Approach To Finding, Attracting, And Warming Up Prospects Using “Human Intelligence” Combined With Simple Automation. 

This method allows you to build a multichannel sales pipeline that is guaranteed to bring you at LEAST one new high value sales lead every day on average.

All without spending a single dollar on ads or needing to create an overly complicated 37-step funnel that is a huge drain on both your time and budget.

The 20 Minute Marketing system is centered around tapping into LinkedIn’s GOLDMINE of professional data, making a connection with them and then automatically transitioning that relationship to email.

My team and I have built dozens of templated campaigns for quickly gaining your prospects' trust and building a relationship with them so that when you ask to have a call or sales meeting…
They are happy to accept it.

The warm up process includes LinkedIn messages, conversational email, and daily LinkedIn posts to build your brand and stay top of mind for the long haul. So that when they are ready, you are the one that they turn to first.

This system is backed by proven psychological triggers that can be leveraged to ethically influence the decision making of your best prospects. That's the magic.

The right message, with the right tone, at the right time, in the right time done in a way that makes your prospects feel compelled to engage with you.