2021 Lead Generation Workshop

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We've included EVERYTHING from our lead generation workshop so that you can get more leads, sign more clients, and generate more revenue than ever before.

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Part 1

The Trust Equation Framework & Creating Your Unfair Advantage Workshop

The Trust Equation Framework Tablet

Download The Companion PDF

The Trust Equation Framework: How To Get In Front Of The Right Prospects & Become The Only Option In Their Eyes. 

What You're Going to LEarn

If you’ve felt felt like every marketing and sales system that you learn online is either

  • Only for big businesses with big teams and big budgets.
  • Or only for info-marketers who sell a massive catalog of $7 ebooks in crazy complicated funnels

Then you need to watch this workshop. 

The system I share in the guide and in the workshop is all centered around giving small businesses a huge advantage over their competition without needing 27 step funnels that take months to put together… and still fail. 

In 60 minutes or so you’ll learn:

  • How to break through The ‘Funnel Trap’ that has doomed most small businesses and create 6 unique advantages over your competitors
  • Why trust is at an all-time low and an easy way to create better relationships with your prospects immediately
  • What the ‘Goliath Tendency’ is and how to stand out in your marketplace as a small or mid-sized business
  • A simple process to unlock the cheat codes to engage your prospects by IGNORING the conventional marketing wisdom

Part 2

Massive Results With Small Lists Guide & The Response Trigger Workshop

Massive Results With Small Lists Tablet

Download The Companion PDF

3 Ways To Find Your Perfect Prospects, Quickly Grow A Targeted List, To Warm Them Up & Turn Them Into Red Hot Sales Opportunities

What You're Going to LEarn

On the call I share:

  • 3 different “Lead Goldmines” to tap into to build a list of targeted, high-value, prospects for free or next to nothing. 
  • 5 proven outreach templates that are 2021 approved for warming up your prospects into bonafide sales leads
  • The secret to writing the perfect outreach message to your prospects to get them to respond positively to you.
  • How entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales professionals just like you are using “The Response Trigger” to get their best leads and clients ever.
  • Why you need to take advantage in 2021 to create a massive advantage for your business before your competitors catch on
  • How to capitalize on the THREE “behavior elements” that that are required in any successful outreach message to get your prospects to take action as defined by Stanford University
  • A little known tactic to activate your prospects' motivation sensors with the “Nudge Effect” to catch your best prospect’s attention and get more leads
  • How to appeal to the emotional (and logical) side of your prospects to subconsciously build more trust with your prospects and get them itching to work with you
  • And a whole lot more…

Challenge Day one

The Perfect Prospects Codebook

What You're Going To Learn

Watch today's training to learn The Perfect Prospects Codebook: 5 Ways to Get a List of Red-Hot Prospects in just hours... at no cost.

On today’s session you’ll learn:

  • How to build a ‘Perfect Prospect Profile’ to eliminate wasted time and quickly find more qualified leads
  • The Prospecting Treasure Map - 5 surefire strategies to find your ideal prospects by tapping into some of of the most powerful (& underutilized) online platforms
  • Why the ‘standard’ approach to online marketing is changing and how to join the fastest-growing small businesses by getting ahead of the curve
  • The 3% Fallacy” and why most people target the WRONG prospects to begin with and ignoring their larger market
  • The dirty little marketing secret that causes 1 in 10 small businesses to fail every year... and how to strengthen your outreach by using it to your advantage

Day TWo

The Emphatic Method


Watch today's training to learn The Emphatic Method: A Unique Social Media Playbook To Disrupt The Traditional Marketing Industry, Build Instant Awareness In Your Market

On today’s session you’ll learn:

  • How to build instant credibility with your ideal prospects and create more predictable sales opportunities 
  • The ‘Social Priming Effect’ and how to use it to overcome the #1 reason most sales outreach campaigns fail
  • 3 time-saving secrets to launch an ‘Authority Amplifier’ campaign that builds market awareness without breaking the bank
  • How to create a ‘Value Identifier’ Map that uncovers exactly WHAT your unique audience will respond to


The Personal Marketing Conversion Dial


Watch today's training to learn The Personal marketing Conversion Dial: The Top-Performing Automated Outreach Campaigns to Build Relationships Faster & Convert More Prospects Into Clients....

On today’s session you’ll learn:

  • The ‘Pattern Interrupt Sequence’ that generates immediate opportunities without sacrificing long-term relationships with your high-value prospects
  • 3 steps to avoid the ‘SOS Cycle’ that kills over 90% of growth initiatives in small businesses
  • How to 2-3x opportunities (on average) with your prospects through our proprietary LEAD Blueprint system.


The Trust Equation Implementation Masterclass


This masterclass talks about the importance of understanding “The Trust Equation.”

Here’s why… There's a big change coming. 

Ad costs have risen significantly (if you don’t run ads just trust me), accounts are being shut down, and trust in businesses, media, and online platforms is free falling…

All at levels that I’ve personally never seen before. Many businesses are in limbo wondering what their next step should be. Their future is clouded. 

I’m here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

But you have to adapt. 

As a small business you need to be nimble where others are rigid. That starts with taking a different approach to your lead generation. One that starts and ends with sincere relationships. 

While still leveraging automation that allows you to be efficient. 

And in the Trust Equation Implementation Masterclass I show you my updated growth system that incorporates EVERYTHING that i’ve learned over the past year or so. 

A system that bypasses all of the overcomplex time and money wasters that lead so many businesses to failure. 

More specifically In this masterclass you’ll learn…

  • How To Automate The Trust Equation System In A Way That Builds Trust With Your Market And Doesn’t Sacrifice Long-Term Relationship
  • The ‘Perfect Prospect Treasure Map’ To Get A Direct Route To Your Best Prospects Ever In A Fraction Of Them Time...Without Spending A Dime On Ads
  • The ‘Social Priming Effect’ And How To Use It To Overcome The #1 Reason Most Sales Outreach Campaigns Fail
  • How To 2-3x Opportunities (On Average) With Your Prospects When You Combine All 4-Steps Of The Trust Equation Framework
  • A Review Of The Top-Performing Campaigns With Analysis Of Why They Work So You Can Capitalize On A Proven Track-Record Of Success In A Variety Of Industries
  • 3 Keys To Avoid The ‘SOS Cycle’ That Dooms 90% Of Marketing Initiatives For Small Businesses
  • How To Utilize Aronson’s ‘Law Of Attraction’ To Become The ONLY Option In Your Prospect’s Eyes
  • All Without Spending A Dime On Ads

The System

The LEAD Generator Process


In this video I go over my entire “LEAD Generator system, how each piece works together, and how you can implement the entire strategy in very little time each month. 

In Practice

The LEAD Generator Live Campaign Build Call


Watch Pat Henseler and I build out LEAD Generator campaigns live from last week's call to learn:


1. What it looks like to create your automated sales and lead generation campaigns (it’s simple)

2. How quickly you can get up and running and getting results (it’s fast)

3. What kind of results you can expect right away (BIG results)

4. Examples of real campaigns from our clients that are killing it right now (🔥🔥🔥)