Get Qualified Leads Over And Over Again with 3 Steps 

I’m a systems guy. Always have been. 

If something works over an over again you can begin to shift your focus on other areas of your business, life, whatever that need your attention. 

It is, at its very core, efficient. 

This mindset is why I have amassed a following of over 160k here on LinkedIn, 300k on my email list, and have multiple best selling books. 

Because my processes for growing businesses are systematic. And more important, teachable. For those who are willing to learn. 

In my last marketing minute post introduced my latest lead generation system that I call The 20 Minute Client Formula.  

With the system that I discovered and have since perfected with the help of my clients (shoutout to everyone who gave input), you’ll be able to book an almost unlimited number of sales calls for yourself, and on behalf of any clients we give you and all the others that you get on your own!

It is the exact same system you’ll use to find and warm-up prospects for your clients, or for your own business. (And to have 94% of the process automated, so that it doesn’t take you much time.)

This is what I discovered to be the KEY - you need a systematic way to warm up your prospects FIRST!  Before you invite them to talk business or invite them to a next step or sales meeting.

This is how you sidestep the complicated marketing confusion and streamline your results! It’s a three-part process:

Part 1: The Digital Dartboard - Finding The Right Prospects 
(Who, Where, and How)

Part 2: The Trust Progression - Warming Them Up
(Building a Relationship the Right Way Online)

Part 3: Booked - Generating More Sales Opportunities
(Without Being Thought of as a Leg-Humping, Commission-Hungry Sales Gremlin)

Simple, right? 

Let me show you exactly what it looks like… and how you can easily do this for your business, or how you can start to do this for new clients and make thousands or even millions like some of our clients.

Part 1: The Digital Dartboard - Finding The Right Prospects (Who, Where, and How)

For many frustrated entrepreneurs and marketers, the process of attracting new prospects means…

  • Launching Ad Campaigns: But that’s nameless, faceless and often expensive. For most people, it just doesn't work and it costs too much.
  • Cold calling: But that’s a little too in your face, too time consuming, and feels icky.
  • Cold-emailing: But that just takes too much time. And for many, this method of sending sales pitches to strangers just doesn’t work.
  • Buying new programs and bouncing from one thing to the next.
  • Starting podcasts, blogging, and all that stuff.

You have other options. Instead of doing all those things above, why not just focus on figuring out where your prospects are and attracting them there.  The truth is there are hidden goldmines of prospects sitting there, staring you right in the face.

The best place to start is here on LinkedIn…

It’s the ultimate tool for prospecting because everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business… 

It’s easy to find and get your foot in the door with your ideal targets…

And if you do it right it’s extremely powerful for building a stronger awareness and driving more prospects into qualified sales opportunities.

Not to mention you can read some pretty great articles from some pretty smart people on LinkedIn 🙂

So, how do you do it right? 

Don’t worry, this is very easy to do.  Although most get it wrong because they try and shortcut the process and send cold sales pitches, which doesn’t work.

Over the following pages, I’m going to break down a holistic system for doing it the right way.  If you try and use just one piece of it, you’ll find lackluster results.  It’s by combining our entire method, that you maximize results and create massive financial success.  

Let’s dive in.

For starters, we have a number of prospecting playbooks that we teach our clients. 

LinkedIn is the most popular, so that’s what we’ll focus on here.

It starts with searching for people on LinkedIn. Searching by job titles your prospects have. And by the industry their company is. You can further search by keywords, company size, and experience. It’s easy to use whatever criteria you want, to find perfect prospects. 

Please ignore my unread notifications, I get hundreds every day. I promise I don’t ignore it.

Then you send a connection request and click the option that says “Add a Note”.

From there type in a super simple message that says… 

“Hey Frank, 
I came across your profile here on Linkedin and thought we might benefit from being connected. 
Hope business is going well!

Or some variation of that.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is. But it’s powerful.

Few people take the time to send a slightly personalized request OR even to do this at all.

Then you press send and you're done. 

That’s the start.

Doing this step alone can provide a MASSIVE amount of opportunities.

And the best part is that if you can commit to 5-10 minutes a day for these actions (sending a connection request and then grabbing their email contact information from their profile after they connect), you can quickly be on the path to having a 600-1200 person list in the next 90 days.

Want to learn how to start A 6-figure business in just 20 minutes each day?

Join our “The 20-Minute Agency” workshop to learn the model for to creating a 6-figure agency (or new serve offering) in just a few months.

When your prospects connect with you, it allows you to stay in front of them with regular social media posts (more on that in Part 2) AND it provides their email contact information so you can further reach out to these potential leads.

I’ve had clients pay me thousands per month just for this activity alone. Because the truth is most business owners don’t want to do it. And that’s why this is such a great opportunity for you. People will pay you thousands to do this for them. 

My company no longer offers this kind of “done for you” service.  We are focused on being a software company.  But we have thousands of leads every month that want more help.  And that’s how we can afford to give you some of these leads every month, so you can help them implement this method.

It is incredibly easy and efficient when you have the right process. In no time you can build lists of hundreds or thousands of prospects without spending any money on advertising, and without  fancy funnels that seem to lead nowhere.

Now, let me be clear. You can’t just drop these new connections into a super-aggressive sales campaign. Or drop them into your automated newsletter.

That won’t work and could actually get you in trouble.

Like all things, what you do next makes all the difference… and your focus should be on how to further build the relationship.

Part 2: The Trust Progression - Warm Them Up

Next, it’s imperative you build trust with your prospects. 

Because here’s the thing...some people will do step 1, but they often follow it up with something like this.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of that. Many people won’t even connect first. They’ll just send you a message out of the blue like that.

We call these people “Leg Humpers”…and you definitely don’t want your audience thinking of you like that.

Sure, 1 out of 2000 messages like that might get a response, but you are burning bridges with 1,999 potential future clients with an approach like that.

If you’ve ever read the book ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ by Chet Holmes, you may be familiar with the concept of the Demand Gen Pyramid.

Basically, this chart breaks down the different segments of your audience.

It buckets them into targets that fall into one of five categories:

  • Ready to purchase
  • Open to buying, but not looking
  • Not thinking about it (indifferent)
  • Think they aren’t interested
  • Know they aren’t interested

Now the fact of the matter is that most people are lazy. 

They only want to talk to the 3% of their market that is ready to purchase now…

This is short-sighted as it leads to you ignoring the much larger audience out there for your product or service. 

Let’s take out that last 30% that know they aren’t interested. That leaves you with 67% of your market audience that you should be developing relationships with.  So that when the time is right, they think of you.

The tricky thing about the 3% of the market that is ready to buy now, is that they often times are either:

  1. Hard to find. (unless you are a mind reader)
  2. Competitive. (see: expensive and difficult to get in touch with through advertising)
  3. Already engaged with multiple service providers.

If you can build MORE relationships (easily and automatically) with your full market…you’ll undoubtedly get the 3% of ‘buy-now’ people along with the much larger market of potential buyers. It is proven that this gives you a huge advantage over your competitors, by starting the relationship much sooner.

Check out what these studies found:

Now, as we mentioned, you can’t just start a conversation with people ASSUMING they are in the ‘buy-now’ crowd. IF you do that, you are firmly in ‘leg-humper’ territory.

So what do you do?

You need to warm these new prospects up to you. 

You want them to become familiar with your name, your message, and your business. 

You must nurture them. 

When you do this right, you WIN more of the short-term opportunities AND the long-term ones too.

This makes me think of a famous phrase referencing two birds and one stone.

There are two ways to do this organically, that you can automate...

You can build awareness through regular social media posts and automate personalized and nurturing emails. Again, I am not talking about blasting out emails using Constant Contact or Mailchimp or Infusionsoft. There is a place for that, but it doesn’t work when it comes to prospecting and lead generation. 

That’s why we created Connect 365, a revolutionary software that allows you to send PERSONAL emails but have them automated. They look just like an email you wrote to a friend.  

They hit the main inbox.  And the average open rate is 3X the industry average!  Not to mention, people actually engage and reply to these emails because they are PERSONAL!

Now, remember, the more they see your name and face… the more they trust you. 

Have you heard of Aronson’s Law? The book “Social Animal” is the bible for social psychology, and states that,

‘All other things being equal the more familiar an item is, the more attractive it is. People prefer faces they’ve seen ten times to equally attractive faces they’ve only seen five.’

How to Achieve This Level of Familiarity with Social Media Awareness

Social media allows you to easily build this familiarity. Here are a few types of the kinds of posts that create this awareness and trust. 

Take a look at these great “awareness” posts…

But there’s a problem with this that causes most people to fail.

Remember that I said the key here is to create a business that doesn’t take all your time? Social media posting the old-fashioned way takes time, right?  You need to post every day.  Doing that takes too much time and most people don’t stick with it. Who can blame them. 

That’s why we developed a system to automate it.  Not just the posting, but we’ll also create the content for you and your clients.  At a price that is so low you’ll spit out your coffee.

Im going to lay out a roadmap in just a minute, to show you how to create and distribute these types of “awareness” posts without taking much time out of your day, and without paying huge sums to outsource or hire an employee. I’ll show you how to automate all of it!

Personal Email

I already mentioned how I personally used email to warm up the prospects I found on LinkedIn. What I would do is find them on LinkedIn, then go to their profile and find their email address. This only took a few minutes a day. 

Then, I email them with a very informal message. 

Again, we need personal messaging to be quick and efficient.

I used to send all these emails manually…and they got great results, but it took up TONS of time.

Now maybe my team or I could’ve handled it if we just needed to send out one magic email that would turn everyone into a client immediately.

It would be painful to send one email manually to dozens or hundreds of people, but it could be done.

But the truth is there isn’t a magic bullet email.

Relationships are built over time. 

We talked earlier about the Demand Generation Pyramid and why you need to stay in touch with your prospects over time to win more business.

But you also need to send follow-up emails to build those relationships.

You see the real money is made in the follow-up.

This Microsoft study took a look at how many contact attempts salespeople made before giving up on a prospect and looked at that against when a prospect was most LIKELY to respond or call back.

But so many people avoid it entirely because of the effort it used to take to manage it all.

And you could multiply that if you are doing this work for clients.

This is a breakdown of a 12-message long-term nurture sequence and as you can imagine this can be a lot if you are trying to do it all manually. It’s likely why so many salespeople give up after one contact attempt as the Microsoft study above showed.

In most cases we recommend sending a minimum of 3-7 touchpoints with a prospect before inviting them to a conversation to increase the likelihood of booking an appointment or next step. 

When we started taking on clients, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to manually send out personal emails to all our prospects for each of our individual clients AND handle the follow-up effectively.

So we had a problem…

I needed something that would deliver personal emails at scale and not take up all my time and energy to do it. So my team and I could focus our energy on what was important.

Doing all this work gave us incredible insight into what works within individual messages, but more importantly, what works within a full campaign or sequence of messages.

And with that knowledge of running these campaigns for ourselves and our clients, we were able to take out a lot of the guesswork for our users by creating templates for this type of outreach that would be effective. All I had to do when I had a new campaign or client was tweak the templates, and use my email automation and my “warm-up” sequences were all set!

In the past, this took lots of time, energy, effort, but today, when you have the right tools within the right kinds of systems, you really can find clients and service them in a fraction of the time…pretty incredible.

All it takes with the right tools and training is setting up your campaign sequence once, then loading in your new contacts every couple weeks and they’ll receive the entire campaign as intended.

If you want to learn more about how you can set your outreach campaigns on autopilot in less than 30 minutes of time, be sure to join us for 20-Minute Client Formula workshop where we’ll give you a look at the groundbreaking software and messaging campaigns that make it all possible.

Want to learn how to start A 6-figure business in just 20 minutes each day?

Join our “The 20-Minute Agency” workshop to learn the model for to creating a 6-figure agency (or new serve offering) in just a few months.

Part 3: Booked - Invite to a Meeting

The final step. 

I told you, three steps, mostly automated. This is a simple but effective process. The reason this method works even though it’s so simple is that it’s personal, it’s relationship-based, and yet it’s still automated. It wins out every time!

After you’ve found the right prospects, and you’ve developed trust via awareness, familiarity, through your social media posting and personal emails, you then need to invite them to a meeting or conversation. 

Not to get all ‘Dating Advice Guru’ on you, but it’s very similar to the way a romantic relationship might evolve.

Maybe you meet online through a dating site. Then you text or email a little bit.

To move the relationship to the next step, you eventually need to ask for the date right?

That doesn’t mean you ask them to get married over text or email. Just that you take the next step in the relationship. 

This will be a meeting with yourself (or someone on your team) if you’re using this process to build your own lead generation system, OR it will be a meeting your client will take with the prospect. 

You’ve just done the work to get the prospect to that point. When you’re implementing this system for clients, you’ll hand it off to them whenever a prospect agrees to meet.  Then your client will meet with them.  At that point, your work is done.

And, of course, when I say “work” I mean that you’ve utilized this mostly automated system to find and warm-up the prospect on behalf of your client. All with less time spent per day than it takes to watch a half-hour episode of your favorite sitcom.

You definitely need smart ways to automate this, otherwise, it WILL take a lot of your time and you’ll start to see a lot of churn and burn.  Doing it manually would be crazy.  But you don’t need to worry about that.  We’ve got you covered.

When you implement this for yourself or others, you’ll have a proven system to develop a consistent flow of quality sales opportunities that can be converted into clients. Your business will always grow, and your clients will love you because you’re solving their biggest problem.

A Great Opportunity (But I Can’t Do This On My Own)

I don’t know of any other business where you can get clients happily paying you thousands of dollars per month, and it takes just 10 minutes a day to manage the work of each client.  Just 2 clients can get you to six figures.  

Thus, it takes just 20 minutes to have a six figure business. And this is why we call it The 20 Minute Marketing Agency.  And equally important, it doesn’t require that you start with any cash flow or invest anything other than a little sweat equity. 

It’s an industry that is booming and is in very high demand.  Because there are millions of businesses who need more leads and realize their social media presence isn’t cutting it. 

So, YOU can fill this gap and solve this problem for them.  They’ll love you for it.  You’ll feel really fulfilled because you’re doing something that people truly value and appreciate.  And you’ll make good money doing it.

I can show you how - even if you don’t know anything about marketing right now. 

I’ve created a process that is extremely systematic, very profitable, and you can put most of it on autopilot thanks to our automation software, Connect 365.  

Here’s the real issue though.  I need to be honest with you right now...

I’ve been struggling lately...

My business has been growing like crazy and I have gotten to a point that we really need some help...

I’m here talking to you today because I can’t reach my goals on my own. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got thousands of businesses applying to work with me every single month…

Begging me to help them.  And currently, we’re turning them away.

Let me explain.  Our business has taken off.  We get thousands of leads every month.  And a lot of these people want more help.  They want somebody to set it up for them and manage it on an ongoing basis.  

They’re looking for more of a done-for-you service, which my company doesn’t really provide. I’ve stepped away from the agency side and am focused on providing industry-leading, revolutionary software.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been turning these people away.  

But recently, I thought… why? 

Instead, I’ve decided that I want to give you the tools to work with these businesses, making big profits for them and yourself in return...and to set you up with the entire system.  

Then these businesses will be able to take advantage of my software and methodology, which is a win for me.  And it’s a win for you, because they’ll pay you thousands to  manage it for them.

That’s why I want to help you start your own agency… or add another low-maintenance revenue stream..or just implement the system for yourself to get a lot more leads.

How You Can Realistically Make This Happen For Yourself

By now, you realize the importance of taking control of your own financial future.

There is little security in a job and if you have a traditional business, then too often your income is tied to your time. On the other hand, if you want to start, or already have started your own business, you need a way to find and service clients that’s effective and that doesn’t take all your time. 

Your best bet is to bet on yourself. If you’ve got the right tools and systems in place, and the right people to support you, you can realistically create an additional 6-figure revenue stream or an entire business when you take advantage of this opportunity. 

What I’ve shown you is exactly how I’ve made this happen for myself, for my clients, and for others like you who either are starting a business around this system, who are adding it as another service offering to their existing business, or who are using it to get their own clients. 

Here’s your next step… 

At this point, I’m sure you see how this could be a gamechanger for you. 

What if you could automate your own marketing...limiting it to just an hour or so a week AND let my software and team be the fulfillment engine for your services?  

What if you could have a six figure business that took you just 20 minutes a day?  How would your life and business change?  What would that mean to you?

I showed you the three-part business model to follow, but now I’d like to show you exactly how to automate 96% of the process. Doing this is the secret to providing an in-demand service, in only 20 minutes a day. 

Automation coupled within a sound strategy will allow you to truly create a 6-figure revenue stream.  And many of our clients get there in just a few months.

I’m hosting a workshop that will explain how you can realistically create what I like to call a “20-Minute Business.” 

You’ll be fulfilling a huge demand in the market and solving a big problem for your clients. They’ll love you for it.

You’ll be helping me with the clients I don’t have the time to service. 

And I’ll be able to lend you my team to help you service your clients. 

This is a very unique opportunity and the window to be part of it will not be open for long.

Click here to attend the workshop and learn exactly how our automation platform and the constant flow of leads I can send you, will help you fulfill a huge demand in the market, as you solve a major problem for businesses…

AND while you grow your own business or revenue stream. That’s a true win-win in my book.

I hope you’ll join me in the “20-Minute Marketing Agency” Workshop!

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