FAQ Session: 
“How Can My Business Get Leads & Clients With The LEAD Generator?”

...everything that you need to know about the program, the system, the automation tools, the done-for-you Services, And the coaching That comes With The LEAD Generator!

Session Hosts

Josh Turner
Founder & Ceo | Connect 365

Pat Henseler
Dir. of Products | Connect 365

On the call you'll learn..

  • Will the LEAD Generator work for your business and industry?
  • What kind of results should you expect? And how quickly?
  • How much time is this going to take to make it work?
  • How does the done-for-you social media part work?
  • What if you don’t want to take sales calls or schedule sales appointments?
  • Is email still effective?
  • What makes this different from other programs out there?
  • What if you don’t have an existing email list or following?
  • What kinds of templates are included for you to use?

Get More Clients

With The Lead Generator you'll have a multifaceted marketing system that leverages social media content and personal outreach to attract prospects, warm them up, earn their trust, and then turn them into paying clients... QUICKLY.

And the best part is 90% of the work is either done for you by my team (social media thought leadership content) or automated using easy-to-learn tools (personal outreach & follow up). All you have to do is personalize the template campaigns and plug in your prospects. 

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