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[Free Exercise] How to Create a Killer Email Signature (and Make a Great First Impression With Prospects)

Watch the Video Below For Instructions Now...

[Step 1] For this exercise, you’ll use our proven template (the same one we use internally at Connect 365) to create a brand-new email signature…

…so that you instantly stand out to potential clients and make an amazing first impression.

So the first step is to access our exclusive template document, by clicking the button above. 

[Step 2] Follow the simple prompts in the document to create your new, killer email signature -- and to add it to your email account right away.

The whole process should only take a few minutes. And if you get stuck at any point, there’s also a short video tutorial (linked in the document), which should help answer any questions you have. 

Or, feel free to just reply to the email that sent you to this page with questions instead. My team and I are happy to help.

[Step 3] Nice work! You just created a top-notch email signature -- and put yourself in a great position to stand out to your ideal clients. 

The final step is to open up the email that brought you to this page (or, hit the button below to pull up your email account -- and send a new email to

…and send me a screenshot of the new email signature you created. 

My team and I will be monitoring my inbox for the rest of the day. And we’ll be replying to everyone who sends us a screenshot. So be sure to complete this step if you’d like personalized feedback!