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LinkedSelling to Morph Into Connect 365

St. Louis, Mo, Release: August 17, 2020. For Immediate Release

Nearly 4 years ago, Founder & CEO of LinkedSelling, Josh Turner realized a problem that most businesses have when getting clients through individual outreach… they lack the time to do it consistently and effectively. 

More specifically, the lack of simple, low-priced process to automate sales development. 

So he and the LinkedSelling team created a revolutionary automation tool called Connect 365 that allows small to medium sized businesses to send personal emails in bulk to their best prospects.

Allowing it’s users to maximize efficiency and make sure their messages actually get read.  

Since then, Connect 365 has become the flagship product of LinkedSelling. So much that, effective immediately, the LinkedSelling name is being folded up and the company is being rebranded as Connect 365. 

When asked about the change, Josh said, “Aside from the name, not much is really changing. The majority of our audience, our client base, and our community has been aware of Connect 365 for years now. In fact, in a recent brand awareness survey we conducted, more people in our audience were familiar with the name Connect 365 then they were ‘LinkedSelling.’

Then he continued, “Our promotional calendar, whether that be with ads through Facebook and LinkedIn, our email list, and our webinars and online events, has been dominated with content centered around Connect 365 for quite some time now. As a result this part of our business has growth substantially over the last 18 months and has become the largest part of our business. 

The name change just makes sense.”

But, if you’re worried that this change will change the level of content that LinkedSelling is known for, this final statement from Josh should put you at ease, “The name “LinkedSelling” is the only thing that is going away. We will still be serving clients in the same way, our content will still share the latest and greatest ways to grow your business by building trust with your prospects. We are still very much committed to our mission of helping thousands of businesses grow every year.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Josh Turner directly at

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