Apply for a Micro Hotseat Session

(Limited Availability Each Week)

Book a Micro HotSeat Session with experts on our team in Messaging, Lead Generation and Technical Software Set-up.

How this Works:

We have pooled availability with our product and marketing coaches a few times each week.

1. These calls are available in 15-minute time slots.

We're trained in this. And can tell you that 15 minutes is plenty of time to work through questions to help you get unstuck. :-)

Come prepared and share any information on the specific topic you need help with so we can be efficient with that time.

2. Complete the Application in Full

The application allows us to suggest the most efficient next step to get you unstuck.

Whether that's pointing you to the right training material OR booking a hotseat session directly (spots limited) the application will give us the information needed to take the next step.

3. Don't No-Call, No-Show

We get it. 

Things come up and sometimes you need to cancel late.

No problem!

We do request that you send notification to cancel as early as possible (>12 hrs) so that we are able to re-open the availability to other customers.

No-shows (without any notice) may be restricted from future HotSeat sessions.

4. What If the Times Are All Gone?

Our team of experts have limited availability for these bonus Micro HotSeat calls.

If you are unable to find a time that works, you can ALWAYS reach out team of experts directly at where we help coach customers through any sticking point all the time.