This revolutionary system helps you reach more of your ideal clients, establish your authority, and close more contracts… all while reclaiming your time and your sanity.

Why People love working with us!

“Using them has increased likes and shares on my social media channels.”

-- John Walters

“Due to my Connect 365 Social posts, I had a LinkedIn contact message me, without realizing that we had connected before, and ask about engaging my services..."

"This goes to show you that if you engage the right team and are "actively posting" (or in my case, having others actively post on your behalf :-)), good things do happen for you. Thank you all so much."

-- John Weaver

"Use them, love ‘em! [The] team has been great."

-- Joel Snyder

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s tired of feeling trapped by the demands of social media, you’re not alone. 

The constant pressure to create content, stay active, and keep up with the latest trends can be exhausting. 

Especially when you know that there are 5 BILLION people active on social sites worldwide. It should be the perfect place to reach and attract your ideal clients consistently. 

So why does it feel like you’re pouring endless hours (or dollars) in without seeing any tangible results? 

Well, many marketing agencies or social media managers will tell you that this is something best handled by the experts. And they’re happy to create a custom strategy and content for you…

But it will cost you $1,000 to $10,000 per month. (And there’s no guarantee that it will work.) 

That’s simply not an option for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. More importantly, it’s probably NOT the best solution if you’ve got a service-based business and you want to bring on an extra 2, 5, or 10 clients per month.

What you really need is a system that allows you to post consistently and automatically, without requiring you to spend hours creating content or monitoring accounts. 

You’ll see exactly how to do that in a moment. But first, it’s important to understand why entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with social media.


Most business owners are busy serving clients and wearing 50 different hats every day. So it’s easy for social media marketing to fall to the bottom of their to-do list.

That’s a big reason many entrepreneurs only post on their social accounts sporadically, or whenever they remember to do it. 

And that’s why they fail to generate much (if any) new business from social media.

You see, nowadays, the average person is active on multiple social networks… and they get hit with thousands of marketing messages from businesses every day. So if YOU only post on social media occasionally? It’s unlikely that your ideal prospects will ever notice you. 

Also, consider that just 3% of your market will be ready to buy at any given time. Studies have shown this. And what it means is that even if a prospect notices you on social media, and thinks you’re someone they’d like to work with… they still may not be ready to buy from you. However, give it a couple of months, and they might be! 

That’s why you need to post on social media regularly. Because it enables you to keep in front of potential clients, week after week. And it ensures that your business stays top of their mind until they’re ready to purchase. 

Of course, that consistency is only possible if you can overcome the second reason entrepreneurs struggle with social media…

Problem #1:

They’re Extremely Busy

The second big problem entrepreneurs face is, they don’t know what to post on social media to attract high-quality clients. 

This causes many business owners to procrastinate and go through ‘spurts’ of posting on social media regularly…

…which are then followed by periods of inactivity (when they get writer’s block). As a result, they’re not staying in front of their audience consistently.

And even when they are active on social platforms, there’s typically no real strategy behind what they’re doing. Instead, they’re just posting whatever comes to mind and ‘hoping for the best.’

This approach usually leads to so-so social media results (at best). 

The content doesn't grab the attention of their ideal prospects or make them want to reach out… it just blends in with everything else in their prospects’ newsfeeds. And they’re not able to stand out from their competitors, demonstrate their expertise to prospects, or get them interested in working with them. 

As you can imagine, this is not an ideal situation for business owners to be in. It can even cause entrepreneurs to believe social media marketing is a waste of time -- and to want to quit it for good. 


The truth is, social media is an exceptionally powerful way to attract top prospects, and generate high-quality leads consistently… 

…IF you’re following the right strategy. 

One that leverages the 3 things every good social media marketing approach must have…

Problem #2:

They Don’t Know

What to Post

The 3 Elements a Social Media Approach Must Have to Be Successful

To create a top-notch social media presence, and generate a regular flow of sales opportunities via your social accounts… 

…your social media marketing approach needs 3 elements, which are:




CONSISTENT posting is key, because it enables you to stand out to your ideal prospects, even amidst all the marketing noise. And to get in front of them, week after week, so they start to become familiar with who you are. 

Before long, these touchpoints will create a rapport between you and your prospects -- and they’ll begin to engage with your posts. Plus, it will also keep you ‘top of mind’ with them, so they think of you whenever they’re ready to make a purchase.

It’s not enough just to post consistently, though… 

You also need to share RELEVANT content that your ideal clients actually want to read. This -- combined with regular posting -- will make it virtually impossible for prospects NOT to stop and check out the content that you share. And after a while, they'll actually look forward to seeing your name in their newsfeed, reading your posts, and learning more about your business. 

Finally, you also need to post content that demonstrates that you’re an AUTHORITY in your industry. Because when you do this, your perfect prospects start to see you as the expert who can help them solve their problem. Which allows you to clearly stand out from your competitors, and generate a LOT more interest from potential clients. 

And, as you can imagine, all of this makes it WAY easier to fill your pipeline with high-quality leads every month!

Okay, so how do you do all of that, considering that again, you’re busy, and also, you’d still have to figure out what to post?

That’s the problem we set out to solve…


We wanted to create a revolutionary, cost-effective social media marketing system that would help you:

           ◉  Stay in front of your best prospects consistently… 

           ◉  Be seen as a true authority in your market quickly… 

            ◉   Generate more red-hot leads for your business… 

And, because we know you’re busy, it had to be almost entirely “hands off”-- requiring very little time from you.

As in, about an hour per month.

The good news is that we built it… it’s called Connect 365 Social.

Introducing the Breakthrough System That Gives You a Consistent, Relevant, and Authoritative Social Media Presence… 
…while barely requiring you to lift a finger!

With Connect 365 Social, you’ll get a truly hands-off social media marketing system. One that allows you to have one of our expert, US-based writers create 30 custom social media posts for your business every month.

From there, our revolutionary Connect 365 Social software automatically posts that content to your social accounts at whatever timing and cadence you’d like. 

This will enable you to maintain a consistent, killer social media presence, without writing or posting any content yourself. (Although, you will have the creative control to make edits or request post revisions, whenever you’d like!)

The posts we create for you will be highly relevant to your ideal prospects, so it will grab their attention and keep them engaged with what you’re doing. Plus, your content will also be carefully crafted to demonstrate your subject-matter expertise. So it will position you as a true authority in your market -- and make potential clients excited to work with you.

When you sign up for this Connect 365 Social offer, you’ll get:

30 Done-For-You Social Media Posts

You’ll get 30 custom social media posts written for you by our team of expert writers. All you’ll need to do is tell us who your perfect prospects are and approve the posts. This will allow you to build brand awareness, attract high-quality leads, and grow your authority in your market -- almost entirely on autopilot.

Automated Posting to Your Chosen Social Media Platforms

Our revolutionary Connect 365 Social software will automatically post the content we create for you to LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter) -- or your preferred combination of those platforms -- at the timing and cadence of your choice. You’ll have a top-notch social media presence while barely lifting a finger.

Email Support from Our Expert Team

We won’t leave you hanging! With Connect 365 Social, you’ll have ongoing access to email support from our team. Which means you’ll never need to wonder what to do, and you’ll have all the info you’ll need to start seeing results with this system, and fast.

Now, here’s the KICKER:

Although Connect 365 Social normally costs $147/month… right now, you can try it out for an entire month for just $30, as part of a special promotion we’re running. 

(And if you decide it’s not for you during that time, you can cancel with a simple email to our team.) 

However, this is a time-sensitive opportunity that will expire soon. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. So don’t wait, click the button below to get started now…

Why People love working with us!


“Way to go Team Emphatic! I had 20x the normal number of eyes on that post.”


Through the Connect 365 Social system, we now have a steady stream of people expressing interest in our business.

"And we just had our top month last month and did over 45k in revenue! We are now on our way to be able to phase out of as much in-person and 1-on-1. This will free us up to do more travel, and generate more passive income from our training program and virtual sessions!”

Miles Nichols

I just wanted to share with you how many people have viewed this post you guys did for us. It seems to still be growing. Great job!! 

The most we've ever had with how we used to approach social media was 500 views and this is over 21,000 right now. Needless to say our expectation has gone through the roof! Well done.

Scott Ballard

How to Know if Connect 365 Social Is Right for You

Unlike some social media marketing systems,
Connect 365 Social is not specific to any industry or niche.

We’ve had clients from many different markets including real estate agents, marketing consultants, business advisors, coaches, IT firms, digital marketing agencies, and more!

As long as you sell your products and services over the phone, in meetings, in strategy sessions, on coaching calls, on sales calls, or anything similar, this system will help you generate more high-quality leads.

So if you're...

  • A professional offering services like bookkeeping, financial planning, investing, insurance, engineering, construction, real estate, or any other professional service, and you want to stand out to high-value prospects on social media
  • A marketing or PR agency and you want to build a killer social media presence, without taking away from the work that makes your clients love you…
  • A consultant or coach who wants more top prospects to see you as THE go-to expert in your market…
  • An IT firm or managed service provider who wants to stay top of mind with potential clients, so they think of YOU when they’re ready to buy…
  • A freelancer or independent contractor who wants to proactively attract more leads, so you don’t have to depend on word of mouth to keep the revenue flowing…
  • A course creator who wants to get more people interested in buying your courses, without spending thousands of dollars on paid ads…

If ANY of the above sound like you and your business, then Connect 365 Social is for you.

Ready to Finally Get Your Social Media Marketing Handled For Good?

By clicking the ‘Yes’ button on this page, you’ll get 30 days of Connect 365 Social for just $30. After your first month ends, it’ll be $147/month if you choose to continue your subscription. You can cancel at any time with a simple email to our team.