Ready to know exactly where your clients are going to come from every month?

Fill Your Pipeline With perfect prospects Right NOW and implement an automated playbook to turn those prospects into qualified sales opportunities in just 5 days.

Challenge Starts 

July 27-31

10 Minutes Each Day


Josh Turner

Founder, Connect 365

Normally $1497. Free for a limited time. No Experience Needed.

Want more LEADS?

Learn the exact strategy to find, attract and book sales appointments with your top prospects! This playbook has helped over 2,500 businesses get an unfair advantage to turn small, targeted lists into outsized profits. And within the next 5 days you’ll have a strategy to build a list of your top prospects...

....AND the playbook to generate sales opportunities with them on-demand.

Challenge details At A Glance

  • 5 days of training
  • Daily tasks & activities 
  • Implementation support
  • Private Facebook group

what to expect

In less than 5-days you'll have a Red hot list of perfect prospects

What if you could cut out 95% of the complexity with your marketing and client attraction and instead tap into an endless well of potential clients? All without having almost ANY experience or time for marketing?

We're here to tell you that it's not only possible, but that it's actually really simple when done properly.

Here's how it works...

Each day for 5 days you'll get a short training and a 5-10 minute  daily assignment from our team. When you are done with your assignment you simply submit it in our private Facebook community for review from the Connect 365 team.

That's all. With our guidance you will have a RED HOT list of high-end prospects AND a system for turning them into qualified sales opportunities by the end of the challenge.

Here's how it works

It’s a 5-day challenge…

It costs zero dollars to join...

AND it includes a private Facebook community so that you can get feedback in real-time and stay on track to complete the challenge...

Every day you’ll get a short video training and task emailed directly to you ...

This is a perfect opportunity to get ahead and finish this year with a BANG!

Here’s what you’ll achieve...

Day 1 - Monday, July 27

You’ll learn a new framework to properly calculate the value of a lead so you can properly set your growth goals.

Day 2 - Tuesday, July 28

You'll know exactly how to reach out to and attract prospects that are PERFECT prospects for your business.

Day 3 - Wednesday, July 29

You'll establish sales and marketing KPI’ that you know exactly how many people you will need on your (small) list to reach your revenue goals. 

Day 4 - Thursday, July 30

You’ll quickly unlock the hidden list of qualified prospects hiding right under your nose.

Day 5 -  Friday, July 31 at 1:00 P.M. Central (LIVE)

On day 5 you’ll discover 5 new strategies for developing a hyper-targeted list of quality prospects…

AND how to monetize your new list of prospects and turn them into paying clients…

All without ANY AD SPEND or expensive tech.

Just know that this session is LIVE. So be sure to block it off on your calendar using the link on the onboarding page after registering!

There Is nothing for sale on this challenge

In other words, this is NOT going to be a


like most other challenges/bootcamps you see from the latest "guru..."

Instead, we're going to leverage my #1 secret (that took me years to figure out), and we're going to create a fool-proof system based on the 3 Phases of Client Attraction:

Identify Your Best Opportunities

You can’t hit a target you aren’t aiming at. We’ll show you the step-by-step process to build your ideal prospect profile so that you are aiming at the right targets from the start….rather than wasting time talking to people who are unqualified.

Build a Prospect List of Ideal Clients

We’ve developed a highly-efficient process to attract your top prospects to your list without spending money on ads. During the challenge, you’ll build a verifiable list of  top prospects following our ready-to-go process.

Generate Quality Sales Opportunities

Many people think the list is the goal, but without the right outreach strategy the list is nothing more than names on a spreadsheet. Get exclusive access to dozens of battle-tested messaging strategies to convert your prospects into leads and opportunities.

You'll have perfect prospects added to your pipeline in just 5 days AND a repeatable system in place to get new sales opportunities every single month!

Including exactly where to find your BEST potential clients so this can be done without spending all day sitting in front of your computer prospecting.

Once you join I'll explain more about exactly how to build your list QUICKLY, how to transition that list into qualified sales appointments, and how to close the deal to generate more revenue for your business!

Most courses right now are $2,000 (or more) and don’t deliver CLOSE to the value you’re about to get… for FREE!

meet Your instructors

Experts at your service

Josh Turner

Founder & CEO @ Connect 365

Your host for the intensive is Josh Turner, a WSJ Best-Selling Author and has grown multiple 7-figure companies in the last 7 years alone.

Pat Henseler

Director of Product @ Connect 365

Pat Henseler has spent years developing and refining systems to more efficiently build trust with prospects and during the intensive he'll share all.


Customer Success @ Connect 365

Consider Meredith your personal concierge the moment you register. If you have any logistical questions or concerns she'll get you taken care of.

What if I told you there was a way to automate 90% of the work of attracting new leads and sales appointments? And that it was simple, cost-effective, and proven to get results, even for small businesses? AND that it keeps to time tested, tactful, business and sales principles, designed to maintain the personal touch needed to quickly get your prospects to trust you and your business? I'm here to tell you that it IS possible and on this CHALLENGE my team and I are going to show you exactly how to do it.

– Josh Turner | CEO, Connect 365

Challenge Dates & Times

Monday, July 27 through Friday July 31 

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Monday July 27th, 2020