For A Limited Time Get A Massive Discount On Connect 365 Platinum (with Concierge) For Your Business To Automate Your Prospecting, Lead Nurture, and Conversions AND Have Our Team Set It All Up For You!

So, I'M Assuming You'd Like to KNow...

What Exactly Do You get with Connect 365 Platinum?

Connect 365 Platinum Concierge Is A Bundle of 3 Automation Tools to Automate Your Prospecting, Lead Generation, Nurture, and Sales Opportunities And Includes Done-For-You-Setup! 

Here's Everything You Get:

12 Months of Connect 365 Social 
[$1,200 Value]

You also get Connect 365 Social to handle your daily LinkedIn posting. And this isn't just another social media posting tool because with Connect 365 you’ll get 30 custom social media posts written for you by my team of writers every single month.

That means when you join the Connect 365 Annual you’ll be getting 360 hand written posts written FOR YOU by my team included.

Then the software automatically posts them to your profile for all your new leads to see. This allows you to build yourself up as an authority in your space while staying top of mind with all of your prospects, followers, and connections… completely hands off. All you have to do is give us some details about your business and your prospects and we’ll handle the rest.

12 Months of Connect 365 Prospects 
[$1,788 Value]

This platform allows you to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn and can remove 95% of the work by automating your connection requests, your messaging, and your LinkedIn presence so that all you have to do is define who you’re looking to work with… and Connect 365 Prospects does the rest. This is incredibly powerful because you’ll always have a list of new high-ticket prospects to warm up every single month while barely lifting a finger.

It’s like having an assistant working within your LinkedIn day in and day to continually grow your list of leads that you can then stay in front of on LinkedIn and beyond.

12 Months of Connect 365 Email 
[$948 Value]

You’ll also get access to Connect 365 Email. This is our automated email outreach and follow up tool that utilizes “conversational email” to automatically build relationships with your prospects with the goal of transitioning that relationship from online… to in person or virtual meetings about your products and services.

The emails sent from this tool are set up in a very specific way that gets near 100% primary inbox placement. Meaning your messages nearly always get seen by your prospects. Leading to 50% plus open rates and engagement on levels not seen in well over a decade.

end unlimited scheduled or sequential conversational cold outreach or warm follow-up email in a way that gets nearly 100% primary inbox placement and 50%+ open rates.

Connect 365 Concierge Program 
[$4,000 Value]

This is huge. With Connect 365 Concierge you'll get everything completely set up for you! Your campaigns, your accounts, your templates, ALL OF IT! This will allow you to skip ALL of the trial and error and start getting results immediately. 

Once you join you'll get paired with a Connect 365 implementation specialist who will begin to learn the ins and outs of your business. From there they will get started creating your campaigns, connecting your email and social accounts to the appropriate software tools, and defining the goals of your campaign. This is included at no cost for a limited time. 

That's a total Value of $7,936 That You'll Get For Just $2,700!!

Why People love working with us!

Bruce Browning Testimonial Headshots 400x400

Over $5,000,000 In Sales Over The Last 24 Months using This System

"I've generated over $5 million in sales over the last 24 months using
this system as my main tool to stay connected to clients and cold
prospects. I've been able to stay in front of my prospects in a much more
personal way and just focus on building relationships and sharing value
with my audience."


Gene Hicks

$600k In New contracts in 4 months

"I sell to executives at hospitals and health audience that
typically has long sales cycles. I knew that relationships were key from
my business and by following the system to build these relationships on
social media and email -
I've generated over $600k in new contracts in
just the last 4 months."

GENE HICKS // Extraordinary Solutions

This completely changed my life

"This system is so nice; it’s easy to bring on other people who can easily adopt the system. I have two people who help me with the day-to-day. My next hire is probably gonna be someone to help me with sales calls so I can stay focused on the big picture as I continue to grow." Billy signed 10 clients in his first 90 days.

BILLY FETZNER // Green Business Impact

The system that creates familiarity, connection, and trust with your prospects they can’t help but say YES to your offers!

To better explain how the system works, I want to share a little about how it all started.

During the last recession, I had just launched a new business, and I knew I had to get a steady stream of clients coming in fast. I had already watched two companies I worked for go out of business because they didn’t have a reliable prospecting system.

These companies had millions in revenue, and they had lasted years on the strength of their referrals alone. But when the economy shifted, and those referrals started drying up, they realized they were in trouble.

It wasn’t long before the cash flow problems started piling up, and they had to close their doors for good.

That’s why, when I started my own business, I worked hard to create a system that would help me find the right prospects fast.

One that would also help me nurture those relationships and build connections through trust.

After perfecting the system for my own business, we shared it with thousands of our clients. And they used these methods to keep their calendars full with sales appointments.

The best part is that we’ve created a way to automate most of these processes, without losing the personal touch that makes them so effective. That automation is exactly what you'll get with Connect 365 Platinum!

Why People love working with us!

Zero to twenty clients in a few months

"The system has allowed me to build a sequence of campaigns that educate like-minded people to take action. I started with zero and I have about 20 new customers and 4 recommendations on partnering since beginning a few months ago. The Lead Generator has become a significant marketing arm of my organization, like a member of my staff."

DIANE WELLS // Non-Profit

79.5% open rate and 4 proposal submissions sent out from my last campaign!

"We're just getting started but after trying other methods, The Lead Generator has produced the fastest and most scalable results so far! I've tried several programs to generate leads and nothing comes close to Connect 365. The ease and simplicity is amazing! 79.5% open rate and 4 proposal submissions sent out from my last campaign.

Connect 365 delivers prospecting automation at scale that will help us monetize hundreds of contacts from our mailing lists. We will also use it to stay in touch with existing customers, industry conference follow-up, and more."


$24K In Client Contracts In Less Than 60 Days

“I currently have two active clients through your program just a couple months in. One has retained me on a 6-month program at $2500 monthly. My second client is a company I’m simply providing group coaching to on this system to start. They have paid an $11,000 upfront retainer for four months of Group Coaching.”

JIM MCHERRY // Business Coaching

The best money I've ever spent for my business

"My secret sauce is salt and pepper. That’s all you need to make a steak taste great. And for my campaigns, the salt and pepper is just sharing good, educational content (videos or blogs) with my ideal clients every 3-4 weeks.

Since starting with you guys a few months ago, I’ve closed 3 clients, with more on the way. With the clients I typically work with [business owners of companies doing $50M to $1B annual revenue], 4-5 new clients in a full calendar year is a great year. 

This has been like a godsend–the best money I’ve ever spent for my business!

JOHN McAlister // The Beringer Group

How to Know If The Connect 365 Platinum Is Perfect for You

Unlike many lead generation platforms, 
Connect 365 Platinum is not specific to any industry or niche. 

We’ve had clients from many different markets including real estate agents, marketing consultants, business advisors, coaches, IT firms, digital marketing agencies, and more!

As long as you sell your products and services over the phone, in meetings, in strategy sessions, on coaching calls, on sales calls, or anything similar, this system will help you find and convert more prospects.

So if you're...

  • A professional offering services like bookkeeping, financial planning, investing, insurance, engineering, construction, real estate, or any other professional service, and you want to talk to more high-value prospects…
  • A marketing or PR agency and you want to get more opportunities to pitch your services without taking away from the work that makes your clients love you…
  • A consultant or coach who wants to get more prospects on discovery calls so you can create a more reliable income stream…
  • An IT firm or managed service provider who wants to generate new business more consistently without relying on referrals…
  • A freelancer or independent contractor who wants to expand your client roster so you don’t have to depend on word of mouth to keep the revenue flowing…
  •  A course creator who wants to sell more courses without spending thousands of dollars on paid ads…

If ANY of the above sound like you and your business, then the Connect 365 Platinum is for you.

When you activate your account you’ll instantly get access to a combination of training, templates, and scripts that will help you create a complete system for attracting new clients.

This system combines effective messaging and software automation with personalized outreach, so you can develop valuable relationships that will increase your sales. That includes 30 custom social media posts and unlimited personalized email campaigns every month to ensure that you stay in touch with your highest-value prospects.

Our coaches and experts will work with you to put these proven strategies in place for your business. We’ll help you get your own custom campaigns running quickly... so you can start generating leads right away. 

Attract Your Best Prospects & Clients In As Little as One Hour a month With Connect 365 Prospects!

Flexible Payment plan

Get Started Today For Only 3 Payments of $937 to Get Access For A Full Year!



What's included

  • Full Year of Connect 365 Social | $1,200 Value
  • Full Year of Connect 365 Email | $948 Value
  • Full Year of Connect 365 Prospects | $1,788 Value
  • Complimentary Connect 365 Concierge DFY Setup | $4,000 Value