Introducing Connect 365 Social Post Styles!

We have an exciting new feature that was JUST added to Connect 365 Social!

We are now offering different styles of posts that you can choose from! Instead of our original promotional vs. 3rd-party concept we have now added options to choose from the following post styles:

Promotional Post Styles

  • Linking to website
  • Image-based post 

3rd-party Post Styles

  • Linking to 3rd-party blog/article
  • Quote post (i.e. inspirational/business quotes)
  • Poll question
  • Discussion/though provoking question
  • Long form post

The video at the top of this past breaks down on all of the ways you can implement this new post styles feature from our C365 Social Operations Manager, Jerett Rion!

And here’s a screenshot of where you can find the post styles in your content strategy inside the software: 

Connect 365 Social Post Styles

We hope this feature allows you to be able to customize the types of posts you get from our team. If you have any questions just let us know and we will be more than happy to help!

NOTE: all current Connect 365 Social users will need to update their strategy to determine what post styles they want!

~The Connect 365 Team

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