Stop Chasing the Wrong Opportunities 

Getting Connected with Your Best Prospects 

Long gone are the days of “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” marketing. 

Now more than ever, successful businesses are focused more than ever on quality over quantity - and the strategies and put them in front of their premium prospects. It’s crazy how a major event (ahem, pandemic) can change priorities at every level of our lives, including how we do business. 

As a MarTech company, we make it a priority to stay at the forefront of all things marketing and lead generation. So while we’ve been preaching relationship-building for years, there’s a change in the air. 

Instead of spending time worrying about volume and quantity, successful businesses are more and more focused on building relationships with the RIGHT prospects instead of engaging in “mass” targeting. 

Because when you focus on the right people, not only is it a better (and often easier) sale, these prospects are easier to work with, you can get better results for them, they stick around longer, they refer you to their friends, and it’s more revenue for your business long term. 

Another benefit, especially when you’re starting out and have minimal resources to dedicate to marketing and lead generation, connecting with specific prospects is actually more cost effective in the long run.

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Ready, Aim, Connect!

When you begin to develop relationships with your top prospects, it starts with a simple, casual, introduction. 

I call this the “Sniper Rifle” Approach.  You’ve got your sights aimed far into the distance. You’re aiming for long-term wins and very specific targets. 

This means that you are targeting specific people at specific companies. These are the people that are most likely to need your services, who could potentially be high-end clients, with the budget to pay you what you’re worth. These are the big accounts - the high rolling “whales” - that will move the needle in your business.

You can’t just aim with a shotgun and spray your marketing all over the place.  To effectively find and connect with these people, it takes a precise approach. 

To start, you need to know who these people are, and where to find them (ie where do they hang out online?)

LinkedIn is The Place To Start

What you need to do is leverage online communities in places like LinkedIn to find people who match the EXACT profile of someone who not only needs your services but who can afford them. 

In fact, I’d say that due to its advanced search functionality and professional nature, LinkedIn is THE best place to start. It has leveled the playing field so that you can literally send a connection request to ANYBODY. 

Years ago, you would have had to literally find a way past the “gatekeepers” but now, with LinkedIn, it provides you a way to get in touch directly with the people you’d be premium clients.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective databases online because it’s information provided by your prospects directly AND it’s a social platform. People join it to network. To share information. To meet and interact with others.

Just try it. Use LinkedIn’s search bar and advanced options to create a list of people who fit the job title, industry, or even companies you’d like to work with.

You just have to be clear on some demographic details on the IDEAL type of client.

  • What is their job title? What industry are they in?

  • How big of a company do they work at?

  • Where are they located?

  • What department do they work in?

LinkedIn for B2C

For those of you who typically sell directly to consumers - for this challenge I want you to think about the higher-leverage opportunities.

What are the relationships and professionals that can help you reach your larger audience. For example if you’re a real estate agent, most of these databases won’t have a list of people you can find that are currently looking to buy a house.

BUT...you may instead look to partner with professionals that would have clients currently in that buying mode. If I’m a mortgage broker, targeting Real Estate Agents. Or if I sell a nutritional supplement, targeting local gym owners or health influencers like bloggers and Instagram influencers, who can potentially introduce my product to their audience.

Once you’ve found people who you know would benefit from your service, you need to connect with them. From there you can send messages via LinkedIn, or even get their email address and connect with them that way. 

When you are a first-degree LinkedIn connection, we find that in around 80-90% of connections the email information is available.

Want my team to send you 100-200+ high ticket leads every month?

And give you the tools to turn them into clients? Learn more here.

The Magic of Connection Requests That Work

From there, simply send 5 connection requests to people who you’d like to work with. Don’t forget to add a quick note about connecting! Keep it brief, simple, personal. Do NOT include anything about your business, what you offer, etc. Now is not the time for that.

This works because you are showing personal interest. You don’t want to repel these prospects by jumping into your sales pitch right away.

Repeat that step every day for a week, to start. Should only take a few minutes. Doing this will consistently add new prospects into your network, that you will be able to convert into clients. The connection request is the first step. Once they accept your request (and not everyone will). We’ve been doing this and teaching this to businesses for years. 

Is it enough to build a business around? The answer is a resounding YES! As you grow you obviously can invest in other marketing and lead generation strategies, but targeting and directly connecting with your ideal prospects is the absolute best way to get started.

Stop Chasing the Wrong Opportunities

The fact is leads are the lifeblood of any business.  With a consistent flow of them, you can thrive. Without a steady flow of new leads...you die. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking you need a lot of them to get started or get a result. If you aim and find the perfect prospects, and you have the right messaging that will connect with their exact struggles and goals, you can get incredible results even with just a list of 20 or 50 of these ideal prospects.

If you’d like to learn more about how we connect with our best prospects and how our clients are doing the same - and are able to grow their businesses because of it! - Join my team and I for a meeting on The Lead Blueprint.

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