Get More Leads And Clients For Your Small business By Building A Simple Automated Sales System With Connect 365

Grow your network and get new clients on autopilot without using black hat LinkedIn bots or software or spending a penny on ads.

Josh Turner is the Founder & CEO of Connect 365 as well as a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. His team over almost 60 employees has helped thousands of clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue using his business growth systems.

A Platform For Small Businesses To Get Better Results In Less Time

  • How to tap into LinkedIn’s goldmine of high-quality prospects and automate the process to turn them into sales appointments.
  • The single most important hack that entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and marketers need to know to have success on LinkedIn.
  • Exactly what you need to say in your initial outreach to warm your prospects up and build trust almost instantly.
  • Time saving tricks to avoid wasting hours every week so that prospecting and lead generation doesn't feel like your full time job.
  • How to automate this entire system so that you barely have to lift a finger.
  • All without using any strategies or tools that violate LinkedIn's terms of service and could get your account shut down. 

THought Leadership

Hands Off, Done-For-You, Customized Social Media Thought Leadership Content

As a LEAD Generator member you'll get 30 hand-written social media posts every month by my team of U.S. based writers.  Not only that but our software will automatically post all of the content that you've approved directly to your social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) at whatever timing and cadence you’d like to stay stop-of-mind with your best prospects.

Imagine what it would it to have your social media marketing outsourced like this if you went and hired an agency?  $500 a month?  $1,000?  Maybe a lot more.  Well, we’ve created a revolutionary system that allows us to do it for you at a fraction of that cost, and pass those savings along to you.

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