** The Response Trigger LIVE Workshop**

Get More Leads Almost Immediately By Tapping Into Proven Psychological Triggers That Make It Nearly Impossible For Your Prospects To Ignore You

Wednesday, May 26

At 1:00 P.M. Central


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Josh Turner

Founder & CEO | Connect 365

Josh Turner is the Founder & CEO of Connect 365 as well as a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. His team over almost 60 employees has helped thousands of clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue using his business growth systems.

Exclusive Training With Josh Turner Where You'll Discover:

  • Why you need to take advantage of in 2021 to create a massive advantage for your business before your competitors catch on
  • How to capitalize on the THREE “behavior elements” that that are required in any successful outreach message to get your prospects to take action as defined by Stanford University
  • A little known tactic to activate your prospects' motivation sensors with the “Nudge Effect” to catch your best prospect’s attention and get more leads.
  • How to appeal to the emotional (and logical) side of your prospects to subconsciously build more trust with your prospects and get them itching to work with you
  • And a whole lot more...