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Congrats! You’ll Soon Have Hundreds of New Prospects Heading Your Way Each Month! Now See How You Can Maximize Your Sales with Our “Lead to Sales Mastery” Mastermind…

Watch the video below to see how you can get a 45-day membership at no cost to you:

If you really want to make the most of all those red-hot leads generated by your new system, you’ll need your sales and enrollment systems dialed in. And to help you do that, we’ve created the “Lead to Sales Mastery” Mastermind. 

This exclusive mastermind gives you access to the newest, most advanced methods to drive more sales for your business. Each month we share the latest trends, lessons, and advice to help you convert more leads into clients. 

Your membership in Lead to Sales Mastery includes:

  • Weekly group training and a private community, where you can meet other entrepreneurs devoted to upping their sales game.
  • High-value sales strategy sessions led by some of the top sales consultants in the world. 
  • Access to cutting-edge practices in nurture and marketing strategies that will help you generate more revenue from your leads.

Membership in this mastermind is one of the fastest ways to multiply the impact of your lead generation system. And at just $97 per month, it’s a steal for any business that uses conversations to generate sales. 

After all, how many additional sales would you need to get a return on the investment? It’s probably not much. And then the rest is pure ROI.

And since you’ve signed up for a test-drive of The Lead Generator 2.0, we want to give you 45 days of unlimited access to this mastermind. No charge to you. 

That’s a full month and a half to put these advanced strategies into action. And if you decide they aren’t moving the needle in your business? You can cancel at any time. There’s no catch. 

We’re able to offer that because we know you’ll quickly see the value in this high-level training and community, so you’ll want to stick around. And if you do, it’s just $97 per month to get access to some of the best sales and enrollment training available anywhere. 

So go ahead and claim your 45-day membership at no cost.