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[assignment] How Many Clients Do You need to Hit Your Goals?

Check out the video below…


First, make sure to write down your answers to the following questions. 

Ideally, do this digitally on your notes app, or in a fresh Google or Word document. (That way, you can easily submit your answers via email at the end.) 

Or if you’d prefer, feel free to grab a pen and paper and jot your answers down by hand instead. It’s up to you. :-) 

[Step 1] Think about what your current average monthly revenue is. And once you have the answer, write it down. 

[Step 2] From there, I want you to take that number (i.e. whatever you’re currently bringing in from clients -- on average – each month) and double it. Then write that amount down. 

[Step 3] Okay, now that you have that number, it’s your new revenue goal. And I want you to ask yourself:

How many clients would I need to add to my high-end offer(s) to hit that revenue goal?

Once you’ve figured out how many new clients you’d need, go ahead and jot that info down. 

[Step 4] Congrats! You just took the very first steps to DOUBLE your revenue. 


By now, you should have 3 different answers written down in front of you.  

And the next step is to open up the email that brought you to this page (or, hit the button below to pull up your email account -- and send a new email to


…and send me all of your answers. 

I’ve given my team permission to monitor my inbox for the rest of the day. And they’ll be personally replying to everyone who submits their answers.