Most Prospects Are NOT Ready To Buy On Day 1. But With This Personalized Outreach Method, You Can Stay Top Of Mind So They’ll Call You First When They Are Ready. The Best Part? It Takes Just Minutes Per Day…

They say it takes a minimum of 7 “touches” for your prospect to feel ready to buy. And that assumes they’re even in the right headspace or financial position to do so.

So typically, you need a longer sales cycle to convert your ideal prospects, and the best way to do that is with consistent, relevant communication.

But you also don’t want it to take up all of your time…

Introducing The Lead Generator 2.0… The Breakthrough System That Brings You a Steady Flow of Leads -- in Just Minutes Per Day!

We designed the Lead Generator 2.0 to help you nurture clients who aren’t ready to buy on day 1. Because when you have a longer sales cycle, you just need to connect with the right people on a genuine, personal level and keep touch with them over time.

That’s why we created a full client acquisition system that guides you through every part of the process. It covers everything from finding prospects to nurturing them with personalized outreach. All so you can book more high-quality sales appointments in your calendar – no matter how long your sales cycle is. Here’s everything you’ll get with your test drive…

With the lead generator 2.0 You'll get...

The Lead Generator 2.0 LIVE Course
[$5,000 Value]

You’ll get weekly live group calls with our expert team during your 1-month test drive where you’ll customize your new lead generation system... and discover EXACTLY what to do to attract more high-value prospects QUICKLY.  And you get to keep the course / recordings forever.  Yes, that means you are getting a premium course completely free.

The Lead Generator Training
[lifetime access]

With this system, you’ll know how to turn prospects into warm leads, book more sales appointments, and get more clients repeatedly… while automating over 90% of the work. Yes, you get to keep all of this, even if you don’t stay on past the 30 day trial!

Personal access to our implementation specialists and marketing coaches
[$3,000 Value]

Our expert team will hold open office hours during each week of your test drive. So you can ask questions, get personalized feedback on your campaigns… and hit your revenue goals much faster.  This kind of personal support is unheard of!

Now…on top of all that, we’re going to give you a suite of automation tools and done-for-you services, so that implementing The Lead Generator 2.0 will take you almost no time!!

Implementation Bonus #1
[$2,400 Value]

You’ll get our acclaimed automation solution to send unlimited personal messaging campaigns. Using our Connect 365 software, you can automate most of the work. This will allow you to build relationships with your ideal prospects, and move them towards the sale… in as little as one hour per month.

It works by using personal touch points, but we discovered a way to automate it.  Personal relationship building is how real businesses are built.  And that’s what this solution will do for you.

Implementation Bonus #2 
[$6,000 Value]

Our entire social media strategy, DONE FOR YOU.  This includes 30 custom social media posts per month, written by my team of US-based writers. These posts will build brand awareness, grow your authority, and help you stay top-of-mind with your best prospects.

It’s an integral part of the Lead Generator 2.0 system, as it helps warm people up and get to know you, before you start talking business. When people already “know, like and trust” you, they are much more likely to say YES to hiring you.  That’s what this does… and the Connect 365  team will do all of the work for you!

Implementation Bonus #3 
[$500 Value]

Not only will we create all the content, but also our software will automatically post your content to your preferred social media channels at whatever timing and cadence you’d like.

So you can attract more ideal clients and stay top of mind, while barely lifting a finger. You won’t have to do a thing, and you’ll be generating leads like clockwork.

Now, let’s be clear about what this system is NOT. 

It is NOT a “barebones” trial. You know, the kind where you get to access a few features while they keep all the best stuff behind a paywall. 

No, we’re giving you access to the entire plug-and-play client attraction system. So you can find your ideal prospects, warm them up through personalized content and outreach, and earn their trust. 

It’s the most effective way to take a prospect from a stranger to a red-hot lead who’s thrilled to become your client. 

And we’re giving you unfettered access to everything for an entire month. Plus, you get LIFETIME access to the Lead Generator 2.0 course materials. 

So go ahead and click the button below to start your free test drive, before the offer expires!

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Why People love working with us!

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Over $5,000,000 In Sales Over The Last 24 Months using This System

"I've generated over $5 million in sales over the last 24 months using
this system as my main tool to stay connected to clients and cold
prospects. I've been able to stay in front of my prospects in a much more
personal way and just focus on building relationships and sharing value
with my audience."


Gene Hicks

$600k In New contracts in 4 months

"I sell to executives at hospitals and health audience that
typically has long sales cycles. I knew that relationships were key from
my business and by following the system to build these relationships on
social media and email -
I've generated over $600k in new contracts in
just the last 4 months."

GENE HICKS // Extraordinary Solutions

This program completely changed my life

"This system is so nice; it’s easy to bring on other people who can easily adopt the system. I have two people who help me with the day-to-day. My next hire is probably gonna be someone to help me with sales calls so I can stay focused on the big picture as I continue to grow." Billy signed 10 clients in his first 90 days.

BILLY FETZNER // Green Business Impact