The Trust Equation by Josh Turner

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In the Book you'll Learn An Automated Lead Generation System That Gets Leads and Clients Every Month. One of the main tools that we use for this process is our sales automation tool Connect 365. 


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The Revolutionary 3-Step System Fast-Growing Small Businesses Are Using To Quickly Find Prospects, Stand Out In Their Marketplace And Get More Leads And Clients On-Demand


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A Revolutionary (& Automated!) Playbook To Build Lasting Relationships, And Get More Leads And Clients...The Right Way.

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Connect 365 is a client attraction and sales automation tool that offers a more personal, intimate experience to the recipient. It cuts through the noise of the modern email inbox and stands out in a sea of “marketing” and “advertising” emails that your prospects receive on a daily basis.

The result? More people will read your most important emails without you having to send each one manually.

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Email Outreach Automation

Need more leads for you or your sales team right now? Our email automation software can help! With Connect 365 you can send personal cold emails to targeted prospects at scale.

Automated Sales Follow Up

Nurture Your Leads Into Clients With Multi-Touchpoint Sales Follow Up Email Campaigns. Gain your prospect's trust, increase your close percentage, and avoid missed sales opportunities with automated emails.

Support & Coaching

World Class Training & Coaching On The Entire Process To Help You Build A Customized Plan To Start Generating Revenue Right Away

Priority Inbox Placement

Emails from Connect 365 look exactly like they were typed out and manually sent, which will increase your user open and click-through rates. Hit your prospect's primary inbox nearly 100% of the time.