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How to automate months of “personal touch” marketing with a “set-it-and-forget-it” long term nurture campaign

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A better, simpler, way to get high-paying clients on autopilot.

A major focus of the Trust Equation Intensive is automating your client attraction & getting high-end leads to turn into clients. The tool that we use for this process is our sales automation tool Connect 365. Get a head start and begin your 14-Day Test-Drive now.

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Build Relationships With Cold Prospects & Nurture Warm Leads Into Clients On Autopilot 

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Better results in less time with connect 365

Connect 365 is a client attraction and sales automation tool that offers a more personal, intimate experience to the recipient. It cuts through the noise of the modern email inbox and stands out in a sea of “marketing” and “advertising” emails that your prospects receive on a daily basis.

The result? More people will read your most important emails without you having to send each one manually.

More Specifically, When You Activate Your Account You'll Get:

  • A Full 2-Week License to the Connect 365 Email Software: 14 days of unlimited access to Connect 365. Including 65% off list price ongoing ($67/mo) after your test-drive ends and over $10K in bonus resources and training (see below).
  • Connect 365 Sales Automation Training Library: A comprehensive archive of our best email strategies used by our company, leading marketing and sales experts, and our clients. As we continually develop new strategies, techniques, and systems, we’ll upload them into the library for you to access. Exclusive to Connect 365 members only.
  • Live Email Support: Real help from a real human on technical topics as well as email marketing strategy.

Join Today & Lock In Over $10K Worth Of Bonus Resources & Training

Mega Bonus #1

LinkedSelling's Outbound Sales Mastery

We've teamed up with one of the leading experts in sales scripting, communication, and conversion to provide our Connect 365 members a premier sales training program included in their monthly membership

Users receive complimentary access to our Outbound Sales Mastery Facebook group to discuss sales opportunities and strategy with other business owners, marketers, and sales leaders, twice monthly group masterclasses to create or refine your current sales process, and ongoing support to help you close more clients.

Mega Bonus #2

The Connect 365 Marketing Lab

As a full Connect 365 member you get complimentary access to our entire marketing and sales strategy, training on Connect 365 and beyond, as well as the expert advice we follow to grow our business and those of our clients.

Access our team and our extensive rolodex of experts in bi-weekly group workshops as we share the most impactful strategies and tactics that are working now.

Bonus #3

The Connect 365 Daily Implementation Bootcamp

No more hitting your head against the wall trying to decipher how to use some new software for your business. 

Make the most out of your test-drive!

Every business day for 2 weeks we have live implementation calls to answer your questions and help you see EXACTLY how you can begin utilizing this revolutionary marketing approach in your business.

Bonus #4

The Startup Launch Blueprint

Just getting started with your business? No problem.

With the Startup Launch Blueprint, this premium training helps you identify the best opportunities for your business, find the niche you can dominate, develop your unique selling point, and validate your offer.

Over 30% of small businesses fail within their first two years in business…

This bonus will set you up for success for the long haul.

Bonus #5

The Qualified Appointment Master Plan

Life is too short to spend your time talking to unqualified prospects.

This expert training helps you determine the best prospects for you to target AND how to locate them online.

Bonus #6

B2C Automation Outreach Mastery

For businesses that sell directly to consumers, this bonus gives you the training and the scripts to help you customize Connect 365 the RIGHT way so you get more customers, more exposure, and more loyal fans.

Bonus #7

Prospecting List Automation

Build your prospect pool even faster with an additional 100 FREE targeted prospects from GetProspect.

 Simply input the industries, job titles, locations, company sizes, etc. of your top prospects and GetProspect will provide the contact details for decision makers who fit the criteria. 

 Your first 100 contacts are on us!

you're going to love this

The tool the pros use

What Connect 365 Will Do For Your Business

double (or triple) your open rates, Immediately

Only 14% of emails sent from big box email marketing tools get read.


But since your emails sent through Connect 365 actually come from your own personal or professional Gmail or Outlook account, they get priority delivery to your prospects’ main inbox. Never again get trapped in the email graveyard that is the "Promotions" inbox.... starting on your first send.

Build Trust With Your Top Prospects

Since your emails through Connect 365 are sent exactly like you manually typed out every single one, your prospects will believe that you personally composed their message.


It's as if you calmly walked up to them and handed them a personal letter marked "Priority."

Outlast Your Competition, Get More Clients 

Microsoft found that 50% of businesses and sales professionals give up after just ONE follow-up message. According to HBR, 71% of qualified leads are not followed up with at all.


Connect 365 automates your outreach and follow-up efforts so you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks. When your prospects are ready to buy... you'll be the only one who has continued to stay in front of them.

Know Exactly What To Say,  And When To Say It

No need to sit down for hours writing email copy or hiring expensive copywriters to craft the perfect message.


As a Connect 365 member you'll have access to our Connect 365 Sales Automation Library, an archive of our top performing email campaigns, proven to get results. 


Which means you'll have dozens of campaign templates that you can add into your Connect 365 campaigns with a single click of a button. 

Save Hours Of Time Every Week 

Time is quite literally our most finite resource so it's imperative that you focus as much time on the things that matter.

Connect 365 automates your prospect outreach & follow-up so you can focus on running your business, spending time with your family, or just relaxing. 

The Connect 365 Difference

How is this different than mailchimp, active campaign, etc?

You may have heard about or used other email automation tools. You see, Mailchimp, and other autoresponders like it, are amazing tools for mass email marketing. But they kinda stink for priority email.

They just weren’t built for the same thing.

They were built to send tons of emails out to giant lists, and segment people based on actions taken on big websites…

They’re complicated because they have to be.

And because they’re big, they need to be hosted on their own servers... which means that ALL of their users are sending email from the same place... and that makes ESP’s like Gmail, Outlook, etc. freak out.

Connect 365 offers a completely different and more personal kind of email marketing. That’s why it’s great for prospecting and sales because your emails sent through Connect 365 literally look like a personal email from your grandma (and everyone opens those, right?).

In all seriousness, on a human level, a personal looking email is good for building trust because it makes you look approachable and trustworthy (not like a cold corporation sending out mass sales emails).

On a technical level, your email provider registers personal emails differently. This means that Connect 365 emails give you improved deliverability and engagement rates.

In most cases, you can double or even triple your open rates overnight with Connect 365!

Plus, the platform is super easy to use, AND we don’t leave you hanging - you get in-depth training, scripts, and templates (and as part of this promotion only, a daily implementation bootcamp you can follow to help you set up your client attraction machine so you can get massive results for months to come.)

In short, if you have an email list of 10's of thousands of contacts Connect 365 can be your secret weapon to make sure your most important emails reach your most important contacts while your big box autoresponder continues to mail to your full list. 

Or, if you don't have a large email list, you can use Connect 365 to take care of your email outreach and follow-up to both cold contacts and warm contacts.

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